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  1. Oops, sorry. Forgot to post this. A secretary's theft of a large cash deposit made by a new account prompts a police investigation in which they find she fled town, bought a new car and then seemed to change her mind and head back to her employer to apologise only to be murdered en route. The strange thing is that she wasn't killed for the money, but because she was an attractive woman.
  2. I would not be opposed to this, though I might just end up going to the car, throwing on a bathing suit and then napping in the lazy river. However I do not think that WCB admission includes the waterpark, but I'll have to dig out that combo season pass anyway because I purchased my ticket at the passholder price.
  3. I'd just thought I'd throw this out there. Looking at rates through Kayak I found that I could get $71 a night for a 2 person room w/ 2 beds at the Knotts Berry Farm Hotel for three nights, checking in the 6th and out on the 9th. I'm already sharing this room with a fellow TPR member, but I really didn't think I could stay on property at Knotts at this price with only one weeks notice for making reservations. I do suggest to stay in Buena Park for West Coast Bash because the second day of the event is usually the earlier morning and making a long drive to a hotel far away will be easier to do after the first day of the bash than the second. The downside is they do not have an airport shuttle to Anaheim Airport or LAX and they are also quite a distance from LAX. The upside for people new to the west coast is that they do offer a Shuttle to Disneyland that runs all day. So if you are arriving early on friday you have the option of checking out both of those parks.
  4. I'm thinking it's Blazing Saddles. Wasn't the actor that played Mongo a football star once?
  5. Thanks, that answers the one real question I had. I'm not going to really mourn the loss of those two body slides, especially because they really scraped up my back last time I was there. But really, only two? Almost all of the new complexes Six Flags installs with the trap door type launch have four slides. I wonder if these will be the kind that drop into a twist or will they be the ones that go straight down? Come to think of it could these be replacing their straight speed slide, Venom drop, after that kid fell off some time last year? The trap door launch certainly would keep that kind of stupidity in check.
  6. Too much stiffness in the structure (with PTCs running) is my theory. I'd be interested in what Gravity Group's opinion is. I admit I know nothing about how stiffness factors into how topper track would work, but I can't really see how it would be a problem. If I'm not mistaken topper track is filled with cement to add stiffness and durability so shouldn't a structure with less flex in it in fact help the topper track in it's job of reducing maintenance and keeping the ride smooth? I say this because I would think too much flex in a coaster's structure would hurt the topper track more than too little because it would be more likely to crack the cement inside the rails. I would be very interested to see a professional's opinion on this subject. I don't particularly think that Holiday World is all that happy with their relationship with TGG at the moment. They gave TGG money and a essentially a test track to design the Timberliners on and then TGG goes behind their back and sells the first few of their new trains to other parks. At least that is the impression I got over the last few years, Holiday World from what I remember seemed quite upset when they did not become the park to get TGG's flagship Timberliners.
  7. When old threads like this reemerge I always have to do a quick scan to see if I posted here or not and also find out out of curiosity if my opinion has changed. It feels almost like opening a time capsule. Well couldn't turn up anything so here are my preferences at the moment. Best Steel: Tatsu Honorable mention: Manta (deserves a mention because it is at my very top of of my reridability list) Best Wood: Giant Dipper at SCBB (Reridabiliy a big factor here too and the fact that every year it seems to run better then I last time I remember) Worst Steel: Kong Worst Wood: Ghostrider (At it's current state) And just to throw some opinion into this I'll try to throw out some guesses as to how I would rank the coasters if I had ridden them in their optimal condition. Best Steel: Revolution (Classic Anton, would probably rule all other rides without OTSR and allowed to run full speed) Best Wood: Ghostrider (Rode it the year Knotts was sold to Cedar Fair and had my mind blown, first time ever I experienced super negative gs) Worst Steel: Pony Express (Because it is a pointless use of space and the layout is an afterthought) Worst Wood: Grizzly (Even if it ran full speed and was smooth, I don't see the layout really amounting to much)
  8. Did it open at all? Sometime in June one of the trains threw a wheel or a wheel assembly broke or something similar. No one was hurt, but the train scarred a section of the track and they had to close the ride and order some new track. By the way, awesome trip report Marcel! I love seeing all of these pictures and reliving the trip, please keep them coming. These trips always turn out to be a battle between me and my Camera, which means that I go in intending to take plenty of photos and then forget I have my camera because I'm having so much fun. Which means my camera only comes out when I remember I have it. So when I get back usually have a bunch of photos I took of waiting in line at parks and of backstage tours and it is almost guaranteed that the more I liked the park the less photos I have of my day there.
  9. Given the teething issues that the timberliners had as Holiday World Worked with the Gravity Group I could understand why a family owned park would want to stay away from other prototypes out there which had yet to be proven. Now that topper track has been installed on several existing wooden coasters and seems to if not totally smooth out the ride, at least live up to the promise of less maintenance, I don't see why they wouldn't consider it again.
  10. I would love to see if Mack could make one of their Super Splashes more than just what they are. It would be nice if they could do that reverse section into maybe a helix and a mini splash down then they would hit an elevator or something and do the big splash once they reach the top of the drop. Basically can they do a super splash in the layout of one of their smaller water coasters or does the size/shape of the super splash boat negate any type of diving turns? As it is the ride looks great, and I'm curious to see what kind of show elements will be inside the reversing sections of the ride.
  11. Good suggestion, the more electrolytes the better. The caffeine ins most sodas is a diuretic which will make him want to use the bathroom more while electrolytes will do the opposite and encourage his body to hold onto the liquids for a longer period of time.
  12. One can hope, but I found that a downside to B&M's new OTSRs (that is assuming that all of their OTSRs are switching to this new style because of Banshee) is that they hold me in so tightly that there really is no airtime feeling I can get out of the ride. Personally I applaud B&M for adapting their flying restraints to eliminate the chance of headbanging on the rough outer seat that plagues wingrider type coaster trains, but because the restraint is on top of me for most of the ride and my bodyweight is not on top of it like in their flying coasters the positive Gs on their Wingriders STAPLE me really badly. I have asthma, so extreme pressure on my chest is not something that I find comfortable. I cannot marathon flying style coasters because of this and had to give myself a break between rides on both B&M wingriders I've been on because the Gs at the bottom of their first drops were enough to really put the squeeze on my restraints even when I tried to push against them to stop the stapling. Well judging by the location of this ride, it will be placed right next to their Mack Bobsled which is in a part of the park themed to (I assume) the Alps or other snowy mountainous region. As for their other two white coasters Limit and Big Loop, you got me. I do agree however that white track when kept up can really look nice and I have always thought that one of the more beautiful coasters in the world was Goudurix, though the ride was one of Vekoma's worst. It always looked great in white with it's strange double loop element and batwing situated over the lake at Parc Asterix. Then they painted it red, yellow and brown which for me made the ride look the way it felt.
  13. It might be worth it for you just to spend the extra dollars on some sort of skip the line system if the park has one, I see that they allowed you to reenter at the flash pass entry points, but just buying a pass at the start might give you more time outside of the lines to use the facilities without trying to constantly explain yourself to park staff. But by doing this you'll be putting off your headaches until a future date when he can hold his bladder, but then he might be use to the flash passes and would start hounding and asking you why did you stop getting them. * Edited for clarification, been sick all week and seem to be running on 1/3 brain power.
  14. I tried an episode, but couldn't get into it. It felt very amateurish, like it was made by people who spent their childhood listening to Garrison Keillor's tales from Lake Wobegone and writing x-files fan fiction. I'm sure the makers mean well, but if you want to do an homage to a genre you love you might as well go totally original with the supernatural and alien elements rather than creating another Area 51. I have yet to find a Horror podcast that is excellent across the board every episode. Hands down my favorite scripted podcast is the Thrilling Adventure Hour. It is an often hilarious homage to the old radio serials from the 1930s to the 1950s. They somehow managed to find the right mix of old and new references and parody several popular genres from that old radio era. Most of their episodes are stand alone stories, but they do have one true serial in the mix that might be confusing to newcomers if they listened to it first, Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars (a mix of lone ranger and flash gordon) I suggest checking out an episode of Beyond Belief first which is a parody of the old Thin Man mystery films with a supernatural bent.
  15. The thing about the Timberliner train that I think everyone realized on the trip when they rode Hades 360 is that turning every seat into a wheel seat was perhaps not the best thing to do on a already rough coaster. I'm sure the trains will prove to be great on new GG woodies, but I and a few other trip members were wondering if the PTC trains did so much damage to the ride that even a total retracking might not bring it back to it's former glory. Right now we can only wait and see if the combination of a gentler train and progressive retracking of the older sections of the ride can bring Hades back to world class coaster status.
  16. Okay, I guess I'll put an all park Cedar Fair pass on hold until next year.
  17. I know the a season passes in the past has been available to purchase at a discount if you showed them your event tickets at guest relations. (Heck last year Knotts gave us a screaming deal by charging $2 upgrade to a 2012 pass) Considering that this is the first West Coast Bash to happen near the end of the parks' season does anybody know if the parks will have the buy a 2014 pass and get the rest of 2013 free deals going or is it still too early?
  18. I really enjoyed my time at Cedar point. The ERT was phenomenal on both Maverick and Millenium Force. Thanks to all the ride ops there that made both nights so amazing! I also have to say that after the Dells Mean Streak was rather kind in comparison. I rode it twice in the front and both times had a relatively smooth if forceless ride. I can now see that while it's layout isn't the best it could be a fun wooden coaster if only they took off the PTCs added some topper track and let the new trains run at full speed.
  19. ^ I have to say that just by judging how good Outlaw Run was I'd say topper track may be the way to go in the future for Hades. Though the proof will be in how well a coaster with topper track like outlaw run ages. (And evidence suggests that even topper track cannot repair all of the damage PTC trains do which is what I heard from a few people on the trip). So far Silver Dollar City's matinence said that they have inspected the ride every morning and not one bolt has has needed retightening. RMC so far seems to have a reputation of really solid build quality on their work.
  20. In line for the front of Outlaw Run ERT right now. I already got a ride in the back and middle and all I can say is I have a new # 1 wooden coaster. Maybe even # 1 overall! Holy crap, there isn't a foot of boring track on this thing! Great mix of elements to be had here. Negative and positive Gs with insane overbanks, lateral movements and topped off with some great hangtime in the barrel rolls.
  21. I look forward to having a first hand experience climbing and bleeding with everyone else. I got my mini first aid kit and my knee pads ready to go. So far I'd like to give a big thanks to Robb and Elissa for making the absolute best out of The Six Flags closures. I only wish I could have marathoned the flowrider at the fair as much as a few people in the group did. I got a little too ambitious by trying to get up on my knees my second ever go around. You know you've wiped out hard when you can hear the crowd cringe through ears full of rushing water. I was fine but I felt a twinge in my back that told me I was done for the day. I'm looking forward to having another go at SFGA's flowrider.
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