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  1. I figured something was up when I saw Nessie's new black paint job in the helix earlier this month but the new theme is looking great. And dayum Highlander's going to dwarf Kärnan Nice to see Hansa working with someone else than Gerstlauer for their big stuff for a change.
  2. Valkyria was pretty dope. Wouldn’t say it’s the next Helix/Balder but it’s a really solid addition to a really solid park. The vests sit pretty tight while you sit in the station but riding it you don’t feel them at all. The holding brake gives you a great hanging sensation even when you’re not in the front row. I also rode Loke and Mechanica both for the first time and both scared the crap out of me... But I’m glad I got to experience them.
  3. According to the app it’s closed now. Edit: Near 10 P.M and Valkyria doesn’t seem to have re-opebed. Guess those few hours were enough until tomorrow.
  4. Liseberg on the 13th is now a done deal. Valkyria here O come!
  5. There is actually five cues (frist row, fast pass, single rider, the rest of the train & disability), the disability cue start @ the photo booth, the rest of the lines splits after the main entrance. /// Marcus So there’s an entire queue just for the front row? Does single rider still let you on the front or is it back rows only?
  6. IIRC Krake comes to a complete stop and it has the same 6-across setup as Valkyria.
  7. Hansa Park on Thursday (Kärnaaaaaaan ) and Liseberg possibly on the 13th (if they can get Valkyria running)
  8. I have discounts on train tickets to and from Gothenburg until the 15th so I hope it’s open by then.
  9. Still waiting on Valkyria to open before I do Liseberg.
  10. Jetline’s line is rarely that long (I was at Grönan on a weekday in early July and while everything else was 30+ Jetline rarely went above 20) and when it is it moves fast thanks to a high throughput. Mid-August is just before school starts in most of Sweden so expect there to be crowds.
  11. Markers have been spotted close to Kärnan/Kärnapulten Source
  12. They could also be accounting for lost revenue on top of all the infrastructure and inventory that was destroyed. Given how quick it took to get it back up and running that could be the case too.
  13. - Damage from the Batavia fire is estimated to be above 50 million euros. - According to prosecutors, the fire started in the tunnel area Fjord-Rafting passed through near the warehouse and Piraten building. The cause of the fire is not yet clear as the investigation is not completed yet. - According to Michael Mack at a recent Europa Park Fanclub meeting, the Scandinavian area will be back in operation "almost identical in appearance" sometime next year. - Whatever's replacing Piraten in Batavia is set to open in 2020. There's currently split opinions within the Mack family on what should replace it: younger members want something entirely new, older members seem to want something as close to founder Ronald Mack's original design as possible. Sources (in German): http://versicherungswirtschaft-heute.de/politik-regulierung/brand-im-europapark-kostet-mindestens-50-mio-euro/ https://www.lahrer-zeitung.de/inhalt.lahr-brandschaden-mehr-als-50-millionen.67cb776a-2fa5-422d-b7dc-0be089c5516a.html
  14. Signage at the park is teasing something big coming in 2019, with a media reveal set for August 17th. Reminds me of the signs they put up teasing Fluch Von Novgorod before it was announced, so... new coaster?
  15. Would a mid-July opening be possible since I intend to visit the park by the end of that month?
  16. That's two floorless, one flyer, one dive, one wing and one hyper. In less than two weeks I'll make my first invert (Black Mamba) and make it 4/4 in Germany. Now I'm 4/4 in Germany and have two floorless, one flyer, one dive, one wing, one hyper and one invert in total. Hoping to make Valkyria my eight B&M and second dive once it finally opens. Then I'll be 1/1 in my home country (until the Gröna Lund invert opens).
  17. Djurs Sommerland is building Denmark’s tallest Gyro swing, Tigeren (”The Tiger”) in 2019 [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  18. I'm not too worried that RCS and Cordes won't do well on their end. Question is without Intamin what are they going to do to make sure it doesn't get to that condition again? Source
  19. Some pretty tall towers going up in the Rookburgh area Source
  20. After Europa Park earlier this week, probably Liseberg in August/September.
  21. Just entered my favorite theme park Voletarium was ok btw
  22. ^That was fast. One more ride open for me next week then.
  23. According to Michael Mack on twitter, Piraten is coming back in some form. So whatever’s replacing it is going to at least carry the same theme.
  24. I see. I'm interested to see if they intend to port the coaster to Paris as well once it gets its Frozen land or if it stays Hong Kong exclusive.
  25. I think an indoor drop tower Tower of Terror or Mystery Castle-style would be really cool for this park.
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