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  1. Apparently it's supposed to reopen October 10th now, don't get why they would close it now with the summer coming up though. Hoping this refurbishment makes this ride make a lot more sense and make it better, also I think they should add some water effects in the beginning with the village(Don't know if they already had them and just turned them off because it looks like they could've)
  2. No idea, haven't heard about this anywhere else... Also I don't think they would suddenly close it like that, but who knows..
  3. Every coaster gets rough eventually, I remember Thunderhead being as rough as it is now about 3 years ago, it hasn't really changed... Even if it has changed a little you have to see the fact that it is a wooden coaster, which have a reputation of getting rough after awhile.
  4. Honestly, I don't think the problems are that bad and this will open in around the next 2 weeks? Maybe even this Thursday if were lucky... I just really want to ride it!
  5. I also have these from Adventure Mountain at Dollywood Black Bear Cliff Course Geyser Gorge Course
  6. You're aware they turned half of it into the Blue Man theatre, yeah? Also holy crap that guy is horrible at editing and narrating, not to mention breaking a few laws. Nah, Adamthewoo is amazing
  7. If they are soft-opening on Wednesday I can definitely make it onto this coaster!
  8. Definitely: Carowinds Very possible but not sure: Kings Dominion BGW Six Flags over Georgia Unlikely but could happen: Alton Towers Thorpe Park Go their every year but i'm going to go again: Dollywood Universal Orlando/IOA Disney World Busch Gardens Tampa Seaworld Orlando
  9. Oh I remember that too, around when Mystery Mine first opened.
  10. Tuesday when I was at Dollywood the Audio-Animatronic Crow that sits near the Mystery Mine entrance was gone, probably in for refurbishment. RIP Bird Thing 2015
  11. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has a pretty cool skyline
  12. 14, first coaster had to be either Barnstormer or The Flying Unicorn. My first non-kiddie coaster was Mystery Mine.
  13. TOT and Gringotts amazes me. Also forbidden journey amazes me a lot too.
  14. Thunder Head - 10-15 times (A long time ago so I don't really remember) Mystery Mine - 5-10 Times (The same time as thunderhead, still a really long time ago.)
  15. Any new B&M's Particularly Wild Eagle is very smooth, feels like your riding on glass.
  16. 1 - Ripsaw Falls (UOR) 2 - Splash Mountain (MK) 3 - Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges (IOA) 4 - Jurassic Park: River Adventure (UOR) 5 - Journey To Atlantis (Seaworld Orlando) 6 - Daredevil Falls (Dollywood) 7 - Shoot the Rapids (Cedar Point) 8 - Stanley Falls Log Flume (BGT) 9 - Congo River Rapids (BGT) 10 - Smoky Mountain River Rampage (Dollywood) Least Favorite - Kali River Rapids (AK)
  17. Reading that apparently Universal wanted to use this land. Could explain why they are going against it I guess...
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