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  1. I live in downtown (aka uptown) Charlotte and this is what I see every night.....
  2. I got my gifts today, and absolutely love them!!! Thank you so much to my secret santa.. Now on to the photos Definitely a laugh out loud kinda card. Pretty wrapping skills! Is it a recycling bin??? NO ITS A RECYCLING MUG!!! Flying pigs are okay... Flying Killer Whales are epic! I will put this together.... Once I put my apartment together lol
  3. Glad you liked them! I glanced at your amazon wish list for one and then decided to go my own route on the other...
  4. Well after dealing with traffic and crazy elves at the post office, my secret santa gift has been sent off and will supposively be getting there by Monday.
  5. Hey y'all! I'm in for yet another year. I just moved into my new apartment in Charlotte so anything decorative is awesome. Bonus points if its roller coaster related. I love cups (aka my awesome minion sippie cup from Universal)... I also love Killer Whales. Sugary sweet candy is also my favorite. Can't wait to see what everyone gets this year!!!
  6. I was just looking at the schedule and it didn't look like anything that major was closed for that entire week. I do know Dapper Days is on Friday Sept 12th at Disneyland, I will be attending that as well.. It's not an official park event but it'll be interesting. Oh, that's good to know. Dapper Days was one of the single worst days I've ever had at the park so I'll be staying FAAAAAAAR away from that!!! Haha. Oh no!!! I thought it would be interesting, well I guess I will have to look into something else then. :-\
  7. I was just looking at the schedule and it didn't look like anything that major was closed for that entire week. I do know Dapper Days is on Friday Sept 12th at Disneyland, I will be attending that as well.. It's not an official park event but it'll be interesting.
  8. Everyone seems to have different schedules! As of now I'm planning to go to Disneyland on that Friday and then USH on Monday. I'll be there all week though.
  9. Just bought my plane ticket!!! Can't wait for a week in California!!!!!
  10. Awesome start to a trip! Can't wait to see everything else!
  11. I was at Busch on Sunday as well! Glad to see some other TPR people Opening till around 1 was pretty much walk-ons. It definitely got more crowded as the day went on. The London Rocks show was pretty good. Did anyone else notice that the entire place smelled like cotton candy or just me? I heard the Germany Wine Tasting ran out though....
  12. No we don't know anyone else and of course would be all in for meeting new people. Got our plane tickets so I'm working on the rest of the trip. We (middle aged couple) get in early on the 5th and are going home on the 14th. Still going back and forth between the city pass and just going to Disneyland. Decisions, decisions....... I think I'm flying from South Carolina to LAX late on the 4th and then leaving on the 13th. I know I want to do SeaWorld, Universal, Disney and the LA County Fair. That's the only SeaWorld I haven't been to. I have no finalized plans yet so I'm up for ideas .. Dapper Days at Disneyland is the 12th which is also why I'm staying till the 13th. Figure it'd be a fun add-on.
  13. We are in the planning stages for this and since we are coming from a couple thousand miles away we are making a vacation out of it. We're looking at the Los Angeles City Pass which if purchased at Universal includes 2 days there, a day at SW, and a 3 day hopper pass at DL for $328. Do you have time for that or just the one day? That's pretty much what I'm thinking about doing since I'm flying in from South Carolina. That seems like an awesome deal!!!
  14. Personally, I would go for Disney. LA County Fair: Let's face it. We all are going for just the food. There's some nice exhibits, but its all about the food. Disney might help with that remedy. Sea World/Belmount: I'm disgusted you'd bring this up. They torture their wild life! Joking aside, unless you need the credits, this wouldn't be my first choice. Manta is a REALLY good coaster so there's that. Belmont is a nice little boardwalk park with a nice beach, but the Giant Dipper isn't a very comfortable ride IMO. Universal: I'd wait a couple if years until Potter opens. Disney: Good food great rides. Go for this. Hope this was helpful. I'm trying to make a longer trip out of this. I want to go to Disney, Universal and SeaWorld additionally... I haven't been to the west coast since I was a baby so I want to do all I can!!
  15. Pretty excited that the dates are announced. Already planning, hopefully my first TPR trip
  16. Here's me at Dollywood and Kings Island Opening Days! Banshee Opening day! Dollywood Opening day!
  17. That's the thing! The reason why I haven't tried skydiving is because whenever I have some money on my hands I can't spend it on anything other than coasters, so... Haha well I have the money, it's just I would RATHER spend my money at theme parks than scuba diving. The last scuba diving trip I took in Panama City was a real eye opener... I was just like ehhh this is okay but I love roller coasters more.
  18. Places I'm going: -Dollywood (completed) -Carowinds (completed) -Kings Island (completed) -Kings Dominion -Busch Gardens VA Plans in the Making: -Six Flags over Georgia -Six Flags Great Adventure -SeaWorld Orlando -Disney -Universal I would love to get to California and Penn this year and do the theme parks over there. It's hard being in SC and not knowing people who like coasters to go on trips with so if you live nearby and plan any trips around here let me know. I'm very close to Carowinds (although it's not really a selling point until next year lol)
  19. I would love to try sky diving -- Not so sure about cliff jumping up there.. I also like to scuba dive but if I had to choose roller coasters or scuba diving -- coasters all the way!
  20. Great TR so far!! Sucks that it was so packed though, but at least you were able to enjoy the finer parts of it..... Can't wait to read more!
  21. It was a great weekend at Kings Island! Media Day and Scream for a Kid again were great events put on by Kings Island!! I really enjoyed how much less empty the park was on Saturday versus Friday though. Great/Exhausting weekend was had by all!
  22. Yes! I will be participating in the Scream for A Kid Again event that night on Banshee... as well as media day!
  23. I got my box in Saturday while I was in Orlando... Absolutely love the Killer Whale overload Thanks so much Secret Santa!!!
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