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  1. Phantasialand Movie Park Germany Toverland Efteling Slagharen Tivoli Kopenhagen Legoland Billund Maybe one or two more...
  2. Wow, what a collection of coasters... And also some from Germany... I ever thought, that the "weirdest" coasters are from Asia. Euro Mir in Europa Park is amazing to ride. OK the brakes in the end are pretty rough and I often had a blue stain after riding, but that doesn't matter.
  3. We've been to Kennedy Space Centre in November 2012 and we had the pleasure to see Atlantis from outside, when they build this huge building. We stopped right in the middle of the street to take pictures. It is amazing to see how this whole complex now looks in the end!!! We will definitely visit Kennedy Space Centre again, when we come back to Florida!!!!
  4. How does LA Times know it, when there is no information in a german press. It would be a dream come true if this "thing" would really open this year. But to be honest, I can't believe it. I mean, how long are we waiting for this opening? It feels like 100 years. Best regards from Germany...
  5. Amazing!!! I hope, that I can ride it next year during my next visit in Denmark. It's good when you have a part of your family living in Denmark....
  6. I also run a webpage with some friends and it is so much work, that we decided to cancel our forum and just have a "normal" webpage with stories and pics. I really love this work, but due to the fact that I also have to go to work, it's pretty hard to go press conferences or openings. But when you than read that the people like the work you're doing, than it's great. And I can say that here in Germany the coaster community still grows and it's great to meet new people to talk to...
  7. I'm 30. My first coaster I can remember was Grottenblitz at Heide Park Soltau.
  8. Due to the fact, that I mostly go to the parks by train, I have a book with me and read. Other people are mostly irritated, but I don't care. Or I take the time to call my mother or my grandmother.
  9. I was so shocked in the first moment when I read this... I can't believe that George Lucas did that. But in this shock I forgot that there is Star Tours in the Disney parks... So on the one hand I hope, that they will do more Star Wars things in the Disney parks but on the other hand I'm a little bit "scared" that they will make Star Wars to much "Disney". The only thing that I really don't like, is the fact that they want to make more movies. I think I don't want to see Luke Skywalker being played by an other actor then Mark Hamill... We will see what will happen...
  10. I saw Skyfall yesterday. I didn't wanted to see it, but my friend wanted, so I joined him... I don't like Daniel Craig very much. My favourite James Bond is still Pierce Brosnan. The movie was good. I liked most the stunts and the things from the old James-Bond-movies like the car from the Goldfinger-movie or when James entered M's office in the end. He did it the same way as Roger Moore and Sean Connery did it about 50 years ago. Oh, is this a spoiler??? The best thing yesteday at the cinema was, that I saw the new trailer for Les Miserables. The James-Bond-movie was okay, but I will not become a fan of Daniel Craig...
  11. I really like the "Alt-Berlin" and Wuze-Town parts in Phantasialand and the german part of Europapark.
  12. Dear Disneyfan 1313, We will just visit Islands of adventure. We've been to Universal Studios in L.A. 3 years ago. We will be at Islands of Adventure on nov. 19th. It's a monday. We don't have a chance to go on an other day, because we are in Fort Lauderdale after and before we are at Longboat Key. I hope that it will not be so crowded.
  13. Hi everyone, I will visit Islands of Adventure in november during my trip through Florida. Can you give me some tips for the park. We decided to visit the park on a monday. I hope, that the park will not be so crowded as on the weekends. Which ride should we do first? We thought to do the rides first and after that the shows, or is there a must-see-show in the park? Thanks for your help from Germany Iris
  14. My favourite musicals are Mamma Mia, Grease and Elisabeth. Elisabeth is a very famous musical in Europe. The musical is about the life and death of empress Elisabeth of Austria. Last year I went to New York and there I has the chance to see a musical on broadway for the first time. And I choose The Addams Family. The musical was so great and I also had the luck to see one of the last shows played by Bebe Neuwirth before she left the show. I also watched We will rock you, Jesus Christ Superstar, Tanz der Vampire (Dance of the Vampires), Robin Hood, 3 Musketiere (3 Musketeers), Hairspray, Starlight Express, The Beauty and the Beast...
  15. Saw yesterday Expandables 2. It was such a great movie. We laughed so much and all the "old" guys were so great
  16. The park doesn't lost his soul! They still have some really good rides. And with Halloween Horror Fest they have one of the best events I've ever seen. I think they did good with the Van Helsing part. The coaster is great and the stuntshow is as well. If the park could make more of the Van Helsing area, it would be great...
  17. Hopefully Moviepark will not close in some years. But that is the problem if you are connected to an international group and not independent. The saddest thing is, that it would be very important for the park to build a new coaster. The coaster should have been build near to the entrance. That is a place, which is lied waste and and that looks a little bit strange, when you enter the park.
  18. Hello to all, my name is Iris and i'm from Germany. I found this page via Youtube, where I saw all the great videos. I live in Essen which is in west of Germany. My favourite parks in Germany are Phantasialand in Brühl and Movie Park in Bottrop. Best regards Iris
  19. 619fan

    Where to go?

    Dear Robb, i just have a simple question... I'm planning a trip to Florida in November and I would like to go to one park, but I can't decide where to go. My favourites are Busch Gardens Tampa, Island of Adventure or Discovery Cove. I hope you can help me with this very hard decision... Thanks and best regards from Germany Iris
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