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  1. Kalahari was fun, but hey, It's supposed to be a dry day. Well I will add Mt. Olympus in 2 posts. Everything but the coasters in one post, and coasters in another. The Trolley. Jen made me ride it. But I made the best of it getting some more pics of Opa Twister Coaster. Which is the official name. That's it for misc. Next post will be the coasters. eeewwww The Trojan Horse... let's not even go there. Titan's Tower.... Awesome... This huge track used to be two track. WTG BIG CHIEFS Tiny Hero's.. They would not allow us on this one. Teacups, lets go. The kiddie Spring ride. Parent's may ride too. The Robocoaster, you have to pay $2.00 if you want levels 2-5.. level one is free and stupid. Just fork over the money. You will love it. Posiedon the underwater go cart track Loved this food here Medusa's Drop.... love the air you get on this cart track Ketchup Dog..... Hermes Turbo track. Great Cart's here. Untill I got into a wreck. 3 other carts just plowed into me after getting cut off and spinning out. It was time for Hades. Helios, the wood on this cart track is getting quite bumpy and rotted If anybody wants this picture for a desktop, please pm me. It's just beautiful love this shot Hey, It's a disco Bumper cars one more shot..... wonder what they are planning? Strange construction going on next to the Parthenon Indoor Park. The fun is about to begin.... Thankfully we are parked at Treasure Island. We did not have to walk down or up that crazy hill to the ticket booths today. We hurt the next day from parking by the coasters. Finally, it's been soooo long. Will we get the kiddie coaster credit? Guess we should get some sleep here. Then we can just walk over. Were Here, now let us in..... Whoa, let me rest, I don't want to go on that! Think I've had one to many drinks. Is that the Hurler? MGD Time!! Here is Jen, tring not to think about that poor ketchup loving hotdog character at Mt. Olympus. Here is the Moose that greet's ya on the way in. We decided to head to Moosejaw for supper. And some beer.
  2. Day 2: Kalahari Resort, Treasure Island and Mt. Olympus Theme Park, Timber Falls, Riverview and Waterworld, and finally Extreme World. Picture's will follow in that order. I am not so good with words, so I may let some of the pictures do thier own talking. Watch out for that elephant, I have no idea what he's doing? Make up your own mind. Wave pool..... lame. ok this one is meant for the kids. Nothing compared to the Great Wave over at the Wilderness. not so fun Victoria Falls, more like kiddie falls one more look at the brutality Tasmanian Twister, for you shy peeps that have to go indoors. Swahili Swirl, the outdoor pooper slide Splashdown Safari The Rippling Rhino (white) Wow, all this for $40. greatness more Master Blaster one more? and another another view Leopards Lair All Right, now this is the SH*T. Flowrider Here is the Elephant's Trunk Slide (Red) WTF? Outside Slide Tower complex
  3. Hi everyone, we are back and rested up, so I thought I would post our pics from the trip. We had a great time, but sadly only increased our coaster count by five. In a quick summary of our Itinery this is how it all went down. Day 1: Wilderness Resort and Great Wolf Lodge Day 2: Kalahari Resort, Treasure Island, Mt. Olympus, Timber Falls, Riverview Park and Waterworld, and Extreme World. Day 3: Chula Vista, including construction of thier new huge indoor waterpark, and Mt. Olympus (alot more HADES) Day 4: Noah's Ark Day 5: Lost Island Waterpark - Waterloo, IA Day 6: Waterpark of American and The Park at MOA Day 7: Grand Rios Waterpark, MN Zoo, and back to Waterpark of America Ok, now for some pics. Fort MacKenzie and the 1000 gallon tipping bucket..Whoo. Bear Track Landing.. Ok, I lied. Can't get enough of this slide. Last one. Ok 1 more time. Again The Howling Hurricane over at Great Wolf Lodge. Ransack Ridge Kiddie Area Rafter's Rage The Hurricane The Hurricane The Great Wave, this wave pool was unique, I have never seen waves this big on any other wave pool. Mammoth Falls Family Raft Slide We Made it to the Wilderness Resort. Five waterparks here; 2 outdoor, and 3 indoor. We were going to go to McDonalds for dinner, but there was a 2 full bus loads of people ahead of us. BK tonight.
  4. Hi all, We will be leaving tomorrow morning for Wisconsin Dells! Day 1 We are to be lodging at the Wilderness Resort, they feature two indoor, and two outdoor waterparks which are free with the room. Should be fun, I have never been on a Tornado or Cannonball type waterslide. Weeee. Day 2 & 3 We will be staying on site at Treasure Island where we score 2 day passes to Mt. Olympus Theme Park. Cool! I have been there before, back when it was Big Chief's and they only had 3 coasters. I have heard many great things about this Hades. Is it all that people say? Guess I will find out. Also we will stop and ride Avalanche at Timber Mountain. It will probably be only one ride though. $5.99 per ride. Ouch. Day 4 For this day we are staying at the Flamingo Hotel, and we score 2 tickets to Noah's Ark. Never been to this waterpark. Not sure what to expect here. After the park closes we will head home to Minnesota. We will spend the night at take off once again at 7 am. Day 5 Not much sleep, but it will be time to drive to Waterloo, Iowa. We are going to try out the Lost Island Waterpark. I have seen a park map and this place looks pretty nice. I will write more when we get back. Day 6 On to Adventureland, this is a nice family amusement park. Been here before and absolutely loved it. It will be nice to return. Expect Pictures and a full Trip Report when we return early next week. Sorry, no laptop for nightly updates. Have a GREAT week TPR Will Miss Ya!! Chris
  5. Lets thank the guy from GaInsider again for this video of it's 1st run..... http://www.gainsider.com/video/052806-ettestingsmall.wmv
  6. I usually use Expedia or Rand McNally. They are both easy to use and very accurate (most of the time).
  7. X-Box 360 Do you pick your nose or bite your nails? If so, do you think you always will, or will you stop one day? And if you do, how will that make life any different?
  8. Hi Everyone. I joined back in December 2005 but have not posted much since then. I live in Southern Minnesota about 1.5 hours from Valleyfair, 1.5 hours to Arnold's Park, and 2.5 hours from Adventureland. I have been riding coasters for some 18 years. My coaster count surpasses 300, although there are some counted by credit whoring. ~Chris~
  9. My real name is Christopher, you may call me Chris.
  10. Savin' Me - by Nickelback....... the song the Texas Cyclone would have been singing, if it were possible.
  11. Not my best pic, but who's judging?
  12. ^ Good thoughts, although the drywall keeps throwing me around for a loop. Adventureland in Iowa had the chinese acrobats for quite some time also. Not too much new there this year, so it would not be worth the trip in my opinion.
  13. Ok, Where are you guys? In Cali? Maybe, but probably not. I just can't completely figure out the connection with the lentil soup, radioactive material, drywall and the french canadian acrobats. First I thought possibly out towards La Ronde, but not sure at this moment. I am probably wrong about everything here. Well at least we can spin the bottle and kick the donkey.
  14. Next we will have Theme Parks, Roller Coasters & Fried Green Olive's! The possibilities are endless.....then brain's ?? Whoa time for a breather......lol This better not happen
  15. Closed rides really urk me. It is one thing if it is closed because of a safety issue or weather, but half the time it is caused by a lack of staff to run the rides. IF the park can't afford to staff the park, then I imagine that one would run into more issues besides a few rides being down. Just my own 2 cents.
  16. Wow, kinda simple park. Thanks for the pics. Would be neat to see Sesame Place and Legoland merged together. I think that would make it an ultimate children's park.
  17. A Morgan Hypercoaster. Ok, with that out of the way, I would have to say that you would not catch me on a Star Flyer without a parachute.
  18. I just loved the diving drop that Shock Wave had at SFGAM. This element was just awesome when riding in the back. Now I would have to say my next favorite would be tight uphill spirals.
  19. Elissa, Could you please change mine to something along the lines of "Convicted of 1st Degree Credit Whoring" Thanks Chris
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