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  1. I'm going to Disney World next weekend and then Busch Gardens Williamsburg the week after.
  2. I'm sad I'm missing the food and wine festival but I'm going to attempt to make up for it by drinking around the world in three weeks. Or at least seeing how far I get......
  3. I'm totally in again! Last year was so fun....... Things I like: -sugary candy stuff -anything to do with marine animals (especially killer whales and belugas) stuff -wilton baking stuff -scuba diving stuff -sparkley/glittery stuff
  4. Wow....... Bad news, Busch Gardens has animals-- and guess what..... They do shows too. Kings island even used to have dolphins. I'm not here to change anyone's opinion or even argue, but there is way more to Sea world than just a pool. As much as I would love to see all theme parks have their own float, it's not going to happen.
  5. I'm using tapatalk everyday now....... Really helping my work productivity---not! Lol.
  6. That movie had different opinions on me. I actually got into marine science because of seaworld. Without seaworld 80% of marine scientists wouldn't be in that field. They all dreamed of working with dolphins and whales. I'm guessing most of them were inspired by seaworld. The beginning of the documentary (bias thing called) actually made me want to train killer whales more. (I wanted to do it since I was 3) Those trainers know the risks and would risk their lives for the whales. Seaworld didn't comment because they didn't want their own words to be twisted around and used against them so it's just easier to be quiet. People don't realize the good that seaworld does and that's their own opinion but I've been and experienced the back stages of seaworld and got to tube feed a dolphin that couldn't swim. It's great all the conservation they do. I might not be all for everything seaworld does, but without seaworld I would not be where I am today. So they can try to get all the money they want from that documentary but it's not going towards anything good like a ticket to seaworld does.
  7. I actually had a conversation with my coworker about this today. I'm all for Cedar Fair. I feel like it has a better rep and is a lot more about the guests than Six Flags.
  8. I live in Columbia sc so there aren't as many as up north. USS Nightmare (in Cincinnati)was pretty awesome this year, going through alone and walking in circles made it interesting. Deceased Farm in Lexington sc was also very good. It's a haunted corn maze/house. The wait was pretty long but worth it. Especially when they chased a guy the entire way out and he ran into an orange plastic fence. He hit it and popped right back up.
  9. This is a newly acquired annoyance...... But I hate watching people eat spaghetti. Lol. They always play with their food and look depressed.
  10. Finally getting these pics up from my secret santa! I absolutely loved getting my box covered in fish stickers yesterday! Fits me perfectly SO MANY FISH!!! I think its a submarine? lol Yummy fish and octopi!! I can't wait to play with these SeaWorld is my favorite place ever Sorry this is sideways...
  11. I just got mine today and absolutely love it!!! Can wait to upload pics later to show everyone!!!
  12. Got mine sent out today without having to wait at horrible post office lines!!! They said two days so it should be getting there soon!!! Edit:: I hope it's all in one piece... The postal guy kept flipping it and I started to worry. >.< It might be all over the place. My apologizes, shipping ruins things.
  13. I got everything set for mine.... Just attempting to package it cool. Hopefully off to the post office Saturday
  14. ............Your coworkers tell you to go work back at a theme park because you annoy them by how much you talk about coasters. ............You've gotten a speeding ticket right in front of a theme park because you got so excited when you saw it that you just wanted to get there faster. ............You've thrown the season pass at the parking check lady but it ends up going underneath the seat. Before you get to the booth.
  15. Count me in I forgot my interests........... But I like Killer Whales, roller coasters, scuba diving, sugary candy and stuff. lol.
  16. I love sharks. My major is actually Marine Science...... But my favorite thing in marine science is whales. Killer Whales and Belugas
  17. My major is Marine Science with a minor in Business Administration. Random I know.
  18. I'm a girl. Fair warning... -20 pairs of Coach shoes (10 that I still have never worn) -1 UGG Boots -1 Coach UGG Boots -2 Adidas Flip Flops -5 Old Navy Flip Flops -1 Steve Madden Gladiator Sandals -2 Jessica Simpson High heels -2 Vans Slip-ons -1 Nike Shox -2 puma gym shoes -1 Sperrys -1 Cowboy Boots -1 Shamu Slippers -2 Fuzzy slippers And there are probably way more but this is what I can see as of now in the closet.
  19. Heyy!! I'm Danielle. 21. Originally from Cincinnati but now living in Columbia, SC for school. Hopefully will be moving to Orlando next year to work at SeaWorld. I love roller coasters and marine animals. I got to intern at Busch Gardens VA last summer. Nice to meet everyone
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