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  1. No I didn't mean Skyscreamer. I meant that other ride where there's several seats on a large platform that soared up in the air & down in circles -why did that get removed? I think it was called Jambo. It was by Voodoo.
  2. I did read somewhere on this thread that they are going to bring back the 3D theater at some point which they said they were 100% sure about. & What a shame they got rid of that star flyer ride. They needed to keep it. Why did they get rid of it? & Did anyone go on Zonga?(where Superman is now) I went on Zonga once. Wish I got on it more than that. I am however so glad they took out that spinning coaster -that was not a coaster my stomach could handle.
  3. ^I would NOT go on a busy holiday weekend. It would be packed & you would get only 1 ride on Superman. For all rides the lines would be a 2 + hour wait. Unless if you can afford to buy the Fast Lane -platinum version where you wait once & ride twice for $70. If that's the only time you can go it would be so worth it to buy the Fast Lane. I was told on here to go the first weekends of December -all major rides are station waits or walk on's. That's when I plan on going again to get more rides on Superman.
  4. I can bet in 2014 CF will add more slides to Boomerang Bay & hopefully 2 new shows in the Action theater. They need to get rid of Spongebob! I really enjoyed that Temple movie that was there at one time. Wish they could bring that back.
  5. How is opening day at SFDK is it always pretty light? I know it's on a Saturday but I'm willing to try it since I've read on here opening days are nice times to go. Hopefully it will be light so I can ride Superman 10 times in a row. I can't wait for the day(hopefully opening day) I ride it 10 times! At first the guy told me row 6 for Superman but I ignored what he said & went to the front row. I didn't want to be in the back for my first time on it! The only best seat for that ride is the front. I suggest anyone who goes on it sit in the front! Anybody have pictures of the playground? They should have kept it. I have a couple but they don't show much. There's one of me coming out of that red slide & one of me in the blue covered bouncy area with the blue pointy cones & one of me with my cousins sitting against the side of the whale slide/bawl crawl area. I had no idea it was a Key Club day. How do you know when they are? I'll never go on a Key Club day again!
  6. Flight of the Hippogriff at IOA don't waste your time. So not worth the 1 second ride!!! Save your precious time there for the better coasters.
  7. My favorites that I have been on: Hulk Revenge of the Mummy Orlando Superman SFDK California Screamin Rock N Roller V2 SFDK Greased Lightnin/Tidal Wave that was at CGA
  8. OMG!!! I was there today also & I have NEVER seen it so packed there!!! I was miserable!!! It is not fun at all when it is packed & you hardly have room to walk around & lines are outrageously LONG. There's nothing worse! I will NEVER go on a weekend day again. This was my only time there this year & I won't be going again till next year. I thought it opened at Noon! How come it was open earlier? I got there by 12:30 & headed to Superman first thing. Luckily the line then was only an hour. Man it was good & worth the wait. Next time I go on a quiet day next year I will ride it like 10 times. Superman & Monsoon Falls were my only 2 rides of the day it was that crowded. & I only went to 2 shows the Sea Lion & Tiger. I should have gotten the Platinum Fast Lane it would have been so worth it. I should get it from now on since I go only once a year. I finally got out of there at 7. & Yes those stupid chants were so annoying. I am thinking of going opening day when they open next year. I know it's a Saturday but aren't opening days pretty quiet? I am so glad I am back at home! So today was my worst day I've had at a theme park. Wow Superman got to be 2.5 hours long? I figured it was about 2. Insane! I'll never wait in a 2 hour line after waiting 2 hours for X2. A 2 + hour line is so not worth it. I've been going to SFDK since the 80's. I miss the Prairie Dogs crawl through where you crawled around on your hands & popped up in little plastic viewing areas to view the Prairie Dogs. & Of course the playground too. Does anyone remember where the Prairie Dogs & the playground were?
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