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  1. Fort Snelling Slides Here is the very cool St. Croix River Lake Superior Wave Pool Fort Snelling is the parks Zero Depth Entrance Tipping Bucket Activity Area.
  2. Day 6: Wow, it is already Day 6 of our trip, wonder where we are going now? Well this park has only been open for 2 weeks now. It is the brand new Waterpark of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This park was very kind of cool. They have a lazy river that flows through a large cave with waterfalls, under a giant bear, and through the wave pool. Enjoy our photo's from WPOA. It reads, Eagle's Nest. This family raft slide is the largest, longest and tallest slide of it's type in the world. Cascade Falls, awesome ride I spy Body Slides This is Bear Island, basketball and a lily pad crawl is some of the activities here. Finally there. We ran across this sign on I 35.
  3. Lot's more to see at the Lost Island. Tsunami Bay Wave Pool The Calypso Cascade (yellow), Tangerine Tempest (orange/white) and the Kiwi Koaster (Green) Tahiti Treehouse, another great attractions for kids and adults alike. Starfish Cove Polynesian Plunge & Samoan Splash Body Slides
  4. More Water, More Slide Greatness. A view for those who choose not to ride. Lost Soul Falls.... A quick drop to the bottom. The Kalahari River. One of the better Lazy River's that I have been on. Emerald Adventure and Jade Rapids Tube Slides.
  5. ECZenith, the name of the yellow/teal slides at Chula Vista is Matador Mat Racers. Hope that helps. Any of my pictures that I have posted, I have in wallpaper quality. So if anybody wants a larger version, just let me know. As for the size of the bowl slide. I am not sure, but I think this is the only one that uses the same cloverleaf tubes as the Tornado Pro Slides. I have only seen small tube or body slide bowls. Is there anymore Bowls that use these larger tubes? Here is Day 5: The Lost Island Waterpark in Waterloo, IA. This park is really under-rated. You will see looking through the photo's that it is much better than most Six Flags waterparks. Have a look and judge for yourself. New for 2006: The Molokini Crater. AKA Tornado The Blue Iguana Bay activity pool The theming only begins with the sign's around the park. Sorry, this got out of order. This is the Ticket Booth sign.
  6. Slides, Slides and more Slides The parks other wave pool. The Wave This is their idea of a Tornado Sidewinders The Point of No Return......Don't let the photo's fool you, this is very, very tall. Plunge Paradise Lagoon Octo Explorer Kowabunga
  7. I hope you are all enjoying the photo's from this trip. I only have about 20 minute's left today to do my posting. We are leaving in a bit for the Great Serengeti Indoor Waterpark. Those photo's will be posted in a different thread.
  8. Some more Noah's Ark Jungle Rapids Incredible Adventure - Just a history museum. It was shut down at our visit. No kiddie Credit for us here Flash Flood, more like a lite sprinkle The Dark Voyage Congo Bongo
  9. Time for the Black Anaconda. This is the world's largest Zip Water Coaster. These rides should count as a credit. What's your opinion on these water coasters? Should the count or not? Why?
  10. More Noah's Fun Bumper Boats Black Thunder The Big Kahuna Wave Pool Bermuda Triangle Here is a map of the park. Bahama Falls
  11. Day 4: Today was our last day here in the Wisconsin Dells. We had a great time here. We plan to visit for a week next June once again. So much to do here, never enough time. We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel on our last night. We woke up, had a quick breakfast at the Largest McDonald's that I have ever seen. This McDonalds actually sit's on the former property of the defunct Fort Fun Amusement Park. When you walk in the door, there is a aerial photo from 1963. Their largest ride at the time of the photo was a large Sky Tower, similar to Sky Trek Tower at SFGAM. Time to head out to Noah's Ark for the day. The Adventure River The Big Top ...... well .. Does Noah's Ark Management team know what they are paying this guy to do? Is this ride safe, seems all of the life guards are on strike or something. Had to have a drink (or 2) before going on the Time Warp. Um,, I'm Speechless, That's a big pooper slide. wow, I would have went with a different color scheme. Time Warp in Noah's Ark New for 2006 ride. They advertise this ride for being the largest bowl ride. Ooo K Ticket's please. Time to get wet!
  12. You could have a better time elsewhere. Bay of Dreams was far from impressive. Let's move over to Neptune's Outdoor Waterpark. Blue Maggie Forget the name of this Complex. It was fun, not too thrilling, but fun. Triton Time for the Tidal Wave Thunder and Lightning The Speed slides were great. Kiddie City Not for Us Bumper Boats
  13. That was fun. Now it was time we headed back over to Mt. Olympus where they have the Bay of Dreams indoor park and Neptunes Outdoor park. I will start with the Bay of Dreams. Wonder if they will let us in? The Warrior's Waterwalk. Huck's Lagoon Hispaniola Bay. Cobra Anaconda and Bao
  14. Moving along, it was time for our tour of the new indoor waterpark. Yay!!
  15. Day 3: This was a very, very wet day. It was very hot and perfect outside. We hit a few waterparks today and even got lucky enough to get a construction tour on one of the largest indoor waterpark complexes to date. We went to Chula Vista Resort, and Treasure Island waterpark and Mt. Olympus again, but to the waterpark sections. We did get a few more coaster rides too. Hades was open until 10 pm and that is one wicked ride in the dark. They had these conceptual art photo's displayed in the mail lobby. Switchback Canyon Red Rock Racers Rattlesnake Run Gator Tail Durango Drop Cougar Crossing, in the basement of the Chula Vista Cactus Cove There was a Fiero car show going on in the parking lot of Chula Vista. On our way over to Chula Vista, we saw this billboard. They also had this lame wavepool Treasure Island had this private Kiddie Ship for guest staying there.
  16. Water World and Extrem World The Rides... Extreme World The body slides Beach Ocean Wave Pool
  17. Onto Riverview Park and Waterworld. This park really felt ghetto. What a dump. Our visit here lasted no more than 45 minutes. Don't waste your time, grab the three credits and get the heck out. The Ultimate Rush, by far the best ride here. They make 3 circuits each ride....hmmm 3 credits? look at all the kiddie credits!! just a whorin around Wonder what that guy thinks when he see's himself in the glass house? not eew it looks scarier than Hades.... Time to do the Ferris Wheel This was ok to.... Catch n' Air They did have an ok cart track Welcome to our Dump
  18. Timber Falls and the Avalanche Coaster....Whoo They let me drive for a bit on the Avalanche. I tell you that this little coaster will suprise you. It now ranks in my top 5 wooden coasters. Workers replacing some boards on the Avalanche.
  19. Some Extra photo's you all may like. Just a bit of history at this place. two more another view Big Chief's Cart & Coasters. Old Abandoned Site. Kinda cool. One would wonder why they didn't move these over to the mega park? Some Cool Monster Cars.
  20. It's about time for some good ole fashion german food. We ate at the Essen Haus German Restraunt. Food and beer was great. I would suggest this place to everyone. The waitresses wear these very cute european dresses. Our "German" waitress was sporting various tattoo's.
  21. I don't believe that there is any space that they could place a transfer track on Hades. Possibly on the side of the short brake run. But I doubt that would happen. The crew there seems to move the line quickly. I will have more pics of Mt. Olympus posted later on. They are from the following day. All the ride pics have been posted. This day we spent doing the waterparks there. They have quite a collection of water slides and attractions. I still have to post the pics from Timber Falls, Extremeworld, and Riverview Park and Waterworld from Day 2: Enjoy
  22. Little Titan's and Zeus. This will wrap up the photo's that we took of the "Dry" part of Mt. Olympus. We still have a few more parks from this day to add. This is how accidents happen. Not something that they should let kids see them doing. I seen many parents getting after their children to stop climbing on Zeus. Hey Dad, Can I play on the new play structure that has a Roller Coaster on it?
  23. Hope you are all enjoying the pics. Next up, as promised are the photo's of Mt. Olympus and all of the Coasters.
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