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  1. These are all the new parks I may be going to this year! Confirmed: Carowinds Hopefully: Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Williamsburg Six Flags Over Georgia Unlikely but possible: Alton Towers Thorpe Park
  2. Do you guys think it is possible for universal to revert the film/motion on the Simpsons ride for BTTF day, it seems the price for entry is higher that day so it must mean something is going to happen
  3. On a sign outside of splash country it says an event called hot rod, does this mean the new ride is called shot rod?
  4. Going to SFMM for the first time, what would you guys compare the roughness of x2 to? Also I know Goliath is closed but if it was open would it be a coaster you have to ride?
  5. Well this, I will add more to this post it's just I'm not at my house right now Here it is...
  6. 1. No-Limits 2 2. Ride Systems 3. RCT2 4. RCT3 (This is my opinion)
  7. If I remember correctly it was a couple of weeks after it opened so it could've been an early thing that probably broke or didn't work out, even though it was fun when it was there, can anyone confirm this though?
  8. If I recall correctly didn't the AA outside Mystery Mine use to interact with the guests (talk with them, take song requests to sing, ect.)? If so what happened to it
  9. Another gem, today someone in my class said their was a roller-coaster in space so I asked him to show me a picture, first off he showed me this: I than proceeded to tell him this was space mountain and he kept denying saying he has been on space mountain and that is not on there, he than proceeded to show me another picture: 1. How do you get from space mountain to space fantasy? (I showed him that the caption on the picture said space fantasy and other other space mountain) 2. How would this even work in space.. (Ok, this is just dumb) 3.
  10. This baby: Always gets me when you start leaning down towards the ground... The suspense
  11. Absolutely: -USO (IOA,US) -WDW (Epcot,HWS, and MK) -Disney Land (Both Parks) -SFMM -Dollywood - BGA Maybe: - King's Dominion - BGW - Hershey Park Probably Not But hoping: SFOG SFGADV (Again)
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