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  1. Best. Theming. Ever. Perfect representation of a blue kola sleeping near a police dog directing carousel traffic around tyres. Well, less so theming and more just 'junk places in grass'. Still love it though for reasons beyond my understanding.
  2. I've only ridden one rollercoaster from the year I was born, so it therefore has to be my number one by default: Vampire - Chessington World of Adventures I guess the other two will have to be picked based on me simply having heard of them! Texas Giant - SFOT Thunder Run - Kentucky Kingdom ...they could be awful to ride, but frankly I wouldn't know personally (especially since the former is now the New Texas Giant).
  3. As someone interested in buildings and films in particular, I do enjoy theming. BUT, I agree that it cannot mask a 'bad' ride. Obviously dark rides really do need theming, that's relatively obvious. Bad coasters can be improved with theming, but that doesn't make the track any better, merely distracts from it. Optimum situation is really good coasters with good theming. I think the worst situation is not a lack of theming, but a lack of good aesthetics. Sure, theming is nice, but if no theming a ride can look great if it's well maintained, clean, in a pleasant landscape etc. The worst situation is when a coaster is in a nasty or boring landscape.
  4. That is a very clever way to theme the 'black hole', I genuinely didn't expect these rather cute objects!
  5. Tower of Terror works because it really hypes up the tension even more and informs us about the background to the ride. Rock n' Rollercoaster just feels like an awkward holding pen; a waste of time. I'll be honest and say I can't name many rides at all that have pre-shows, so we can only hope they're adding pre-shows with good reason. Looking at coasters with great queues (e.g. Wodan) it helps that you're not made to stand still and watch things, so I just pray there's good reason if there are properly enforced pre-shows. It'd have to be excellent to justify having doors sealed for set guest numbers in favour of not breaking queue flow. I'll be curious to know how language will be addressed as well, as Villa Volta's long Dutch spiels prove to be confusing unless I bring a Dutch friend. The recent appointing of a UK tourism envoy for the park implies a desire to further international visits, so not sure if this impacts the ride.
  6. No, I didn't see anyone doing that in this thread. ....and with the utmost sincerity, why didn't I see it?
  7. Yes, but I didn't think people were being unreasonable. I am excited, and it seems other people are too and I don't blame them, especially if it's their home park the ride is coming to. Unless I missed it I've not seen anyone here in the last few weeks at least claiming it'd actually be the best ride ever, just that they'd be excited by it and thought it looks 'great' or 'well themed'. I totally agree with you that people are being fanatical on FB/Twitter, especially in those comments you quoted, but honestly didn't see many people on TPR forum being maniacal about it, just excited...as am I
  8. ...But then again if we're going by Facebook and Twitter these are often not the pinnacle of human reason....one only has to look at the comments on all other rides to see that some people are clearly bananas On the face of it, on this website I'd not seen any radical nuts regarding these European rides. People have been pretty reasonable on here I thought. Sure, there's enthusiasm, but primarily from people for whom Efteling is their local park, and are therefore going to be naturally excited
  9. More than anything I'm just really happy that my favourite park is getting something new. I can clearly see it won't be the best ride in the world, but that wouldn't dampen the excitement to have yet another ride in a park I love. The theming on the station is extraordinary, and that, more than anything, is what's exciting me....that and the fact it's so close to the UK. This being said, after the hype around Joris en de Draak and Black Mamba I personally felt they lived up to their pre-opening hype, and I really really enjoyed them.
  10. That was dire. There were a few factual errors as well...most immediately obvious being the picturing of the floorless Batman Dark Knight whilst talking about, and showing video of, Batman the ride.
  11. It looks like quite a fun layout. It appears to be almost the same as Gardaland's upcoming Dive Coaster, just in a different order.
  12. Um, Disney? I know that there are a lot of small parks don't have filming rules. Not to mention that TPR actually does get permission from parks to film. The Punchline: They have uploaded an particularly rubbish Iron Rattler POV filmed with....a handheld camera.
  13. Not sure if totally 'GP', but encountered a weird one on the official TPR Youtube video of Outlaw Run: [a couple of minutes later, without further reply from me] I am not sure quite what high horse they were on. I'd be curious to see if they actually tried to contact the park at all
  14. As my first ever theme park Disneyland Paris will always hold a special place in my heart...even if it's deteriorated a bit. Sounds like they're refurbishing it at the moment though!
  15. Missing In Action The tower is looking really cool already, can't wait to see some track on top of it!
  16. When I was younger I went to Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World with some frequency, alongside Thorpe Park and Chessington occasionally. These were before I became an 'enthusiast', and since 2012 then I've managed to tick off some parks from my bucket list: -Alton Towers -Phantasialand -Europa Park -Efteling (now my favourite park) I still have many to go though! (in no particular order): Europe: -Tivoli Gardens -Parc Asterix -Port Aventura -Heide Park -Tripsdrill North America: -Disneyland -Disney's California Adventure -Universal Hollywood -Dollywood Asia: -Hong Kong Disneyland -Tokyo Disneyland -Tokyo Disneysea -Universal Japan -Universal Singapore
  17. Bubbleworks, bubbleworks, bubbleworks! When I first think of 'ruined rides' that's my go-to example.
  18. I will always love It's a Small World. It's obnoxious and I should dislike it, but I really don't. Also the rather ramshackle Geister Rikscha in Phantasialand always amuses me.
  19. My second visit to Efteling was taken in January 2014 (6th-9th) for a solo dissertation study trip. Whilst DVH and the Pirana raft ride were closed, it was totally worth going. The park was so quiet, I was getting multiple re-rides on pretty every ride. Largest wait in the whole trip was 10 minutes and that was only because I missed the start of a 10 minute show. The atmosphere of the park is lovely in winter, and the winter illusions made up for the lack of those other two rides. I would still recommend returning when they're both open at some point, but the January trip for me was incredible.
  20. Oblivion isn't 90 degrees, so it's not a guaranteed angle of drop. I also think Krake isn't 90 degrees either
  21. Vogel Rok at Efteling with just me in the vehicle. I went around twice with just me in the ride, and after that a few people appeared in the queue. This was in early January this year, so not surprising it was quiet.
  22. Nothing fixed at all, but I'd imagine Alton Towers is fairly likely, and I would like to be able to visit Europa Park and/or Efteling too.
  23. I tend to feel ill on a lot of simulator rides and spinning flat rides. I felt queasy after Temple of the Nighthawk at Phantasialand (I was tired, the ride was hot inside and had no air flow) and Manta at SeaWorld Orlando (the pretzel loop made me dizzy), but other than that the only times I feel ill are when I'm dehydrated, too hungry or too full on a ride.
  24. This looks absolutely fantastic! Really, this is probably the most intensely themed Dive Coaster ever.
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