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  1. I posted this in another thread, but I think this is the correct thread for the discussion. I really dislike how hypocritical PETA is. To spend all this money in buying shares in SeaWorld when it was proven that the shelters that euthanized the most animals last year were owned by them. Why not spend more money on protecting animals? Anyway it has been proven in the past that any animal who has to hunt for it's food that was raised in captivity cannot survive in the wild without being taught how to hunt by their parents. So if by some astronomical legal wrangling PETA forces this to happen through the courts, then they will be killing the animals as a result.
  2. Nope I'll add a third clue and make it much less ambiguous A well meaning environmentalist working for the city board shuts down an unlicensed operation and inadvertently causes cats & dogs to live together, the dead to rise from their graves, mass hysteria in other words, but this apocalyptic event ends happily with the worlds biggest campfire marshmallow roast. The first two clues: A great and powerful God's return party is crashed by four pipsqueaks. A misbehaving major appliance hales the beginning of the end of the world.
  3. Nope. Same movie, different clue. A misbehaving major appliance hales the beginning of the end of the world.
  4. Nope. Ha! I never thought of it that way, but still no. Thumbs up though for the guess. One more wrong guess and I post a second clue.
  5. Well it's nearly been two weeks an no new clue, so I'll get the ball rolling again. A great and powerful God's return party is crashed by four pipsqueaks.
  6. About every day at this time I do a quick glance at Kickstarter's newly launched page because I find it really interesting to see what new ideas people are having and trying to startup. Today I noticed that Theme Park Studio put up a page Count me in!
  7. Well look on the bright side, at least the cars of Jet Star were sold off and got to enjoy a life elsewhere according to rcdb. Nothing from Star Jet survived Sandy's wrath.
  8. I'm being reminded of Fluch von Novgorod from Hansa Park when I look at the dark ride section of the photos and that is a good thing even if this ride doesn't have a past vertical drop. Should be really fun.
  9. Have you ever taken a biology class? Or even watched a science program every now and then?
  10. Great videos Robb and the info below the Boomerang video was interesting, I didn't know that there was an HD sunglasses camera out there. The only one I've ever seen was plain old SD. How heavy is that Pivothead Camera? I hope it doesn't feel like a GoPro is sitting on the bridge of your nose
  11. You are correct, and I just chose that film up because I love the word filter too. Your turn.
  12. So no one here has heard of the greatness that is Real Genius? Here is a (I hope) easier one. A lord of a disgraced kingdom sends all his horses and all of his men out to search for a long lost piece of jewelry.
  13. Wow, so no one has seen this 80s film? I thought that last clue would give it away. Alright I'll give a very straight forward summary to see if this film is even on anyone's radar. A child prodigy gets accepted into a prestigious university's science program and is put to work in the lab on a year long project which he finds out is going to be used as a military weapon after he finishes it. So it is up to him and the friends he has made over the couse of the year to try to stop this from ever being deployed.
  14. It has nearly been a full day so here is another synopsis of the same film: The head of the science department discovers that his students disagree with his syllabus which teaches them how everybody wants to rule the world. And a repost of the first one: A Dean's grant is ruined by some smart-ass students who end up leaving him as a homeless, broken man.
  15. Here is a good memory test. California Delaware Florida Illinois Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Nevada New Jersey New York Ohio Pennsylvania Virginia Wisconsin Hmm... And I think Texas, Colorodo, Georgia, Arizona, Washington, Utah and New Mexico, but I'm not sure because I only saw those states for a few hours from the inside of an airport while trying to make a connecting flight.
  16. It is a nice thought, but they'd only be able to afford a used one. For the Price of a single B&M they could probably build three wooden coasters.
  17. Though I've been living in SoCal for three years now, I still think the record of my ride cycles goes to the Giant Dipper in Santa Cruz
  18. A Dean's grant is ruined by some smart-ass students who end up leaving him as a homeless, broken man.
  19. After a few mouthfuls, whipped cream looses it's appeal. It just doesn't work for me as a main dessert as I find it too bland by itself. It works much better in it's supporting role where it helps sweeten or cut the harshness of some of the stronger ingredients such as bitter dark chocolate or a really tart cherry pie. It also works as a way to add a lighter texture to the dessert like in sundaes or cakes. On the other hand I'd be happy at a fondue party if someone just handed me a spoon instead of a skewer.
  20. Here is one place near Magic Mountain that I always try to make a point to visit. Lunch (and/or Dinner) Tri-Tipps It is a nice little barbecue joint that kind of splits the difference between Barbecue and grill. It is a small place in the corner of a small shopping center. They make serviceable fries, but really good tri tip sandwiches, the kind that fall apart on you from the juices before you are even halfway done. I've also had a chance to try their excellent tri tip salads and great corn bread. Sadly though they discontinued their garlic rolls in favor of garlic sticks. The rolls were sinfully good and greasy, I'm pretty sure they were just fried balls of dough with a nice strong garlic mixture on top, but they were great. I'm sorry that I don't have any photos of the place but I was able to find a few over google image search. The place is five to ten minutes from Magic Mountain. Just take Magic Mountain Parkway down to McBean Parkway, take a left on McBean and ride McBean for a little bit until you hit Newhall Ranch Road. Take another left onto Newhall and it will be on your right after you cross a small bridge. Here is a google maps link for the directions: http://goo.gl/maps/wZK3j
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