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  1. I'd much rather see a Maverick clone. I'm sure that would happen next!!! It's not a tall coaster so it's height would not be a problem. It could fit anywhere in the park. Or something like Volcano or Flight Of Fear! YEAH!!!!! I can definitely see one of those happening!
  2. I am tempted to go tomorrow -Sunday. But will it be super crowded because of the Easter festivities? & I WILL BE THERE for Gold Striker's opening day to the public which will I'm sure be on a Saturday & I know it will be a ZOO. BUT I am hoping my parents will get me the Fast Lane so I can enjoy Gold Striker all day no wait.
  3. ^How do you avoid the headbanging on Vortex? I'd really like to know so I'll have a more enjoyable ride. I'm not going to go for my first visit until Gold Striker opens. & How much are the souvenir cups usually? & When will Happy Feet open? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uH9YMU1CAYg ^There's the Spongebob movie if anyone misses it.
  4. Something interesting I found I have a feeling this is what the Gold Striker trains will actually look like: http://www.cagreatamerica.com/things-to-do/fast-lane#
  5. Wow CGA never had an opening weekend like this before! I guess CGA is jealous of SFDK's opening weekend & thought we'll top SFDK & have an opening weekend just as good. I was going to go but forget it. It would be just as bad as SFDK's. Plus I'd rather wait for GS to open & Boomerang Bay. I know the first 2 weeks of June are busy with schools & camps so I'll wait toward the end of June to make my first visit. & Boy have times changed. New generation. I remember years ago like back in 2002 the park was so dead during the week but now when you go there is no quiet time it seems. Flight Deck eh Batman is better I have to say.
  6. Packed wow the wait once ride twice really brought the crowds for opening weekend.
  7. Peter Pan Mary Martin Annie Lilla Crawford Lion King saw 2 times in SF Annie Get Your Gun Mary Martin Wicked saw in SF South Pacific Mary Martin Sound Of Music movie Julie Andrews Wizard Of Oz movie Judy Garland Disney Annie movie Alicia Morton Annie 1982 movie Aileen Quinn Bye Bye Birdie I've also liked the Mary-Kate and Ashley musical Adventure & Party series in the past but not so much today. I'll watch them if I'm real bored.
  8. The park just posted on Facebook wait once ride twice for tom & Sun only in celebration of Superman's one year anniversary. Is that for season pass holders only & will cost extra? & Does this mean the park will be extra crowded?
  9. There's a pic of my pass I got towards the end of last season. The orange color just makes me nervous about using it this year even though it included the rest of 2012 & all of this year. The bar code on the back is completely readable. & My name is signed. & How soon will the new movie go in?
  10. All right I'll go on Easter sounds good. Going too early in the season is a little hard for me because Boomerang Bay & Gold Striker aren't open yet but I have been itching & scratching to go on a coaster. Might as well go. It will be worth it to get on a coaster finally. Free parking at the Caltrain station Sundays is nice. I was worried it might be crowded because it's a holiday but after reading your replies I guess it will be fine. & I've been a little worried about my Season Pass. How come the front is orange colored like the Halloween Haunt colors?(I really dislike the orange colors!) I got it at the end of last season -rest of 2012 free & good for 2013. I won't have any trouble getting in this year?
  11. I am thinking of going on Easter. Is that a bad idea? Which day of opening weekend would be the quietest Fri, Sat, or Sun?
  12. I would wear nylon shorts with zippers. Got mine at Sports Authority. They are great. All I take to the park is a small coin case(Kipling brand) which I store a little money & ID & the other pocket I store my phone which is all I need to take to the park. & Believe it or not a freezer bag works on the rapids ride. Before riding I put my money & phone in the bag & it fits flat in my pocket & is nice & dry after the rapids.
  13. ^So you mean Rip Roaring Rapids is leaving-is this it's last year? I am not complaining about that-as long as they put in another nice decent coaster! & When is the new movie coming-this year or next year?(I hope it's the Temple coming back!) & Did they announce an opening date for Gold Striker?
  14. I can go on any coaster except the spinny kind like the one that was at SFDK. I can't go on something that spins too crazily or goes in circles like Skyscreamer, Delirium at CGA, ect. Triple Play at CGA during it's final year in 2004 ended the spinny rides for me. I almost threw up on the way home. What is funny is Tiki Twril spins & yet it doesn't do anything to me. I still go on it & went on it last year. I walk off it just fine. Beserker at CGA I can do too. I still go on the Teacups & Dumbo at Disney. OH & the Harry Potter ride. That was really heavy rocking/tilting. I luckily didn't get sick. I thought I would but I just closed my eyes during some parts of the ride. It's a great ride but I can only ride it once when ever I go there. & The Simpsons ride same thing. But Soarin & Star Tours doesn't do anything.
  15. DISNEY!!! Last year at WDW MK I had the most delicious pork sandwich in Tomorrowland & at the Hollywood Studios I had the most delicious veggie sandwich by the Honey Shrunk playground. & Of course the Dole Whips. All Disney food is delicious on both coasts!
  16. After riding the Demon at CGA in 1993 that was my first upside down coaster & I've just loved coasters ever since!
  17. Colossus(1978) at SFMM Tidal Wave(1977) that was at CGA 1977-2002 Big Thunder(1979) Disneyland Anaheim Matterhorn(1959) Disneyland Anaheim Space Mountain(1977) Disneyland Anaheim
  18. Open,open,open,open,open!!! It's like I'm waiting on pins & needles for GS to open. So close to opening it seems like it's taking forever for the date to come!!! I can bet I'll ride it the most opening day. I'm going for 10 times.
  19. Maybe they can theme the tunnel & make the inside look like a mime shaft & have sound effects like water dripping & make it seem like the mime shaft is going to fall apart by having it shake & rumble. That would be cool & add lanterns around the line area.
  20. They still have landscape around the station area to do & the line & some themeing to do so there's still a bit more to go but I can bet anyone on here it will be Memorial Day weekend when Boomerang Bay opens.
  21. So is the new rafting movie coming this year since Spongebob won't be showing anymore?
  22. Yes Jurassic Park River Adventure at IOA right when they opened one April. I was the only one on the whole raft. Sat in the front middle seat. Very cool. & Speed the Ride only one on the whole train. & Splash Mountain Disneyland which was late at night had the whole log to myself.
  23. ^Yep Spongebob was 2003 -says on Wikipedia. James Bond was 1998. When was that Temple movie added/removed & what was it's exact name? & When was the Hanna Barbera added/removed? OMG A GREAT COMBO would be that new white water rafting movie & the Temple movie. What a great pair!!!
  24. Scorpion at BGT in March 1997 then Tidal Wave that was at CGA summer 1997(first time & I was so scared I thought I would fall out so held onto the bar behind the seat in front of me. The announcer was like arms up & I was like nooo but after it was over I loved it)
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