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  1. Some rides can cause me to grey out and this has only started within the last few years. Before I could ride anything except Goliath and not get tunnel vision, but now other coasters are having more of an effect on me. I don't really know why this is, I have somewhat attributed it to working out regularly which has lowered my heart rate and blood pressure as well as my low carb diet. Hell, in the past year I can often cause myself grey out by simply standing up too quickly. It has become so frequent that it has begun to annoy me.
  2. Looking really good. What I liked about this park when I visited a long time ago, the year the tornado slide opened, was that it had quite a selection of regular slides. Five body slides, four speed slides, and six inner tube slides. I've been to water parks in the past that had a ton of the pro slide rides like toilet bowls, tornados, and rafts but only a few old fashioned slides. The fun of the regular old slide complexes is that they are people eating machines so if you just want to spend the day going on the slides you can, without spending a ton of time in line getting a sunburn.
  3. Sometimes I wish TPR had a like button on these forums. This made me laugh so hard.
  4. Wow, sounds like a really good addition. 4 million pounds sounds doesn't sound like a lot for both a coaster and a flume among other things. If I recall correctly their existing kiddy coaster and flume ride were really close to each other, could this just be a retheme of that area?
  5. Wow it really flies over some of those hills now, but that one hill after the return through the tunnel really looked slow compared to the rest of the ride. Are those anti-rollbacks new on that hill?
  6. So this is set to open on the 1st of June, in other words next saturday. I am really tempted to go on Wednesday the 5th, middle of the week, for a few hours and bring my GoPro. It is the only waterproof camera I have and I want to take some photos to post a trip Report here. Anyone up for a TPR meetup?
  7. The new kid at school just drops in on this girl's doorstep and when she goes to the prom with him after a week long crush, he tries to hook her up with the school nerd and then never shows up to school again.
  8. After reading the clue again this just occurred to me. Brazil?
  9. Granted, now you can think of millions of wishes, but they are all so intensely personal that you don't want to tell other people. ( You wish you didn't do ____ to your crush in school... You wish you didn't _____ during that one performance of ____ in front of all your family and friends... ect...) I wish I was more of an extrovert.
  10. A town dissolves into chaos when a man washes and feeds his pet.
  11. So close I think I'll give it to you (you even typed the correct title without realizing it). I was looking for the sequel Aliens. I was trying to reference that famous line "Nuke it from orbit," in the last part of the clue. Your turn.
  12. Granted, but you are now the most hated man in the world. Better get yourself a new identity. I wish I had enough money to stop renting and could just buy a condo or house.
  13. A group of violent creatures come down from the sky and begin to kill a mother's children and slowly whittles down her family until the creatures finally fly back up into space and blow up her home.
  14. Well if we are trying to outdo parks in California, lets go with the one responsible for the resurgence of the theme park after the depression closed most of the places out there.
  15. I have to admit that I was never much of a sports fan, though I ascribed this to me being the fat kid with asthma that always got picked last in school. Not the fact that I'm gay.
  16. Correct! And I'm impressed, I seriously debated putting in a hint that the clue was based off of the title of the film and not the plot. Your turn.
  17. Oh, Didn't even realize I got it right until just now. The world panics when everyone's ancestors come over for breakfast one morning.
  18. 420/4 then they could call it something like Thunder Hill Coaster. THC get it? If you were to discover that you had a long lost twin, would you rather find out that you are more successful in your career than him/her or that you were more physically fit and/or better looking than him/her?
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