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  1. Robb Since you are taking this year off, there still wouldn't be a WCB planned right? Might just have to contact other friends for a quick trip.
  2. #1. Yes #2. Yes, I share all the time #3. All of the above #4. Completely #5. I watch them anyway. #6. Not on more than an hour at a time #7. Is there a chance you could let us know when the store is updated?
  3. I have a some mementos from KBF that I would like to give away. Anyone interested in nostalgia, pm me. They are of great interest.
  4. Was watching the POVs one day and really wanted to be a part of a great family. Real family are a$$es and worthless, but TPR is the new extended family. Great deals and great people!! Buy and enjoy the fun!
  5. I sometimes think about how I would like to die. It would probably be an honor to be eaten by a shark! Strange huh?
  6. Next 10 days rising to the mid/upper 60s, lows in the mid 30s. Past couple days (last weekend) was in the low 30s and upper 20s. Nice freeze!
  7. Thought it was 2024 when the astroid hits.
  8. On turn signals. Hate when bike riders signal with their right hand instead of the proper left hand! Just aren't expecting the other hand and don't understand where they are actually going.
  9. Pretty soon it will be illegal to be naked in public. It became a health hazard and they are moving to outlaw it now. Safe to say the hippies aren't happy. Wait until they wipe-out! See how fun that would be...! (I thought nudity in public was illegal anyway.)
  10. Got a new one of Roger.....my little 6 month old: Sleeps the way he wishes.
  11. If they did that in Tucson they would be sited for slowing traffic. There was an incident where 20 of them did so in rush hour traffic. We have bike lanes and we give them 5' of space. What more could they want? Oh, our first borns.
  12. I am in 'love' with my Santa! Can I offer you my first born? Words don't and can't describe the care that went into picking out my gift. Something that I will treasure even after death. (I know the suspense was killing you but the pleasure was worth it!!!) The most beautiful animal on the planet! (backside) In it's place The little boy likes it too! Am wanting to meet you so I can give you a very big hug!
  13. Don't blame the postal service. They have suffered extreme cutbacks. Many sorting facilities have been closed and the wait time is now longer.
  14. Welcome to the Age of Aries! We have 2,250 years until we enter Taurus. Celebrate the new era.
  15. My lights are feeble but at least I did put something up.... (I know that there is a missing section on the tree, but it was a new strand.)
  16. Received mine on Tuesday and won't open until the eve. I hope my 'ee' will enjoy the gift as much as I did picking it out.
  17. Finally came down in Arizona....this morning it was $2.75 gal.
  18. I watched a youtube tv episode where they did dissection on various animals. One happened to be a shark that had gotten caught in a fishing net. They only do these on animals that have died of natural causes...do a search for the series. Edit: Don't know if I am allowed to post a link yet but they can go a head and delete it if they want to. Here is the site for that program....http://video.pbs.org/video/2192339379.
  19. Question about Gatekeeper: From the animation video on their website, it appears that Gatekeeper is a shuttle coaster. Any views?
  20. During an IAAPA (video) interview, I think with GCI, they were discussing the opening of a new wooden coaster in China next year. Is it possible there will be a late trip to China for this since the UK one didn't pan out?
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