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  1. Incorrect. I am Wild Eagle at Dollywood. I am themed to the most important part of Christopher Columbus life. I also like to journey around the tracks. What coaster am I?
  2. At the time you plan on doing, I doubt you could do it and it's nearly impossible.
  3. Storming hard with possible tornadoes. Right now, it stopped. Well, at least for now.
  4. Nope, I'm also a national icon. Oh,and answer to above is White Lighting.
  5. Got my tickets for 7:00 PM showing tonight,and this one looks really good.
  6. When I go to Disney World/Orlando in the future, I'm definitely dropping by this park just because of White Lighting.
  7. Jason Leffler, the NASCAR driver has died at the age of 37 way too young. Thoughts & prayers are with the Leffler family.
  8. I happen to be quite a flyer, you always fly on my wings when you ride with me. Other birds tend to be jealous of me because of my popularity and status. What coaster am I?
  9. B&M Roar. I also agree with you about wooden chain lifts and the S&S Screamin Swings.
  10. A couple of friends of mine and I have decided that were going to get the PS4 first because of the costs of the Xbox One, plus of exclusives,deals,and games.
  11. Yeah Tokyo Drift makes a whole lot of sense now,and with JS (Not trying to ruin it for anybody that hasn't seen it) as the villain for next movie, things are going to get CRAZY!
  12. Iron Man 3: I loved the movie. Although I was disappointed by the ending and the Mandarin twist.(mostly because he would have been a different type of villain than the other movies.A villain that didn't want personal revenge/armored villains) Still the acting was amazing Robert Downey Jr. is spot on as always, rest of cast did there roles just perfectly, SFX/action was awesome, and pacing was spot on. The post credits scene was just okay. It really didn't hint at future films,but did it's job to be funny. Iron Man still is my favorite of series because it blew me away when I first saw it,had the best villain of the series,and started the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Nick Fury appeared at the end. 8/10 Epic: I wasn't really expecting much when I first went to see this, as it just looked like another generic animated film good for kids and has a message for adults. However it was very good,but pretty average for an animated movie. The animation is great due to the fact it is BlueSky Studios,and is a huge step up from the crap that was Ice Age 4. Overall it has an average/generic plot, but the film is still good. 6.5/10 Fast & Furious 6: This movie was awesome! The action/stunts were spectacular with little to no CGI. The twists were predictable,but shocking.Plot is generic,but really delivers to a movie like this. Not much more I can say,but this movie was awesome. Oh,and stay a little bit after the movie ends.There's a scene that sets up the next movie with a crazy cameo. 8/10
  13. I was asking if you plan on seeing either.
  14. Can't wait to ride Gatekeeper when I visit Cedar Point in a few weeks.
  15. Yes. Which ever one I buy will depend on quality,price,games, and overall greatness. Do plan on seeing Man of Steel or Thor:The Dark World?
  16. Finally after years of heartbreak and waiting, the game we have all been waiting for has finally been annouced.
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