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  1. Sure, they were doing okay with GL at the time but the chain overall was about to go into another one of its tailspins that it has gone thru every 5-10 years since the 1980s. This time they had bought way to parks. They were always going to lose the battle they attempted against CP, everyone knew that much. I'm sure they realized that as well and when the opportunity to get out of that situation came along I'm sure they didn't think twice. CF was buying assets....nothing more Sorry to steer this thread so off topic....
  2. Quite the opposite....GL's success lend to CF decision to remove its competition with CP. I've never understood why I'm the only one who realized the day CF bought GL that it was going to lead to the closure.
  3. I think his point is that 45 seconds from the drop to the brake run shouldn't really be considered short for a coaster. There are far too many rides that meet that criteria. While yes, there are plenty of longer coasters, I would consider a 45 second ride average length. Yep that's pretty much what I meant. Most ride are shorter time wise than most people realize. not that it really matters take the batman clones, its arguably one of the best and most successful layouts ever designed and its give or take 42 second.
  4. Not entirely sure if this has been mentioned but Baynum has been hard at work making Superman bright and shiny again. https://baynumpainting.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/painting-update-superman-krypton-sf_fiestatexas/ I can think of a couple DC themed coasters and one explosive coaster at Great Adventure that could use Baynum expertise!
  5. Batman & Robin: The Chiller....too bad it didn't survive long enough to be flipped around like the Mr. Freezes. Btw, just saying but most rides are are under 45 seconds from the top of the lift to brakes.
  6. Countless breakdowns but I wouldn't consider any of those be stuck on a ride. this past weekend I got the coveted rollback on Volcano at Kings Dominion. Unlike dragster or kingda ka it can't be backed up into the station so we had to be evacuated off since they won't do another launch with people on the ride.
  7. Last year at Conneaut Lake Park...i rode the Blue Streak a bunch of times towards the back of the train. It was rough but I've been on far worse. I then took a front seat ride and first thing I noticed was a few split (broken) ledgers on the lift hill. Then I banged my knee really hard on the bolts that hold the handrail together. This was right after they had shut down for 30 minutes to do a track inspection in the middle of the day and had ignored issues I could see while riding it. I then decided that I'd taken enough of a chance by riding it a dozen or so times and that would my last ride. I hate to see places close but other than the hotel the place is just painful to look at. With Waldameer so close and continuing to thrive and expand I just don't see Conneaut surviving. Sometimes you just gotta "let it go".
  8. I doubt thats true. it isn't...Road Runner Express and Iron Rattler at SFFT both designed by Schilke
  9. They were bought from Military surplus, they were used during such conflicts as the gulf war. I have no idea who did the conversion. Very Six Flag-ish Why is it a bad thing? they were built to last in their first life
  10. They were bought from Military surplus, they were used in conflicts such as the gulf war. I have no idea who did the conversion.
  11. Also the added weight of the sand in the track which is an significant amount would likely require larger supports. I hadn't thought about the noise but you are correct their is no way Whitehall Township approve Mantis with the amount of noise it currently makes. They've been more relaxed in the last 5 years to the point where I think we could see a giga but not unless its silent. This is has to be Dorney just messing with us. I don't believe Mantis is going anywhere. By announcing its "closure" it a good way of tricking some of the GP that a revamped Mantis with floorless or sitting train as a "new coaster".
  12. I think it looks wonderful, especially how it will interact with the new entrance to the park. As for the ride experience I don't know what to think. I though Leviathan looked underwhelming when I first saw announcement but ended up enjoying it very much and more so than Behemoth. It also makes me think about what Dorney could do if they ever got an giga...wishful thinking though and i'd rather have another solid woodie anyways.
  13. Well they just can't rip the tack off in some spots because they don't want to damage the supports below it, seeing they're going to need them. Like most of the other converted coasters, this one will follow the original layout of the footings, but the ride experience and elements will drastically change. The only RMC converted coaster that changed from the original layout was Iron Rattler, where they removed the two helix's from the ride. Now they still did use the original footings to create a new ride layout. the helix around the lift hill of the Texas Giant was removed.
  14. Oh yeah Skydiver was much better than shockwave. It doesn't throw you around like a Ragdoll.
  15. In regards to Nitro C train...i intentionally rode it a week ago and see what the fuss was about it. Was is bumpier than the others? Slightly but in no way dejected from the ride experience. A lot of enthusiasts (especially younger ones) today seem to be a little on the wussy side of things. If nitro's c train is unbearable to you then you probably shouldn't be riding roller coasters.
  16. Flyers don't have them Winged coasters don't have them Leviathan doesn't have them Last year during the mid west trip at Great America one train on batman had wheel covers and one didn't. Also looking back at photos I took about 15 years ago the trains just had random cars that were missing the wheel covers. Perhaps since this was the prototype that they had flaws in the wheel covers that were fixed the next year for the 93' inverts...or Great America just doesn't care to spend to time to put them back on
  17. You must be kidding me...that is just pathetic. The fact that in the time it took them to get this open fair operators have been able to assemble and dissemble this same model at least half a dozen is just mind boggling. Not that I really care about the ride since I have the credit and been on way too many of this model. I'd just love to know what actually took them so long to get it open. If it was NJ I'd get it since they tend to be a pain in the ass at times.
  18. And building a tunnel under a nature lake is exponentially more complicated that draining a man-made lake and building a cement channel for the coaster. All of the lakes near great adventure are man made by dams. Heck the prospertown lake was dry all of the 2012 season because the dam failed. That being said its highly unlikely that anything will be built over or under the lake. The log flume will most likely remain the only one because it was built before stricter regulations.
  19. This and Iron Medusa are the only full size coasters I can think of where the trains have been added before the track has been finished. Although the stations were already built and only had to be modified. 20 days I'm hopefully because I've already made my travel plans but it seems impossible. There is going to have to be a ton of over time to make that date.
  20. Keep hoping....I don't expect Holiday World to ever work with Intamin again after PP I'm about ready to quit this community because people still pretend like this is actually a real thing. As if a park who wants a new product is going to be as petty as a prepubescent teenage girl and hold a big grudge against one company that the prototype that they agreed to buy didn't work out. No they expect a manufacturer to support and stand by their products. Its one thing to agree to buy an prototype and possibly have some issues with it the first and maybe second season and another thing to have the manufacturer ignore you and refuse to fix their ride. This is Holiday World not Cedar Fair or Six Flags so they can make every decision on their own. They expect the their hard earned money that they invested to provide them with a quality product. Holiday World is a park that takes so much pride on their customer SERVICE and is a Industry model for parks worldwide and I would assume they expect the same for their vendors. Their are plenty of other manufacturers who can provide cutting edge rides and service at the same time.
  21. Keep hoping....I don't expect Holiday World to ever work with Intamin again after PP
  22. I really hope they get Goliath open by June 2nd. I have a trip planed that is centered around Holiwood Nights at Holiday World and decided to add Great America solely because of Goliath. I was just there last year on the Midwest trip so I don't really need to a return visit so soon otherwise. I'm also hitting Kings Island and Kentucky Kingdom and at first was worried about lightning run being open now I'm only worried about Goliath.
  23. I was really disappointed that I wouldn't be able to go on the Scandia trip this year... not any more. I'll have to start saving for the next one immediately.
  24. 1. Batman: The Chiller's top hat. It just did some really messed up (in a good way) things that the Mr. Freezes (while still good) don't do. Hopefully the ride will get rebuilt some day. 2. Batman & Robin: The Chiller's heartland/zero g roll was also really messed up in good way. 3. Most B&M zero g rolls. 4. Plain old vertical loops (especially ones back to back).
  25. I came really close to going to Vegas this weekend for my 30th birthday....I'm really glad I didn't. It would have really sucked to see this thing not open. I saw enough rides that I really wanted to ride closed last year (Iron Rattler, New Texas Giant, X2, Ghostrider).
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