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  1. When a company (any company) has proven that they can do a better job based on the past, patrons have a right to complain. I'm not saying you don't have a right to complain, but threatening to boycott a company that's proven to provide some of the best coasters in the industry is just a tad out there.
  2. SFGAm 2015 - Make all of the measuring rules different heights at every ride, and let people b**** about one bad ride op team. 2016 - Great American Sky Screamer 2017-2019 - bollocks bollocks bollocks bollocks 2020-ish or maybe never because this is the least likely one that's been posted here - People learn to suck it up and realize that the park isn't half bad and they've been overly sensitized to customer service in theme parks, when people deal with it all the time and don't complain
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience. This is nothing "typical" from what I have seen at the park (as my home park, I make frequent visits) and Viper's crew is usually (emphasis on usually because I know things can change from one crew to the next immensely) one of the best, with very efficient dispatches and very engaged ride ops. Sorry to hear you caught it at a bad time. I've heard nothing about any crew in the park pushing down on someone's head to alter their height before this, usually they slip a straightedge and apply force only towards the measuring rule. Glad to hear it all got resolved but at the same time it's an unfortunate incident that ultimately shouldn't have to happen.
  4. "Pardon my French, but Cameron is so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, in two weeks you'd have a diamond." -Ferris Bueller
  5. Flywheels are mechanisms for storing energy. The Incredible Hulk Coaster uses a flywheel to store energy for its launch, and this will work in the exact same way, but with the flywheel holding power for LSMs instead of drive tires. The flywheel does NOT launch the train by itself like on a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop coaster.
  6. To be fair, there is a hyper coaster with orange box section track named Goliath at SFOG as well as SFMM.
  7. I'd bet money on Holiday World unless we've seen something different.
  8. The forces against the restraints on a ZacSpin are much more than even a standard lap bar with extremely low g-forces, because at least in that situation the force is up, not against the locking mechanism like on a ZacSpin. My thoughts are with the victim's family.
  9. This'll be interesting to watch; I'd imagine they'd have to take extreme caution in moving the derailed car.
  10. And to answer my own question, it looks like they've evacuated someone from car 2, row 2.
  11. The news should reassure people that coasters are safe. The accident itself is shocking enough. I feel like the media always blow things like this out of proportion when instead they should be ensuring the public that occurrences like this are extremely rare and that all amusement rides certified to operate are completely and totally safe. Unfortunately that doesn't happen. Seems like they're taking a while to investigate the front car. I've only been watching for a couple of minutes, have they successfully evacuated everyone?
  12. Somewhere deep inside a thrid world country...judging by the look of it... One of the highest ranked towns in the US for quality of life, as it were.
  13. Definitely American Eagle from what I've ridden. Because of the sheer length of the walkup, each side only has one set of swtichbacks, and usually they aren't needed. Thunderation's is probably one of the most tedious with those unavoidable switchbacks going down the hill.
  14. Those wing rider/Banshee restraints are great! No head banging. I wish some parks would consider replacing there restraints with the vest styles. How about...
  15. ^I'd definitely expect it to be in the top 10, maybe top 5 if it has enough mutual rider comparisons. Hopefully this thing will beat out Viper as my #1 at the park but I fully expect Outlaw Run to retain my #1 overall spot.
  16. Question: How does the airtime on Goliath compare to Outlaw Run? I know there's not going to be as many airtime moments but how is the intensity of the forces? I'd hope that the airtime is more prolonged on Goliath as it came in short but sweet bursts on Outlaw.
  17. It'll be interesting to ride Cornball with the single-position lap bars sometime this month. I know that the PTC trains on American Eagle aren't the usual "buzz bars" but I absolutely love hearing that shrill sound as you walk under the decrepit-looking station. It pumps up the apprehension and anticipation so much.
  18. I hate to draw comparisons but I can't help but think of this as a broader-scope version of TGG and Gravitykraft, obviously with a larger range of attractions than just wooden coasters. Question if possible to be answered: GCI specializes in a very specific type of roller coaster. Assuming that you do venture into this field, how similar will your rides be to the twister style that we're accustomed to from GCI?
  19. I think I find B&M to be a good medium between the two because you still get the (although dampened) advantage of rolling blocks without putting too much risk into engineering a system that will effectively E-stop the ride if need be. Could just be my more cautious side coming through, though. I do think Intamin's crazy fast switch track on Phantasialand's log flume is pretty damn cool though.
  20. In my opinion, it would look cooler if all coasters did that all the time (the train in the station and the one behind it starting moving simultaneously) and maybe it would increase dispatch times by a few seconds. It would totally increase dispatch times. (Luckily at Toro, our drive motors are like the fastest I've ever seen so we don't lose too much time between trains even with one train moving at a time.) A lot of rides already have systems like this implemented like Maverick and Millennium Force. They're called rolling blocks. I don't know why more rides are built with this. It may be do to costs because I'm sure many more proxy sensors have to be installed and the ride's program probably becomes more complicated. B&M also use rolling blocks on some of their newer coasters, one example being Leviathan.
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