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  1. Ghostrider doesn't need anything more than RMC's topper track to bring it back to former top ten glory days. The layout is perfect as is, it just needs some lasting TLC and possibly new trains that won't tear up the track.
  2. Looks Like you're all having a great time and that photo is I think the perfect Christmas photo.
  3. Hahahaha! Good point. Ah well, I thought I'd post it anyway to add to the discussion about DLR. If they are asking this question, then the Imagineers must have some early ideas and sketches. The thing I want to know is where in the park could they fit another land? Or is someone proposing this as a remodel/extension of Tomorrowland into "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away land?"
  4. Here is some interesting rumorish news. I'm not an annual passholder, but appaerntly Disney is sending out one of their online surveys right now and one of the questions asked is: So Looks like they might be thinking about making a dedicated Star Wars land at DLR. Here is the article where I found this out: http://gizmodo.com/5991901/is-disneyland-getting-a-star-wars-land
  5. If we're talkin about a whole Mango then I suppose sometime early January. Though last Sunday I had a mango shake at an Orange Julius in a mall, But I'm not sure if it just had mango juice or whole mango pieces in it. When was the last time you had to speak in front of a crowd?
  6. Never, when I eat pineapples or drink pineapple juice I get a headache so I stay away from them. I'd be willing to try it if they offered it in other flavors. When was the last time you witnessed a car crash?
  7. Wow, I was almost certain it wouldn't be My Cousin Vinny. I thought he was only pretending to be a lawyer to help out Ralph Macchio's character. I was sure he was just starting to study to get his degree.
  8. Victory is yours, my friend!! Your turn Well at least I'm not ashamed for missing this one. I was right that I hadn't seen the movie. Good job beatle11.
  9. Could you give me some clues? I'm stuck and there is a possibility that I haven't seen this film.
  10. I used to use Firefox, but switched to Chrome two or three years ago. If Chrome is giving me trouble I use Safari, as Firefox always seems noticeably slower to me.
  11. The only thing I can think of seems too straight forward, but I'll say it anyway. The Pagemaster? Could also be the Neverending Story except for the part about the dad picking him up.
  12. With it being St. Patrick's Day and the day of the LA marathon I decided to stop by the park to get my gold pass for the year thinking attendance would be low. I arrived around 11am and found that though the parking lot was only full up to the E section, there was over an hour wait for season pass processing. So I decided to get the pass on my way out of the park and I went inside directly to Lex Luthor, the only ride there that I didn't hit up last season because every time I visited last year it was either still under construction or down to technical difficulties. I get in line with only a 15min wait and immediately Lex Luthor broke down. So I sighed and headed over Green Lantern. It was running fine, sadly no spinning, but at least I didn't get a blood rush headache from hitting the station breaks while upside-down. I checked in on Lex Luther; it was still out of commission so I headed for Goliath and almost immediately got on the ride. I was right that the park would probably be empty. After Goliath I went back over and passed Luther; it was testing, but still down according to the employee at the entrance. I walked down to Colossus knowing that I should probably hit that one up this year since it might soon be getting a RMC refurb if the rumors are true. To my surprise I got the smoothest ride I had ever gotten on my life on Colossus. I was in the front seat of the last car and I'd have to day the first drop was as smooth as an Intamin Prefab woodie! Though the ride moved slow through it's course it wasn't much shakier than the first drop and I have to say I was impressed by how SFMM is treating it this year. Lex Luther still was sending up empty cars so I headed over to Scream which had only one train running which made for the longest wait of the day. Only SFMM ride ops would somehow figure out a way to make it seem like they are stacking a ride with one train. God they moved slow, I'm not sure if it was because of dilly dallying guests or if it was just after the Ops's lunch and they were in the middle of a "Carb Coma" as my friends call it. Scream was running fine, nothing spectacular and it still had a small amount of rattle. Now that I have finally been to Great Adventure I can say that Medusa/Bizzarro is definitely the better ride and I can't figure out why Scream is so average (apart from the lack of themeing). Lex Luthor was open finally with a 45 minute wait, of course the moment I stepped in line it broke down again. Oh well, I just came to get my pass and can come back later this year. Though I'm beginning to think I am cursed and will never be able to enjoy the ride. As I left the park I walked by Lex's station and the cars looked like they were stuck 10 to 15 feet above the ground with people in them. On my way out the season pass line has shrunk to a 20 minute wait and I had it in my hand at 1:30. Overall a typical short visit to SFMM with some ride breakdowns and super surprising ride on a much smoother-than-I-remember Colossus. The coaster still didn't have much airtime, but at least it treated its riders kindly.
  13. A fashion mogul is condemned and ultimately undone by her new winter line. It is a little more indirect than the ones above so I'll give a clue if no one has a guess by the end of the day.
  14. I wish I could describe this game in a shorter title, but I'm having trouble finding the right words. Basically this game is based on this : Basically there will be an un orthodox description of a movie that when you think about it is technically correct. You must then guess the movie. If you get it right then you post another summary that someone else has to guess. Here are a few more to illustrate this point of this game: An impressionable young man from a desert backwater is recruited by an old, bearded religious fanatic to join an anti-government terrorist movement, culminating in an attack on a major military facility resulting in the deaths of thousands. Answer: Star Wars A young man's love interest makes him murder her ex-boyfriends for money. Answer: Scott Pilgrim VS the World An app shuts down unexpectedly when a computer loses a battery. Answer: The Matrix Okay here is the first one to get the ball rolling and I'll keep it super easy. The mayor of a town wants people to enjoy his beach
  15. Yeah I was thinking Stormrunner too with a few more curves to make it fit into a smaller space.
  16. That too was also in my mind when creating this topic. I never knew that Arrow purposely did that weird transition. Who would have thought that a coaster company would create and continue to use a design element that was uncomfortable just because of the limitations of their own trains. I have a love hate relationship with helixes of death. The can be great when done properly, but so often they are just boring and sometimes painful. A good example of a ride that knows how to do the giant helix right is The Beast, that helix looks menacing when riding the lift hill up to it and builds an amazing amount of tension.
  17. Apologies if this has been a topic in the past. I did a search, but all the usual terms (least favorite, most hated, least liked...) didn't bring up a topic that fit this bill. So I was thinking today after I assembled a list of my favorite coasters off the top of my head, that none of them had a cobra roll in their layout. In fact as I thought about it some more, the cobra roll is the element in any layout that really does nothing for me. I think it's because it's the element I bang my head on the most. That sudden direction change at the top of the element is what does in my ears even on B&M coasters. It has gotten so bad that I instinctually tense up before any cobra roll and end up fighting the element. This breaks the flow of the ride for me, but I can't help it. I brace automatically for a headbanging every time the cobra roll approaches. So what ride element do you not like, or to put it another way If you owned an amusement park what element would none of the coasters have? Also don't be afraid to get into specifics, it doesn't have to be one generalized element of multiple rides. It could be just one coaster which you think could be great if it didn't have one particularly bad or dull part.
  18. I can't wait for the Texas/midwest trip this year. The ride looks awesome.
  19. Wow, It looks like one big knot of track. I'll be interested in hearing the reviews for this once it opens.
  20. That drone video is really impressive. Is it a Quadcopter with a GoPro or is it one of those with it's own build in camera? Judging by the new coats of paint and how dedicated they are to themeing Gold Striker It looks like CGA might be finally on the right path after years of being the bottom rung of it's parent company.
  21. Skechers and Asics work best for my weird wide feet.
  22. I'm afraid my last self injury isn't that interesting. About two months ago I was carrying a mug of pipping hot soup and stumbled. The soup went all over my thumb. I swore up a storm, but managed to not drop the mug. Blisters formed almost instantly and my thumb today has fresh pink skin where they were. When was the last time found a new album you loved?
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