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  1. That reminds me that I needed to post the pictures from last weekend's trip. Make sure you have a look over towards the old Thunderbolt car park area, as you will see they have started some construction there for the expansion of WhiteWaterWorld. Have fun and enjoy.
  2. I look at these pictures and all I can think of is that the Aussie parks need to get some longer rides. If the rumors are true, it might be soon.....I can hope can't I?
  3. Not yet closed Robb, but I believe it will be closing this year. Perhaps someone else could confirm/debunk this rumor? EDIT : Just checked the website and there is no notice of the attraction closing....as yet.
  4. Ops...meant the Scooby Doo coaster, it is a coaster that I have not heard a likeness of from anywhere else in the world yet. Have you ridden one like it before?
  5. Told you not to miss it...glad you liked it that much. Can't wait for the update.
  6. Was at the park today and both sides were running with full capacity. But I did notice at the water park, that the rafts in use seem to be very low on air. Surely it would not take that long to just put a little air into a couple of rafts instead of letting them deflate that badly. Does anyone know of any reason they would not do this during the day?
  7. Another sad event in an area built for the fun of all. Prayer's go out to his family and friends.
  8. The drop has two sides, with 8 seats on each side, making a total of 16 people ride capacity. Just so you know
  9. Wii....Just employ this guy..real quick before Sony do. Very Cool...
  10. Not modeled after dirk bikes. The rides full name is the Mick Doohan Motor Coaster, with Mick Doohan being one of Australia's best known 500cc world motor bike champions. I can recall one of the first times they operated the TOT during testing, it did hit the E brakes at the top of the tower, or at least that is the story. The other rumors floating around about the park, is that there will be two new attractions in the near future. A family based attraction towards the end of this year, and a major thrill attraction within the next three years. Still waiting for the Giant Drop pictures...maybe an on ride one of yourself??
  11. I find myself as normal, agreeing with Gav on that one...you DO NOT want to miss out on Superman, or for that matter Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster. Although if you do the Lethal Weapon coaster, I take no responsibility for any after effects that you might encounter, as it is Vekoma. The zig-zag on Cyclone is the park that normally gets me, must zig when I should zag or something, but glad to hear you had a great day.
  12. The part that always seems to get me is the section of track as you head to the back of the ride, just the change of direction seems to cause the headache. I have tried to brace myself for it, but don't seem to have much luck with it. At least the day was a nice one for JZ at Dreamworld. Can't wait to see what he thought of the Giant Drop....and how many times he rode it.
  13. I hope you read this before you head out today...but leave the Cyclone till last unless you like walking around the park with a massive headache all day. Atleast that is what is does for me every time I ride it. The wait for the Cyclone has not been too bad of late during the day, but the others can back up a lot quicker. Have fun, although it is looking a tad overcast today, so hope the rain holds off for you....
  14. Take the back pack with food, but remember to take drink in plastic bottles...they don't allow glass into the parks from memory. We will be heading to White Water World on Sunday, as it looks to be the only half clear day this week. My advise on Dreamworld is this, as soon as you get into the park go straight past the fountain/pond and head to the left. Follow the signs and you will soon be dropping from the highest drop ride in the world. As soon as you have done that, head back the way you came, but go across the train track and under the Tower of Terror track, and from that point you have two choices. To the left you can go onto the Motorcoaster, and if you head to the right, follow the signs to the TOT. From that point, where you head to is up to you, but make sure you head around the back of the park through the animal areas of Dreamworld and have a ride on the old Model T Ford cars for a bit of slow fun.... Will remember to take the camera on Sunday so I can do a TR from White Water World in case you don't end up going there. Have fun and looking forward to the next TR you post.
  15. Yes, if the Harry Potter series counts as books.. Do you take kids to the movies just so you can watch the childrens movies...?
  16. No Do you consider yourself a good sportsperson?
  17. Yes, but in Australia it does nothing.....need 000 here Is there one movie that you always fall asleep in and never see the ending?
  18. Yes, it's called being married and not been able to buy what I want cause she says so... Ever seen a movie so gross you became sick?
  19. Have fun and make sure you check out the park maps online before you go so you know which way to go to avoid the line ups to ride. Also if you are able to get your tickets through an RACQ member, you are allowed into the park about half an hour before eveyone else in the morning. Have fun with the Giant Drop....I stopped counting at 1000 drops...
  20. No...only when I am happy Received a headache from ridding a coaster?
  21. Only 19...gratz man, wish I was only 19 again. I was about 30kg lighter and was still young and foolish....well I guess the young part has changed. Don't do anything I wouldn't.....hehe.
  22. Yes, if you make it 2 million and if i was in solitude with a nice large shotgun and lots of ammo. Have you ever wanted to catch a Kangaroo with only your hands?
  23. Australia was meant to be switching to Digital Free to Air service this year, but they have put it back to 2012 to allow for more homes to be ready. The reason is due to the government wanting about 80% of homes to have a Digital Set Top converter, but will all the LCD and Plasma screens now having a DST converter built in, there should be no need of the STB soon. At least all the pay channels here are already digital signal....should suit the 42" Plasma we are getting soon....I hope.
  24. Due to events outside of my control, I am now having to shop for a new video camera. Was planning to stick to Sony's as getting 3years out of the last one in my mind is a very good performance, but have a couple of questions as things have changed from the last time I purchased a camera. The models I was looking into are the Sony DCRHC96 which is a normal mini tape unit. I was also looking into a Sony DCR DVD808 (disc version) or a Sony DCRSR200 hard drive version. Just wondering if anyone has had any trouble with the recording quality on the DVD or Hard drive versions of the cameras at all. Cheers
  25. Was just at the WhiteWaterWorld park yesterday. Should be heading back to the park on the 10th of Feb as we normally go every weekend or so. Just have to work this weekend, so will have to wait till the 10th for the next visit to either Dreamworld or Whitewaterworld. All depends on what the kids are in the mood for. Will send you a contact number for myself if you want to catch up there at all.
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