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  1. 7/10 Mostly because I used to live in South Carolina.
  2. Alton Towers Imagine Dragons or Capital Cities?
  3. Too much corporate greed. What if Disney builds an attraction based around around the jungles of Wakanda(aka the home of Black Panther/Vibranium)?
  4. It would be named The Ronald McDonald Coaster. What if Five Guys were built in all amusement parks? (I love Five Guys.)
  5. Do you mean it "breaks" after "five seconds of speed"? I think the word you wanted was "brakes." That was really ironic considering that was a typo.
  6. The universe would implode and Intamin would replace it with Jr.Gemini/ What if Chuck Norris, Jeff Bridges,and Samuel L. Jackson had a staredown at Cedar Point?
  7. I love all kinds of candy,but my favorite mainstream candy bars are Twix and Kit-Kat.(especially white chocolate)
  8. No I live in Tennessee. In the last couple of years tornadoes have started becoming more common. I guess that gives Tennessee Tornado a realistic story.
  9. Boomerang has the nicest paint job I've ever seen on a Vekoma Boomerang,and is probably the smoothest.(I'll have take other peoples' word on that.)
  10. You know all of the obscure Chinese parks and the names of their coasters backwards.
  11. I love how Sony actually cares about the gamers(aka their customers), while Microsoft is just in it for the money.(Dang it Bill Gates! )
  12. I absolutely love everything about this park the feel, the story, the rides, the detail,and amazing pictures. This should be an inspiration for anyone building a story/detailed park in RCT3. Thanks for the park!
  13. King's Island is on my amusement park visit list for 2014 because of this coaster, as it is starting to look very interesting indeed.
  14. As far as bands that popular among the GP at the moment,(all genres.)I love Zac Brown Band,Imagine Dragons,Skillet,Fallout Boy,fun.,Third Day,Tenth Avenue North,and numerous others.
  15. The Batman remakes were too dark & gritty and didn't have enough action. This was definately the Superman movie we were waiting for, although my only complaint is that they have a post-credits scene and Lois Lane. My full thoughts are on my Youtube review:
  16. Hey guys, I'm Jacob,but you can call me ahhculdee, that's my Youtube username. I'm one of friendliest guys you'll meet because I'm just a nice person at heart. My home park is Dollywood, so I am held to a pretty high standard when it comes to theme/amusement/entertainment parks. I am also a gamer, a fan of comic books, and I like several sports as well. NFL:Colts NBA:Thunder; Celtics NASCAR:Tony Stewart Sincerely, Jacob
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