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  1. Any time is a good time to go to Cedar Point...well except a Saturday during peak season.
  2. I think Blackbeard & Total Mayhem are a given next year for holiday in the park. If they don't expand to Frontier Adventures I hope at the very least they have round trips on the Sky Ride! I heard many enthusiasts and regular park guest comment about not be able to see the lights from Sky Ride.
  3. Well well i guess then its a good thing that they AREN'T going on ThunderHawk. That is the car produced for the IAAPA trade show. Those cars have an American flag paint job with an EAGLE on the front not a hawk. Mike was simply showing a few photos of PTC's shop. The new ThunderHawk trains are very traditional 3 seat cars with lap bars but will look much better than the previous trains. I know it sucks that the single position handrails have to go but the latest accident in Arizona is a perfect example of why manufacturers and parks can't rely on people's common sense anymore. That is common sense in its own right.
  4. I agree...i took my 2 year old nephew on Thunder Creek Mountain at Dorney and even with the lack of common sense that 2 years olds have he knew instinctively to hold on.
  5. It was running amazing this past year. When one train was running the trims were close to off and there was Phoenix like airtime on the return run if you were sitting in car 1.
  6. The new trains will have lap bars. Be happy that Thunderhawk wasn't changed to lap bars like blue streak 20 years ago.
  7. They are really taking a terrible situation and making it worse. They need to tell everyone what happened and how they screwed up and reassure people all the steps they have taken to ensure that the most avoidable accident in the history of amusement parks will never happen again. Looks at what happened to Great Adventure in the 80s...lightning loops death and the horrible fire both very avoidable incidents. The park realized that the only way they were going to survive was the admit their mistakes and pour millions into correcting their mistakes and even having the "we care about you" advertising campaign.
  8. Too bad its not getting PTCI360 train with a 'ghostrider' on the lead car similar in style to the Eagle on the car PTC was showing at IAAPA. That would have looked freaking awesome and not the boring rendering Knotts has shown.
  9. Oh yes, I've experienced that on many wooden roller coasters, and even some older steel coasters. PTC cars without an articulation unit (such as Comet & Thunderbolt) are designed to flex a little. The banking is very minimal on those structures so an articulation unit would just add to the initial cost and maintenance costs. Your likely to feel the flex during the course of the ride but on the lift hill since your going at such a slow rate of speed you can actually see the flex if your looking for it. The lift hill track is seldom replaced and forms ripples in it between the bents from the weight of the lift chain and train being pulled up it over the years.
  10. I've been thinking of planning a little long weekend down to TX the day after Christmas to finally ride Texas Giant (since it was closed during TPR trip in 2013) and hope to finally after two previous visits ride shockwave! What ride/coasters are typically open during holiday in the park?
  11. I've been thinking of planning a little long weekend down to TX the day after Christmas to finally ride Rattler (since it was closed during TPR trip in 2013) and preview what great adventure is building next year. What ride/coasters are typically open during holiday in the park?
  12. It gets better the colder it is. Maintenance turns the trims down the colder it gets, on some rides you'll be getting great airtime over the final bunny hills on par with Phoenix. The ejector on the first 2 hills, coupled with the air time finale (when the trim is turned down really low or off entirely) makes for a wonderful coaster. I believe from my observations this year that the trims are likely adjusted by the PLC whether its running one or two trains. Since the station was moved back behind the transfer table in the 90s that shorten the brake run. So to make up for that shorten brake run that is reason for the trim on the return run. Up until recently the park almost always run two train even when it wasn't remotely needed. So I'm not sure if they recently changed the way the trims are programmed or if it because I've just never ridden it much with one train running. That said last month I had the best ride I can remember ever having since both trims were basically off.
  13. Its wonderful to see that SF finally is realizing the value of some of their older rides. I'd love to see this trend continue. Gotta say though they dropped the ball with the name. The Next Revolution would have been awesome name....
  14. Sorry I have to be the guy asking a trip planning question but I've looked on the Valley Fair website and can't find any info on early ride time other than the fact that they have it. What days, how early is it and what rides is it on?
  15. People tends to forget that while this ride is 18 years old it has had the operational hours closer to 50 years since Knott's is open 363 days a year. Gwazi was no different and the point is the track isn't going to last as long in terms of years.
  16. Death by Inverted coasters are so unfortunate as they are 100% avoidable. That being said I can't tell you how many time I've seen a person jump into a lock out area. just this Sunday a guy dropped this cell phone of the brake run of Medusa at Great Adventure. he kept arguing with the ride attendant saying it would just take him a moment to get it he could even see it. he was told they couldn't retrieve it until the park closed. The guy had to be told this a half dozen time despite the fact that it was 9:52pm. The guy finally moves to the exit ramp and we start going up the lift and get stopped at almost the crown of the lift hill, The child next to me starts freaking out fortunately his father and I get him to clam down by telling him their are safety systems in place and he will be fine. After I while I mentioned to the father that I bet they had to stop the ride because the guy who dropped his phone tried to get it. well such was the case as we found once one of the ride attendants made it to the top of the lift.
  17. I don't really care what color it is as long as it rides like the two recent cedar fair masterpiece B&Ms. hydra aside I've never had the hatred others have had for B&Ms in the last 10 or so years but Banshee and Fury are definitely a cut above the rest. I've only been on griffin (which I enjoyed) but it seems like most of the layouts of dive machines (over 200 feet) are somewhat similar so hopefully Cedar Point comes up with something that differentiate itself from the rest. At the very least it not Intamin.
  18. Wow... I never thought I would hear this from someone who really "gets" El Toro like myself. I even have El Toro above I-305, Maverick, etc. It seems Fury 325 is legit, and perhaps B&M really is getting their swagger back. Oh they absolutely are. Fury beats all those rides in my opinion. I rode Fury 23 times over the weekend and I couldn't agree with you more Ryan. Fury rides like a Intamin but with the perfection and comfort of an B&M. I've never been able to begin to come up with a top steel list until riding my 500th steel coaster. so my list will contain one ride Fury 325! Ps shame you missed Thunder Road by one day Ryan and its a damn shame it has closed!
  19. Lakemont just hasn't changed much in the last 50 years. Before the mega parks of the 70s and 80s this is how a lot of small town amusement parks looked. The rides may need a coat of paint but are well maintained. I'm sure they don't make a ton of money but I've never seen any reports of them in financial trouble. If you want depressing and questionable maintenance go to conneaut lake park.
  20. Am I the only one who thinks that ShotRod sounds pornographic!?!?!? Well this is the park with a coaster called Thunderhead. The name still makes me chuckle 10+ years later.
  21. I'd trust most fair operators over mount Olympus thats for damn sure. I can tell without a doubt that Mount Olympus doesn't do winter tare downs. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they even bother removing the cars from the track each year. The original bolt lines on Hades 360 train are still present and faded this year. Oh and according to coaster-count.com mighty mouse is the former opa which is no doubt safer now than when I rode it in 2013.
  22. It certainly does not ride like new. You can feel a bump at every single track segment connection. Something I predicted would occur and worsen over time. Although at the present their are only a few areas of the ride that only slightly detract from the ride experience. Their are a few area where the track has had its top layers of wood replaced. The bottom of the second drop is one area if my memory serves me right. Oh and I'm sure cost is probably the leading as to why more of the Intamin prefabricated woodies haven't been bought.
  23. That's because roller coaster enthusiasts are ENTITLED to have The Voyage run the way THEY want it to, and if that doesn't happen then they BOO the park then, of course! This is why I don't go to events filled with obnoxious coaster nerds anymore. For the most part it was fine tonight. Every single person I talked to was super nice. You can spot the odd balls 100 feet away and just ignore them. To be honest the 3 seconds your on mid course provides a most welcomed break and doesn't affect voyage being #1 woodie on my list.
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