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  1. I'm glad I didn't ride in front! I wouldn't have wanted wood particles in my eyes no thank you! Riding in the middle was fine for me. Man that thing is FAST! WHEE! Gold Striker is the fastest woodie I have been on. Might be the fastest out of all. Can't wait for my next rides on it. (but won't be going to the promo shoot again. ) PS: I can still feel the rush from it in my head but my body is fine. & I can still smell the fresh wood. AHHHH!
  2. Great event very well organized. Thank you Great America/Cedar Fair. What a great way to promote the ride. Yes Gold Striker is high up on my list of favorite coasters. Can't wait to try the front & back next time I ride it.
  3. WOW it's sure fast the whole ride! You don't even get a chance to catch your breath! The way it flies by the station is insanely fast! WEE! Just wish it weren't so loud. I'd say it is one of my top coasters. Way to go CF. The couple lanterns in the line area weren't lit up. I'm sure they will be eventually. I never experienced the very back or the front. I will get to another time though. Can't wait for many more rides on it this year. Should have come in 09 I agree. Stupid neighbors fault.
  4. The tunnel is not dark at all. Were they letting anybody sit in the front or was that just for actors? I will ride at least one more time to get the front row after Gold Striker is officially open. Pops of air I didn't seem to experience any since I sat in the middle of the train.
  5. Just got back at 7:45. Rode Gold Striker 5 times. Very, very fast compared to old grandpa Grizzly. & Gold Striker is LOUD. It will almost blow off your ears! Going up the lift & the station fly by are the loudest & the rest of the ride is loud you can barely hear yourself scream. They need to ditch the tunnel no point in having it. & Tone down the noise. Angry Gumball this is so funny around 7:00 I was waiting for your seat. & You were right across from me when I was in line when you were taking pictures of the lift hill when you were standing just past the exit. I sat in rows 8, 7, & 6. I wanted to sit in front but they wouldn't let me. Why couldn't we sit in front? Yes I saw the camera people on the loading platform & there was a crane with camera crew. But they didn't bother me. I was focused on the ride. Snacks were small cups of soda, potato chips, cookies. Not sure what else.
  6. I mean they have to let us all on to ride with out being filmed first since nobody has been on it yet! That's what I'm betting! They wouldn't film before we have a feel for the ride. I agree Angry Gumball. I am REALLY hoping to get on the first train of riders!!! I wonder too how they are going to organize that so we are not all fighting for the first train! OMG 5 more hours till ride time!!! YA HOOOOOOOOO!!!
  7. Are they getting as many guests as possible so you wait 2 hours to ride so this will be like Gold Striker's opening day or are they getting enough guests to fill both trains so there will be plenty of re rides? & Does anybody think they will let us ride Gold Striker first before being filmed?
  8. I just got a call too to confirm tomorrow-Tuesday. So I'm confused they are trying to get as many as possible but is it a certain amount so we don't wait forever for our turn to ride? I'm assuming we will hopefully get at least 10 rides. OMG those going on Tuesday like me may get on the first ever train of riders that goes out since Gold Striker hasn't had any riders yet. This makes the first rider auction a joke! We'll be the first riders.
  9. I have a long way to go to. I come from San Mateo. Have to take Caltrain to Mountain View then the lightrail. That's my way of always getting to CGA. I never drive down there.
  10. Yeah there's an earlier lightrail but there is a lightrail Great America stop which is also the stop for the Convention Center. I guess your right better get there at 4:17 that way by the time I walk to the gate it will be about 4:30. You suggest arrive on the lightrail at 4:17 instead?
  11. I'm guessing we won't have a choice where to sit? Will they be pointing like you sit here or is it just sit anywhere? & How big a group is it for the shoot? & Will they have us all ride at once or do I have to wait until they point to me to ride? Sorry for all the questions I'm very new to this & never done anything like this before. & The lightrail gets there at about 4:32. & Takes about 10-15 min to walk to the gate. Will I be too late to sign in?
  12. Is that the only page there is the one that says Congratulations in the attachment?(that was the only page I got when I opened the file) & Do I need to print out the email too?
  13. Let's all start dancing around to "I've Got A Golden Ticket." Perfect song for the occasion! LOL! I got in for Tuesday also. Can't believe we all made the same day! That was just lucky! & What page do you print out the page that says Congratulations?
  14. Well I think I will go. What an opportunity. To celebrate an awesome new coaster at CGA FINALLY after a whole frigen decade! & to ride it before the 2 hour lines start so I'll have several rides before most who have to wait for their first time in a 2 hour line. I hope we all get chosen on here who post on the CGA thread. One other question is there free food? I'm assuming everything else in the park will be closed. & I'm assuming the rides on GS will be spread out so you don't keep riding without getting off? If it's going to be like that then I don't think that will be too much GS in one day in which case I'll be able to handle.
  15. 20 times on one ride too much for me. I'd fall over after that & collapse. & One more thing how good are they on ending on time? I need to leave around 8:15-8:20 to get back to the lightrail. & Do you get a souvenir or anything?
  16. Sounds boring. I have to take the train & lightrail to get down there for that. But that's my usual way of getting to Great America anyway. I don't think it will be worth it. What if they pick me & I decide not to go can I tell them I don't want to do it? I guess I'd rather wait for it to be officially open so I don't have to sit around & wait. & Can just hop on it whenever. I'll do that instead.
  17. I signed up. Never done this kind of thing before. How very exciting to have a chance to ride Gold Striker before it even opens to the public! I filled out the form but how do make their selections on who attends -just randomly? So what are promotional shoots like?
  18. ^^Demon is a classic to me too because it was also my first looping in 1993 & Demon started my love of coasters. It can't go. What needs to go is Vortex! ^You lucky you got to go on Xcelerator! First & only time I went to Knotts was in 7/08 & it was the day after the earthquake so it was closed. I so wanted to ride that. I won't ever get back to Knotts anytime soon but I hope someday.
  19. ^ Can't be too high because of the airport nearby. I vote for a Maverick clone that would be so awesome! It could fit anywhere in the park! Also a Flight of Fear would be awesome as well. It could fit in the Pictorium building. Don't worry CF won't end with Gold Striker. This is the sign of more coasters for us enthusiasts. CF knows 2-3 more thrilling coasters need to come in. But we all know we won't have to wait 10 + years!
  20. My favorite is Tower Of Terror at both Disneyland & Disney World. I also like Dr. Doom at Universal Orlando. But however I don't care for the Drop Tower type anymore like the one at CGA. I used to go on Drop Tower but for some reason I'm not up for it anymore.(One ride that scares me!!!)
  21. ^^Ah man!!! I knew it would be something like a math/science day. Thanks for the heads up. I'll avoid both those days. Just itching to go on a coaster. I want to go on a weekday though. I know until at least mid June are more school trips/camps/graduation. What would be the quietest weekday in June to start off my season of coaster riding at CGA?
  22. Does anybody know why CGA is open to the public Tues 5/21 & Wed 5/22?(I'm guessing for math/science days) Would those days be a bad day to go? I am planning on going on one of those days for my first visit of the season. I wish CF would put that Secrets Of The Lost Temple movie back in the right side of the theater so 2 movies are playing again. Is it anywhere online where I can watch it? Tried searching for it on Youtube.
  23. My parents won't let me get the Fast Lane for Goldy's opening day. I tried to explain it would be worth it for that special day but they don't care. I'll have to wait for a weekday to go. Hey I noticed CGA is open Tues 5/21 & Wed 5/22 & those are the only weekdays that week CGA is open. It's not for a private event it's for everyone. I wonder why it's open those days. Hope it's not a mistake on the calendar. If it's not my first visit will be Tues 5/21 & I'll just have to bear with Goldy's long line. Oh well at least I have a season pass. Just hope Goldy opens 5/4 which we are all hoping it will be that day. Then I can ride it 5/21.
  24. So if the first rider auctions for Gold Striker will be 5/1 will it open to the public on Sat 5/4??? OMG one month a way how very exciting. & Will Gold Striker be on Fast Lane for it's opening day? I plan on being there & plan on getting the Fast Lane just for that special day.
  25. As you can see from rcdb.com CGA got Vortex in 91 & Flight Deck in 93. CF needs to focus on giving us thrill coasters! CGA has enough flats/family stuff. But if you look at Demon 76 & Grizzly 86 thats a huge 10 year gap! I think though with the success of Gold Striker we can see another giant coaster in 2015. I guarantee it won't be another 10 years for another gigga coaster for us thrill seekers.
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