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  1. 1994 1. Raptor (CP) 2. Nemesis 3. BTR (SFMM) All B&M invert coasters Honorable mention: American Eagle Even thought AE didn't open in 94, it's anniversary is the same day as my B-Day.
  2. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but when you go to look the maps of the park, the 2008 map opens to a SFOT map instead of SFOG.
  3. Best B&M(Hyper)- Raging Bull Best B&M(Invert coast)- Kumba Best Intamin(Steel)- Maverick (Wood)- American Eagle
  4. I got question to ask about the buy 4+ regular season passes and get a season parking pass. Where do I have to buy the passes? SFGAm website, at the park or at any Jewel (where I normally buy my pass)?
  5. My offseason SB 50 pick is the Packers over Indy.
  6. My top 4. 4. Batman (60s) 3. Doctor Who (Revival series 2005-Present) 2. Looney Tunes 1. Doctor Who (Classic series 1963-89)
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