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  1. I saw two Sony movies today. Venom(2nd time) and Goosebumps 2. Of course Goosebumps 2 was the better of the two movies. I mean Venom is one of those movies that’s not bad but not good. It’s just a action, comedy and romance movie that gets the job done. Yeah I did think the movie was enjoyable still but it’s just so silly. The hole six months later thing was really stupid though. The Stan Lee cameo was good. I’m looking forward to seeing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse this December mainly to see Nicolas Cage play one of the Peter Parkers. As for Goosebumps 2 I was surprised by Jack Blacks small role like he almost didn’t even need to be in the movie. The movie itself was very funny much like the first one.
  2. Well I’m finished with all six NES Megaman games and yeah two was the best and easily my favorite. I could even call Megaman II the best game in the entire Megaman series.
  3. I’m currently playing through the first 6 Megaman games and am up to five. Also beat Megaman I and II for game boy. All these games though are being played on my 3DS.
  4. ^ That guy is all the reason why I think the only thing worse than Fortnite are the Fortnite fans. No disrespect to anyone that’s a Fortnite fans here.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's open every weekend (if all goes well) starting this weekend until the end of October. Then it's closed for good. Not sure what you mean. It will be open for you guys, just won't be the last weekend. From Twitter Reading comprehension, people. Yeah I misinterpreted the wording in the article a little bit. Regardless I’m looking forward to finally getting to this park and. I’m already planning on buying fastlane+ (at the park though) since were only going to the park on the 20th and I want to make the most out of it.
  6. Never mind I misinterpreted the article a little bit. Firehawk will be open when we go.
  7. Minor update time A: Afterburn B: Batman: The Ride C: Cyclops D: Dominator E: El Toro F: Fury 325 G: GateKeeper H: Hoosier Hurricane I: Intimidator 305 J: Joker K: Kumba L: Lightning Run M: Montu N: Nitro O: Outlaw Run P: Pandemonium Q: R: Raging Bull S: Steel Vengeance T: Top Thrill Dragster U: V: Volcano, The Blast Coaster W: Whizzer X: X-Flight Y: Z: Zeus
  8. That's not it either Here's another hint. I'm also going to re-post this hint. -One of few non möbius wooden racing coasters where both sides go the same direction. So the two sides don't split up at the turn around. -Opened in 1981 and was made by a European manufacture.
  9. Good guess but that’s not it. I’ll post another hint if nobody gets it on the next guess.
  10. Next one -Second longest coaster in the park. -One of few non möbius wooden racing coasters where both sides go the same direction. -One of the sides use to always run backwards.
  11. Humpty Dumpty Great Fall: Storybook Land?
  12. Schwur des Karnan? It's my next best t guess.
  13. My vote (even though I'm not actually going to vote) goes to Maxx Force. Now out of all the launch coasters opening next year I think Dual Dragons is the most interesting one.
  14. While were on this discussion of Chicago pizza there's nothing better than Lou Malnati's.
  15. Looks like I'll be making a return trip to Carowinds next year. This is easily my second favorite 2019 announcement behind my home parks announcement.
  16. Man I can't believe this is our third straight year receiving a coaster. I'll be there for opening day of Maxx Force for sure. After this I really hope the park focuses is on adding/replacing the flat rides. I don't think we're going to need another coaster for a while.
  17. ^ Alright I'm willing to believe Apocalypse is getting the floorless conversion but not Georgia Scorcher. Besides you would think SFOG would of announced it's closing day by now like SFA. I don't think Georgia Scorcher needs the conversion anyways.
  18. One of the things I like about Link to the Past is the replay value. It's not one of those games I'm going to beat once then never play again.
  19. So I got mini update for our trip tomorrow. We were supposed to have a group of four and now we're down to two. It's a little unfortunate to happen the day before we leave. ^ Were supposed to be going tomorrow (actually leaving for the park at 6am) but the weather is looking awful so I doubt were even make it to the park until Sunday. I'm seeing rain and thunder storms almost the entire afternoon. Edit: Nevermind the trip has been officially canceled.
  20. I've had this park on my bucket list for a while but this just might be the kicker that's finally going to make me plan a trip here. I don't think it'll be next year but probably 2020. Now if only RMC could give us a coaster with a vertical loop.
  21. As much as I would like for us to get there before opening I know we aren't. We're heading out at 6am and it's a 5+hour drive at least plus the time change. So there's no way we're going to get to the park before 10. I expect were arrive a hour or two after opening. That's why I wanted us to leave Friday since I'm off work and the friend that's driving only works till 10am. I think right now I'm not totally worried about crowds it's the predicted weather for Saturday that concerning me the most. Although we're going part of the day Sunday so thanks for tip.
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