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  1. I’ve only up to 46 now. However this isn’t including the defunct wooden coasters I’ve ridden. Counting those would put me at 54. Defunct woodies I’ve ridden. Avalanche Georgia Cyclone Gwazi Hurler Mean Streak Rolling Thunder Thunder Road Twisted Twins
  2. Update time 1. Lightning Run 2. The Beast 3. Magnum XL 200 4. Whizzer 5. Screamin’ Eagle 6. Mind Bender 7. Great American Scream Machine 8.Viper 9. Dare Devil Dive 10. Blue Streak
  3. I like Intrimistacker and Mcflurry 523. Surprising no one changed the names of the coasters st SFMM. ^^ They got Kings Island too.
  4. A Nitro marathon in that cold weather, hell yeah! Now could Nitro run in single digit weather? I I’m going to say no.
  5. HITP Trip Report Today was my first ever HITP visit and it was great. The park did a very good job decorating the park. I was able to on every coaster and thrill ride that was open twice. Overall the park wasn’t too busy even though the weather was nice. I can’t wait to get to the park in December after today.
  6. ^ That was a very wise choice. I heard from somebody on SFGAmWorld that BTR and The Dark Knight Coaster are the only coasters open today. Looking at the app it looks like most of thrill rides are closed as well.
  7. That makes sense. Although to be honest my first thought was weather being the main issue for Cedar Point and Valleyfair when it comes having Winterfest just based on their locations. But then again I said the same thing about my park and I was wrong about that.
  8. As of now I’m doing a speed run of Metroid Zero Mission in an attempted to beat my 49 minute run through I did a while back ago. I’m having a lot of trouble though so far.
  9. I'd love to see Demon open for HITP, but I recall it struggling at times to make it to the MCBR after the tunnel (and subsequently crawling through the turnaround) last year towards the end of Last Blast. Demon didn’t just struggle to make it to the MCBR at times but on the last day of season it actually got stuck on the MCBR for a few minutes.
  10. Damn that’s a pretty good ride lineup. Not what I expecting at all (especially all the B&Ms). I’m not surprised Demon and the woodies aren’t open though.
  11. Ah I see. I only asked which game it was only because your post on Friday just happened to be the day Red Dead Redemption 2 was released.
  12. Update time with some major changes. Steel 1. Fury 325 2. Millennium Force 3. Intimidator 305 4. Maverick 5. Nitro 6. Lightning Run 7. Montu 8. Whizzer 9. Batman the Ride 10. Volcano The Blast Coaster Honorable mentions Raging Bull and Steel Vengeance Wood 1. The Beast 2. El Toro 3. Screamin' Eagle 4. Great American Scream Machine 5. Mystic Timbers 6. Hoosier Hurricane 7. Cyclops 8. Viper 9. Cornball Express 10. Blue Streak Honorable mentions American Thunder and American Eagle
  13. ^ Are you playing the newly released RDR2 or just RDR?
  14. I for one enjoyed my night back row on The Beast as painful as it was. Alright the first half wasn’t bad but the second half was the almost killed me.
  15. Actually the name does make sense since this will be our last chance ride all the rides. Not every ride is going to be open for HITP but for Last Call every ride will pretty much be open say Whizzer(apparently closed for season already for Maxx Force construction) and the water rides.
  16. That makes sense I guess. The park employees were the ones that kept telling everyone the rides were down because of the wind chill. We were even told Firehawk couldn’t run until the end chill was below 31. Oh yeah it was windy on the 20th. I got to experience several trimless rides on Diamondback. I think we’re right in the edge of whatever storm hit Cedar Point and Northern Ohio.
  17. So I have to ask why was Racer able to stay open on Saturday while the rest of the coaster(accept Back Lot and FOF) had to close because of the wind chill?
  18. Kings Island trip report Alright I just finished my first ever visit to Kings Island and it was absolutely amazing. Thanks to Fastlane Plus lines weren’t an issue so we were able to ride everything we wanted to multiple times including night rides. The only rides we didn’t get to ride though were Drop Tower, WindSeeker, Invertigo and Eiffel Tower. A lot of the coasters shut down though around the time the haunt started because of the wind (although the employees that were at the entrances of the closed coasters were telling the guests it was the wind chill) but most of the coasters reopened accept for Banshee and Vortex. As for what my favorite coaster that was easily The Beast at night in the front/back row. I was really surprised by how much that thing was hauling. Same with Mystic Timbers. Both coaster just tore through the track. Got plenty of rides on Firehawk as well. I loved the ending to the Adventure Express a lot. It really was as amazing as everyone said on here. We only did one maze and that was the Wolf Pack maze that was in the former SOB station. We’re going back to the park today to try to get on what we didn’t get on yesterday. All in all I would say this was one of my best visits to any park. Looking forward to coming back in 2020 when they open their next coaster that I hope is a B&M Giga. Thankfully on Sunday Invertigo, Drop Tower and WindSeeker were all open so we were able to get a few rides on them along with re-riding several other coasters before heading back home. So again this was very successful trip and we got plenty of night rides on most of the coasters.
  19. I’ll be going to the park tomorrow as well. It will be my first ever visit to KI after going to CP so many times. I already bought Fastlane Plus so lines aren’t going to be an issue. I’m really looking forward for my visit. This comes after having to cancel two trips to KI over the summer. Third times the charm I guess.
  20. There was a huge flaw with Riots plan to bring the rest of the symbioties to Earth. As we saw in movie if the host isn’t a perfect match the symboite kills it and without a host the symboite can’t survive. Millions of people would of likely been killed along with the other symbiotes. So this basically made Riots plan completely pointless.
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