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  1. At least the rumored Sky Rocket II would be lap bar only. RMC would certainly be in the house as well
  2. Magic Springs is complimentary to both STL and Arlington. A solid water park and a perfect place to send older steel coasters.
  3. Tempesto was a blast when at BGW last year. The world needs more of these. They should buy four and put one in at San Antonio too.
  4. I hope this park is still around in June 2019, it may be our only park while in Italy.
  5. My guess is that a Skyrocket 2 is coming for 2019 but it'll take two years from the start of a Gwazi RMC conversion/replacement to complete so that's your 2021/2022 addition.
  6. Thanks for the input all. We have about a month in Europe and Europa, Phantasial and Efteling are on the must do list. I would like to get in Alton Towers, Puy du Fou, Toverland and others if just briefly in passing then for the greatest hits like Gee Force as it's so close to Europa.
  7. I'm trying to decide when to pencil in Europa (Phantasialand and Efteling as well) for 2019. I booked a cruise for June 8th to 14th. It leaves from Barcelona and we will do Port Aventura before it. But... I can get over the pond earlier, like the middle of the last week of May. How would the crowds be mid week in late May or early June and mid June. When do the school let out over there, I suppose that's the key. Hoping to book a room and the new waterpark resort so when they go online to book, i need to be good to go on dates.
  8. Riding Expedition Everest at night is so much fun, it's nearly a different ride. The Broken Yeti stands our more, the dark sections are pitch black. If Animal Kingdom could score some Pandas........ I wonder what's next for Animal Kingdom?
  9. I agree! I think Time Traveler is going to be over-shadowed this year by all the crazy RMCs opening, but I really was blown away by the ride. RMCs are awesome, but you pretty much know what you're getting going into them. I love that Time Traveler gives a unique experience every ride. The experience pretty much had everything I loved about X2 when I first rode it, minus the soundtrack. I try not to mention it much because it's an unpopular opinion, but I really loved X2 for years because of the sideways + diagonal + backwards crazy inversion experience. I also loved the drop and the few pops of airtime that could be taken at just about any angle. Very underrated ride, and I hope Time Traveler gets the credit it deserves as the season goes on. Right now SDC is suffering from crappy weekend weather syndrome that's really keeping folks from going to the park. I would like to use this oportunity to say MORE INDOOR RIDES. I'll stop screaming now.
  10. Congrats! You probably already know about the Bellagio fountains and conservatory, but I still think those are the best free things to see here. There's also Fremont Street Experience at night. Other free things - http://www.10best.com/destinations/nevada/las-vegas/attractions/free-things-to-do/ Going to be there this weekend as will. Daughter's Sweet 16. We're doing Adventuredome early Sat, Ethel M, Chris Angel and Neon Museum with it's new little show late night SAT night,Hot Air Balloon ride in the wee Sun Morning, and Cirque's KA that night We'll do NYNY's coaster just cause. Hope to squeeze in the the Link and Stratosphere. We thought about doing Cowabunga Bay but with it being opening weekend thought it would be too crowded with temps in the upper 80s. Apparently Buffalo Bill's coaster is down for the count. We rented a convertible so that was going to be a side road trip. Will drive out to Hoover before we fly out Monday afternoon.
  11. All I thought after riding the fantastic Flight of Passage was Star Wars, Speeder Bike, Endor, Ewoks
  12. There's term in Northwest Arkansas that's often joked about called the Fayetteville effect. It doesn't spare Benton much as they have had a few tornados over the years. The old folk will claim it is because it sits on the Northeast corner of the Plateau. Folks point to this for why the Mena AR gets them too. Another undeniable hot spot it between Conway Arkansas and Little Rock. The poor town of Vilonia is cursed with them. I'd never, ever live there. This tornado was just leaving the relatively flat river valley and entering the Boston Mnt. Section of The Ozarks.
  13. I grew literally on top of the New Madrid Fault Line in East Arkansas. If a Tornado didn't get you an earthquake would. And...if all that failed, having a SAC base just up the road then meant you were going to get vaporized by the Russians
  14. I see both in BGT's future. Future can be more than 1-3 years though. I can see a sky rocket here and San Antonio, popular and relatively cheap. This is SEAS's version Six Flags' S&S 4d clones. And in the case of liquidation, easy to move when sold off. I'd love to see a Mack Power Splash at BGT
  15. There are basically three different shows depending on the ship. The Crush show you get on the Dream and Fantasy the first time you are in the restaurant. Then on Fantasy or any other 7+ night itineraries you get "Animation Magic" which is this insanely cool show where everyone in the restaurant draws their own character on paper and then it comes to live on screen right in front of you! And then on the Magic & Wonder you get the show with Sorcerer Mickey that we posted about above. Personally my favorite is the Animation Magic and the Sorcerer Mickey show. I think the Crush show would be a lot cooler had I not seen Turtle Talk many many times at the park. Thanks, our first Disney Cruise was a 3 day introductory on the Dream during spring break, I put a deposit down for a 6 day Barcelona to Rome cruise for 2019 on the MAgic. We loved the Beauty and the Breast on Dream, the other two were ok but we loved Beauty and the Beast. I showed my wife this as she inadvertantly found out I booked that cruise as she had a day off from teaching today and it just so happened we got something from Disney on the cruise. Well one person now knows their Christmas present already. She was very pleased and even more excited to see the differences between the ships so as it's not a repeat and rinse type thing. WE hope to do Alaska in 2021 on Disney.
  16. This tornado wasn't warned ahead of this for very long, one of the videos, you hear the emergency alert on the radio going off as it hit. This time around these storm intensified when they crossed over into Arkansas, 9 times out of 10 the mountains screw with them, not this time. The tornados have been increasing in Arkansas lately, it's not a new thing as historical data has shown previous times where this happened. The NWS let the warning lapse even though the weathermen at the tv stations were all over the rotation in between 15 minutes before the NWS reissued it for Carroll Co and Boone Co. Arkansas. The counties below SDC. The weather folks around here are typically grads from OU and Miss. St. They are legit not hired faces that read the NWS feed. Scoff is tyically more acurate than the NWS Tulsa office.
  17. Is that how Animator's Palate is every night night on the Magic. We got the Crush show on the Dream.
  18. I have a co worker that had a flat tire a bit north of there or he would have been about the same place as the tornado. Anyhoo, this is just a part of every sprING over here. Here's some more vid. It was in the mountains so it wasn't picking up much dirt to better define the outline like they do in the flatlands. There were a a little over a dozen tornados in Arkansas this outbreak. No lose of life this go around. A couple radar indicated rotations got close to SDC but were really east of Downtown Branson. https://youtu.be/KKu-A4UE1SY
  19. Both are ok. They had just picked up a brand new travel trailer and were hauling it home to Ft. Smith. She's got some minor abrasions and the driver/husband is just a bit sore. They ended up way down and upside down in the median. Full range of emotions that one was. Why are those idiots stopping to @#$%, @#$%, @#%$ to Please God forgive me for my sins to I love you, I love you. I've had two very close calls with death and waked any basically untouched but neither were any of my doing. So, I can relate with that yo yo.
  20. I'm watching a storm that has dropped down tornados heading awfully close to SDC. Keep the area in your thoughts. There is quite a bit of damage in Arkansas
  21. Considering I have a deposit down for a 2019 Med cruise on the Magic and it just got a refresh, I'm really happy for this thread and looking forward to the next installment. I do hope you cover the Teen club refresh as that's where my two fall in line with
  22. On our recent criise I had to excuse myself from dinner for a business issue. My meal, along with my server nearly beat me to my room. I'm watching this thread because this is the ship we put a deposit down of for Europe 2019.
  23. I'm under the impression that we may see S&S produce Vekoma tracks/supports for North American installations to augment their somewhat smallish output, bring some economies of scale into play.
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