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  1. Some of my dreams are terrifying. Like if you have a severe fear of heights and are forced to ride Lex Luther Tower of Doom. I try not to wake up so I can overcome the experience. Others are beautiful. Being with a lost love again. I actually dream in color and have full conversations with others that aren't sleeping.
  2. This was a great dream to be turned into a story. Thanks for sharing....
  3. When I was in jr. high I wanted to be a marine biologist specializing in sharks. Love them can't let go of their beauty. When in Vegas, I spend a lot of time at Shark Reef, until I have to potty.
  4. sorry for the gabby posts, just nature of threads
  5. Mostly 2D PC games, don't know the fab consoles anymore: 1 Plants vs. Zombies 2. RTC 1 3. RTC 2 4. Moraff Mah Jongg 5. Paper Mario 6. Mario 3 7. Duke Nukem (early 3D) 8. The Peggles series 9 Zuma's Revenge 10.The Hidden Objects games Notice that most of them are from PopCap?
  6. After watching most of the youtube pov/park videos, this is what had me about the group (the number of gay men). So many internationally. I wouldn't have to go to bars to meet someone (friendships and such). I just woke up so forgive my train of thought. Stayed up very late posting little notes and stuff....
  7. That is so neat. Where can I get one? I love sharks, beautiful fish. Edit: Another place to get one. Have you seen the interesting things a fab.com? Love the t-shirts.
  8. If you did I wouldn't be able to physically talk to you... Going to bring this thread to the top so more can post to it. I really enjoy reading the errors, seem almost like deciphering license plates. Spelling & Grammar problems have come from schools that only teach to a test rather than information that really counts in life. (Wow, only got one word wrong!) Edit: Most of this should be in the Rant thread.
  9. Interesting enough, I have a passport but have only been to border towns of Mexico and Canada. Pretty pitiful huh?
  10. There is something wrong with me. Being gay I don't like musicals except for like Grease, and Chicago. Maybe I'm not gay enough. It would be fun to see some of these unknown musicals though. Love the unusual.
  11. We are always being told to shoot them in the head, but no one listens. Too many bullets used to try and kill one. Movie magic?
  12. Question: If I have paid in full for a 2013 tour and the world ends, do I get a refund?
  13. I love "Armageddon" more than "Deep Impact." A gppd Sci-Fi movie is "Cube." Edit: Oops, that is 'good' not gppd.
  14. Being an ex-smoker I really don't want to go near someone that smokes. I don't have it in my clothes or hair now and I can actually taste food again...been a non-smoker for about 5 years and am not wanting to go back.
  15. Had a cold wave come in this past weekend. Next 10 days shows a warming trend again. Mostly upper 70s and 80s. Good, need the heat again!!
  16. Didn't enroll for a full college education. Have taken classes at the community college in fine art/art. I have been a working artist (and a starving artist) for a very long time now I have the experience in color and composition, basic design, fiber mixed media, and weaving (looms). As a child I loved mechanical drawing. Really like using a ruler and pencil to make straight lines without tails on the corners. Have graduated to making curved lines.
  17. Any advice on getting back into a relationship after your other half has died? My died 9 years ago and we were what I would consider 'soulmates' with 12 years under our belts. Any ideas (besides online dating and bars)?
  18. What's the chance of meeting on the 2013 Texas/Mid-west tour? Will be my first but always looking for friends and stuff.
  19. "Take care of yourself, you and your body are going to be together a long time. Be good to it." -- Death Becomes Her A really good comedy with Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis, and Isabella Rossellini.
  20. Got a pair of Champions at Payless Shoestore for $12.50...on a very good sale. Oh, yeah, they are a size 8. I have small feet.
  21. After IE'?' (whatever number they are up to) kept crashing on Facebook, I tried to find Netscape. But they are now part of AOL. So I went with Firefox. I like it just fine. Did use Opera when it was still in development - eons ago.
  22. Just to jump in for a second, I have to like ND (usually just FB). Having my whole family born & raised in SB makes one a natrual fan...But we can still love other teams as well.
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