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  1. So I just got finished my first ever visit to Holiday World and all I’m going to say is I have a new number one woody in Voyage. Thunderbird was also really good. I didn’t really care for the other two woodies though but for what’s its worth I liked the Raven more than the Legend. I almost got the last ride of the night on Voyage but had to settle for the second to last train instead. Still that night ride in the front row in the pitch black was amazing. This park is already on my list of parks I want to return to.
  2. So I just finished an amazing visit at the park. Got on all the coasters and rides I wanted to multiple times and even got front rides on Lightning Run and T3. I’m now heading for Holiday World to get some night rides on the coasters. No question I’ll be making a return trip KK again next. This was my third visit to the park overall.
  3. Thanks for the info man. As far as I know we’re aren’t going to the water park.
  4. So my friend and I will be taking a trip to the park next weekend along with Holiday World. My friend actually wants to go both parks the same day despit the long drive we’re going to have. So I might as well ask what the crowds are going to like at KK on a Saturday. We’re coming from Chicago so the plan is to leave at 6 am next Saturday even though I tried I’m trying to convince him we should leave Friday afternoon since I’m off work and he only works until 10:30. As for HW we’re only going there to get some night rides on the coasters.
  5. I’ll try my best to help you. 1. So the park us using a watch style flash pass device now. 2. American Eagle is really the only ride not worth using flash pass on but that’s because it isn’t on FP. 3. If he has a gold pass holder that gets him into HH for free. Or at least it should.
  6. Oh yeah, there definitely hasn't been another one in the Midwest for the last 15 years. There was also HyperSonic XLC which I almost completely forgot about.
  7. ^ Alright understood even though I knew that already. Now that that’s over with here’s a TR from yesterday that I meant to post last night but forgot So I decided to visit the park yesterday with a friend since I had a bonus BAFF offer. Now I knew the park was going to be busy and sure enough it was. Lucky that didn’t stop us from riding most of the coasters and rides. Goliath, X-Flight and V2 had too long of a line so we didn’t get to ride them as well as the Dark Knight. Joker was closed most of the day as was one of Log flumes(the arrow flume). We were also lucky enough to see Maxx Force test run while riding STT early in the day. It’s still going to be a while before it opens though but it’s just great to see it test run. I’m not sure when I’ll be back to the park but I’d like to to be after Maxx Force opens. Here are our ride totals STT: 1x Whizzer: 1x Demon: 1x Lobster: 1x Triple Play: 1x Viper: 1x Giant Drop: 1x Justice League: 1x American Eagle: 2x both sides were actually open but not racing. This was the first time in years I’ve seen both dudes open st the same time. Revolution: 1x Raging Bull: 1x Ricochet: 1x Yankee Clipper: 1x Batman the Ride: 1x Roaring Rapids: 1x Condor: 1x Superman: 1x
  8. This weeks game for was Street Fighter 2010 the Final Fight on NES. If you haven’t heard of it you should really give it a try. All I’ll say is it has absoutly nothing to do with Street Fighter or Final Fight. Up next will Super Pitfall NES.
  9. So I saw Dark Phoenix yesterday and I was not impressed. To me it was just a crappier X-Men the Last Stand. The X-Men and the other mutants that appear are really the only mutants in the entire movie. Now I don’t think it’s the worst X-Men film though(that title belongs to X-Men Apocalypse). Other than that I think this brings a pretty shameful ending to the Fox era but thanks to Disney/Marvel there’s light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. So the trains for Maxx Force have finally arrived this past week so hopefully testing can start soon. I also finally got to see the coaster in person over the weekend. Whizzer is open now as well.
  11. To be honest when Maxx Force was announced I didn’t noticed there were 5 inversions until I realized the 4th was right before the 5th.
  12. Looks like I’ll be making a return trip to KI in 2020 now for sure.
  13. I saw Detective Pikachu recently and I think it’s the best live action video game movie of all. The design of Pokemon looked alright for the most part. The plot was very predictable though and it obvious who the villain was. I felt like it was pretty faithful to the game also which is not something we can say about some of the other movies such as Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, Double Dragon and Doom. The only other video game movie I know that was faithful to the game is Mortal Kombat(still my favorite video game movie). With that said this movie being successful only puts even more pressure on the Sonic movie.
  14. So I just saw a Maxx Force construction update on SFGAmWorld and the coaster is close to being finished. The forth inversion seems to be the last part of the track work and it sounds like that should be done tomorrow. I think were looking at a first or second weekend in June opening. I’m actually not going to count out a Memorial Day weekend opening either but that’s very slim at this point.
  15. Chicago’s skyline can be seen from the tall rides at Great America also when it’s a clear day and that’s 45 miles or so away. But yeah you got love that typo it’s so Six Flags.
  16. So it seems the park has removed the May 24th event for Maxx Force. So a June opening is all but confirmed.
  17. Where’s Waldo on NES. Yes there’s a Where’s Waldo NES game no joke.
  18. ^ It’s not the park announced the actual opening date yet just that membership ERT. That’s what I’m questioning the most though. Why would park announce when the date of the membership event but not the official opening date? The official opening date should be announced before any kind of ERT or at least along with those said ERTs. As for me I have to agree with you I don’t see the coaster being ready three weeks from now.
  19. So according to the events list on the parks site Maxx Force will have it’s membership ERT on May 24th.
  20. ^^ Sure why not. I do have several questions to ask about the movie. I won’t ask these right now but I will say most of them are about the time traveling and final battle.
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