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  1. I wish they would start using both sides of the theater again. That was nice when they had 2 films showing. Wish they would bring back that Temple movie. Now that was cool.
  2. ^^You have got to be kidding. Riddler I LOVE. It is perfect in every way. Vortex is a piece of crap!!! ^Finally Spongebob is heading out. Thank God. That new film sounds so much better. I'm sure that will be new for next year. But darn before new water slides? New water slides should be what's next after Gold Striker.
  3. ^NOT Riddler's Revenge!!! That is the best stand-up EVER!!! Nice, smooth, long perfect ride!!! I wish more than anything I could live next door to Magic Mountain & see that view of those towering coasters every day. That would be just heaven.
  4. It's funny aren't the supports still there from TW? Like one or two of them? Looking at that area just makes me cringe. & Hate Paramount even more & more. Now if Cedar Fair were running the park back in 2002 TW would still be there. They wouldn't have gotten rid of it. So unfair. Cedar Fair should have taken over in 2001. If they had Stealth would have stayed too.
  5. ^That video makes me miss it too much. I wonder if Cedar Fair can get it back from Kentucky Kingdom or have the one from Knotts sent to CGA.
  6. Here's another vintage video that has Triple Wheel in it. You can sure hear the loud hum. Who could ever forget that hum. Whenever I go to the park I can hear it in my mind.
  7. Maverick clone anyone??? OMG the Invertigo/Vortex spot would be PERFECT!!! That's what needs to be next after Gold Striker. A nice Maverick clone. Now that would be SWEET!!! Grizzly is just plain BAD. Bad, bad, bad like Physclone. I've banged my elbow going around the corner on Grizzly & it is the most boring ride ever. Grizzly too needs to be GONE after Vortex. As long as Cedar Fair does some extra nice replacements. I have high hopes Cedar Fair can really turn this park around. By adding Gold Striker is a great start.
  8. I agree Vortex NEEDS TO GO. As long as they replace it by putting in something like Riddler that is so nice smooth & enjoyable.
  9. No known date yet. I'm guessing end of May the weekend Boomerang Bay opens since they still have quite a bit more to go on it.
  10. http://rcdb.com/75.htm?p=0 ^Tidal Wave/Greased Lightnin 1977-2002(removed after the 2002 season) http://rcdb.com/473.htm?p=0 ^Invertigo 1998-2011(removed January 2012)
  11. ^^Drop Zone was built & opened in 1996. It replaced the Edge(first generation frefall which got removed after the 1995 season).
  12. ^OMG 18 times upside down on Invertigo that did it! I felt slightly not good after. Good thing I had my share of it right before it got taken out. I didn't realize it was 18 times upside down no wonder. Got to be careful can't ride some coasters like that too much! I am sure getting some Gold Striker souvenir this year. I sure hope it will be open 3/29 it should since other coasters in the park opened in March. I wonder when the announcement will be made.
  13. Ohh shivers!!! I remember walking by the Tidal Wave at night seeing the waves all lit up. I rode Yankee Clipper but I think it was just a mirror image of Loggers Run except for the straight drop ending which was the only difference. I remember in 1998 I got stuck on the Clipper at the top but only for like 10 min. & Ah the Lobster next to Tidal Wave. I am sure I only rode it once in 1991. My friend had me go on the Revolution in 1993. I was so scared I thought I was going to fall out I was clinging on for dear life! After the ride I was pretty upset. Since then I've only been on it 2 other times. I so wish they would bring back that Temple movie in the Action Theater. That was much more decent than Spongebob. & Who could forget the loud hum noise from Triple Wheel. I can still hear it. & Even though I'm an adult they still let me on the Smurf coaster. I rode Tidal Wave like 8 times in a row(that was a bit much!) & Invertigo in 2011 3 times in a row(that was too much!). Stealth I didn't get to ride so much -no more than 5 times because there was always a long line.
  14. Oh well screw the media event. I have a season pass so I can enjoy GS all year long. But does CF do special ERT for a new ride for season pass holders?
  15. I so want to go to the media event for Gold Striker before it opens to the public. I have never been to a media event so this would be my first. How do I get invited?
  16. So these coasters opened in March much earlier than the 29th! -Vortex 3/9/91 -Flight Deck 3/19/93 -Physco Mouse 3/24/01 I can bet you 100% Gold Striker will be ready to ride 3/29/13. There's a pattern going on here!
  17. I'm sure there will be long lines for Gold Striker because a lot of schools will be off for Spring Break. Remember Invertigo opened March 21st 1998 so it's not unusual for a coaster to open in March at CGA.
  18. I can't believe this is happening too how very exciting. Finally after how long a drought -13 years! Physco Mouse was 2001. UG! Let's PRAY they won't wait another 13 years to add another one! But between the time it takes for CGA to get another new coaster after Gold Striker we will see huge improvements like more slides in Boomerang Bay, new Action Theater movies. Hopefully a nice launch coaster like Flight Of Fear will fit in the Pictorium building.
  19. Look at CGA's calendar on their site opening day says Friday March 29th from 10-6. I will be there if Gold Striker will be open that day!
  20. ^ That's the one I went on. But it was painted like all light blue. Is it still there?
  21. I did go on Jambo but not at SFDK the one at Mall Of America in 1993. I'm assuming it was the exact same ride as Jambo. What was that one called? & Is it still at Mall Of America? These kinds of rides are fun. Are there any left of their kind?
  22. Oh then I'm not interested in going. I thought all the rides would be open. But look forward to reading your report!
  23. I am interested in going to the Global Winter Wonderland but I have a season pass. Is the event included if you have a season pass? Looks like all the rides will be open & CGA will be open on 12/25 & 1/1! Wow that's a first! The Global Winter Wonderland has a website. But not sure if I can enjoy the event using my season pass.
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