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  1. ^^ Sorry but I have to disagree with you on this one. The way Six Flags has their queue lines designed is no different than any other major park.
  2. Yeah I’ll take Batman the Ride over Banshee any day. The only think I like better about Banshee is the vest restraints.
  3. Alright I finally got the email but it was in my promotions so I wasn’t notified about it.
  4. A lucky front night ride on Maxx Force yesterday that didn’t come without its share of breakdowns. Yep the coaster broke down 3 times while I was in line including one that lasted almost an hour that just so happened right as I got up to the station.
  5. https://sixflags.com/presale August 29 is the biggest day of the year for Six Flags! We announce our incredible new rides for 2020 AND we have biggest sale of the year. This year, we're doing something a little different... On August 14 we're having a special PRE-SALE for our Season Pass holders. Take advantage of our Flash Sale pricing on 2020 Season Passes before everyone else! Check back here on August 14 to see our incredible offers. You'll still need to wait until August 29 to find out what thrilling attractions we're adding in 2020 though! Well this is interesting and unexpected. As long as I can continue to buy a season pass I’m happy. Also just as some of you were predicting SFMM 2020 attraction is getting announced before WCR opens.
  6. Congrats to Avengers Endgame for being the movie to finally top Avatar at the box office.
  7. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I only played it for like 30 minutes before I gave up because like every LJN movie based game on NES it was shit and I couldn’t even figure out how to get past the first level. I switched to Beettlejuice instead to play more LJN shit. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is up next.
  8. Yeah I respect opinion also but to a point at least. Where he lost me was when he called it was the worst Disney live action remake.
  9. ^ Yeah I’ll never understand critics either. It’s like with Marry Popinns Returns. The critics hated it while everyone else loved it. In fact I just watched a critic do a review of the Lion King and sure enough he hated the movie. He even called it THE worst Disney live action remake. That’s right he said this was worst remake of them all. Unfortunately this one of critics I have respect for and follow more than the rest cause he happens to be the Nostalgia Critic. Yeah Doug Walker for some reason doesn’t seem to like any of the Disney live action remakes. From Alice in Wonderland to the Lion King.
  10. Yeah I agree it’s a shame to hear about the woodies. I was only here about a month ago and I thought all three were running great. So I have to completely disagree with you about the Voyage. I personally loved the Voyage so much that it’s my new number one favorite wooden coaster ahead of the Beast and El Toro. I don’t think it’s needs the RMC threatmeant either nor should it ever. Same with the other two woodies as well. Now an ground up RMC woody would be amazing. With that said st least we both loved Thunderbird. Also I hated that helix at the end of the Legend as well. The Raven was my second favorite of the three because of that.
  11. Speaking of Bull I though that was the hyper you guys were supposed to get back then while we were going get Mr. Freeze.
  12. ^ Yeah I think it’s a pipe dream to think this coaster could(will) ever have 90 second dispatches at this park.
  13. I honestly don’t know why I enjoy the Double Shot at IB. Maybe it’s just because you get some good airtime launching up. However I will agree with Canobie Coaster that the Larson Towers are better.
  14. ^ Yep the line for Maxx Force will be closing off at 8pm on July 4th also.
  15. ^ What about the one at Holiday World? I was at the HW on June 22nd but didn’t get a chance to ride their S&S tower.
  16. I think it’s time to update this list. Alabama: Arizona: Arkansas: California: Colorado: Twister II Connecticut: Florida: Montu Georgia: Goliath Idaho: Illinois: Raging Bull Indiana: Voyage Iowa: Monster Kansas: Kentucky: Lightning Run Louisiana: Maine: Maryland: Massachusetts: Michigan: Shivering Timbers Minnesota: Wild Thing Mississippi: Missouri: Screamin Eagle Montana: Little Dipper Nevada: New Hampshire: New Jersey: El Toro New Mexico: New Mexico Rattler New York: Ride of Steel North Carolina: Fury 325 North Nakota: Ohio: Millennium Force Oklahoma: Oregon: Pennsylvania: Rhode Island: South Carolina: Afterburn South Dakota: Tennessee: Texas: Wonder Womam Golden Lasso Coaster Utah: Vermont: Virginia: Intimidator 305 West Virginia: Wisconsin: Hades 360 Wyoming: Cowboy Coaster
  17. So I made a surprise visit to the park yesterday with a friend who has never been there and overall I say he had a good time. We pretty much rode every single ride since the park wasn’t busy at all and every major ride was open. I don’t know if this has mentioned yet but Double Shot unfortunately has a lap seat belt now that doesn’t totally kill the airtime but certainly has an effects it. So overall this was much better than my visit to the park two years ago.
  18. The reason we dn’t re-ride was because my friend and I decided a front row ride was best way to end the day. Had I been alone I probably would if reroad easily.Oh I’ll be returning to HW again also but that will be for the water park also.
  19. We got lucky while waiting in the line the Voyage thre first time cause the second was added. Of course for our second ride a train had to be removed because someone threw up on it. What I didn’t get about that though is why they moved the train to the lift hill to clean it rather than moving it to the transfer track immediately (which they ended up doing) to clean it. So what row were in by the way? Did you happen to noticed someone waiting for the front row at the end of the night wearing a CP shirt? If so that was me and it was the second to last train of the day. I would of gotten on the last train of the day had the group in front of stayed in line.
  20. ^ I absoutly agree with this. I couldn’t believe how much the Voyage was hauling. In fact I found it to be hauling more after the MCBR. It’s too bad I can’t say the same about the Legend though. Now it’s not that I didn’t like Legend cause I did it was just the triple helix that killed the ride for me. In fact I actually liked Thunder Run more than the Legend.
  21. It’s about time I make an update to my list. Steel 1. Fury 325 2. Millennium Force 3. Intimidator 305 4. Maverick 5. Nitro 6. Lightning Run 7. Montu 8. Raging Bull 9. Batman the Ride 10. Volcano The Blast Coaster Honorable mentions Whizzer and Thunderbird Wood 1. Voyage 2. Beast 3. El Toro 4. Screamin' Eagle 5. Great American Scream Machine 6. Mystic Timbers 7. Hoosier Hurricane 8. Cyclops 9. Viper 10. Cornball Express Honorable mentions Blue Streak and Raven
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