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  1. Haha, Chi-Town! Shoot and you know I have that Chicago Skate down too! I was horrible in my late teens & early 20's, so many fights when I was working up in the club. Now I am trying to teach my baby to not be like daddy!
  2. Out of curiosity, how did you know they were from Florida? The last time I heard someone use that word in a negative way (after a 12 step meeting no less!) I warned him that using that word "could get your teeth knocked out." He wasn't happy about that, but quickly backed down. I was later informed that he had dentures (young guy, too!)... so I really got him with the "your teeth" comment. I was also spoken to about what I found out was an "implied threat." Oh well, times are changing! Kudos! This is hard for me, but I'm working on it. Glad to hear you guys still had a fun day! Way to go! Was it the mom of the offending kids? I've had security get mad at ME for reporting line jumpers (at Kings Dominion). This slick dude thought he could browse up in the queue, and everyone was complaining to themselves but not to the person. I spoke up, and the people around me were like "thanks for saying something." My reply was "why am I the only adult saying anything?" I guess the security didn't want to deal with the situation and seemed to be pissed off at me. A run-in with some black ties at the end of the day scored us some exit passes and meal tickets - which I did not ask for. Six Flags parks seem the regular place for this sort of behavior, but it happens other places too! I've learned to better pick my arguments. In a ride queue where no one else can speak is not the best place for me to be the only one to speak... Because the mom was saying that when they were getting escorted out! Yeah, that word is bad! I am a gay man and that word does hurt but then I look at the people who are saying it and they don't know any better! Oh it took a higher power to keep me calm (I was like Lord Jesus help me!) As a Spaniard/Native American/Israeli Jew. I had many emotions going on and was ready to pop off but since they were teen punks, that is why I didn't say anything. I didn't want to get thrown out. So I remained calm. Plus, I didn't want my little girl see me fight! We have gotten people thrown out of Disneyland for defacing property. I come from a long line of Law Enforcement and Military. So when we see bad we point it out and say something! In a slang way, Don't mess with this fag!
  3. LAUSD is on Spring Break next week, be afraid. Be very afraid LAUSD and VCSD is on Spring break. Goodness, it's going to be special day!
  4. Was at the park on Tuesday 4/4/17 with my little girl and it was so nice. The park was clean, not packed and beautiful weather. My only complain was, some of the rides in Bug Bunny World were closed. With all of the little kids, it seemed wrong to keep certain rides closed because of staffing. At times they would run a ride for 20 minuted then jump over to another ride and operate that one. After a few hours in BBW, we walked around to check out the park showing Olivia the big roller coasters. I noticed 2 teens writing on the walls by Viper. I snapped a picture and then confronted them. These punk A$$ teenagers from Florida tried to step up and verbally beat me down. Calling me Fag, Loser, and other names while another person filmed it! I wanted to talk back but I stood quiet. Security walked up about 2 minutes later and the video was shown to them. These kids and their whole family were kicked out. Funny thing though, the mom who was watching them yelling at me, was screaming at them because their day was now ruined! We walked over the Grand Carousel because my 3 year old couldn't get enough. While in line is was noticing the Ride Op so out going making the ride experience great. Then is was time for a Op's change. The new Ride Op (Ryan) was in a crappy mood and had a scowl on his face. When the out going Op was trying to ask him a question, Ryan was not listening. I thought that was rude and I turned to him and said something to him. He then turned around and gave me dirty look and I was like, okay let the game begin. Halfway through the ride the music was turned off. I asked when what happened and again no response. It took so much to keep me from bitching him out. So after we got off, we strolled over to the Guest Relations and made a little complaint. it was a great day! Everyone was being so nice to my little girl and I. Only 2 hiccup's along the way but have no control over stupidity! Overall rides looked good, TC was Dueling, Tatsu was running at proper dispatch time. Revy had down time but that was due to VR system! Going back next week with my partner and nephew's. So let's see what that day brings us.
  5. I'm glad you said something! Just out of curiosity, did you go to Guest Relations and fill out a form? It becomes a little more ... "logged in" if you do that. Might take a good 10 minutes, but if more of us do it, maybe we'll have a better time at the park. I'll be visiting the park in July. Not the best time for crowds, but it's when my family is going on our California trip. I'll probably be going to the Mountain alone, or with one of my little cousins. I would pay and extra $200 to get 20 rides on (non-VR) Revolution. Thing is, there is not currently a way to do that. Even with the highest platinum Flash Pass, I think I'm eligible for one ride. Luckily, I'll probably be going on a solo trip the the park/area in the fall... so crowds will be low, and hopefully Revolution rules will have changed by then. I did go to Guest Relations and coming from a former employee I know that they do take this in to concern. So for those who want it back to the old way. Go in and fill out a form! The VR band wagon needs to stop! You want a new thrill? Buy the goggles, get in your car and then drive around. BOOM, EXCITEMENT! If you are coming out in July, just beware. It can get to about 105 or hotter in the summer. Make sure you & little one stay hydrated.
  6. I wish more people would go to Guest Relations and fill out forms about this. If enough people "complain" about something (in a polite and constructive way, preferably) sometimes things change. It could get a set up like SFGAmerica or CPoint has with their VR coasters. Leave it plain Revolution for half the day and then VR after. I bet it would still have long lines, but no where near what they are now. Plenty of people want to ride regular Revolution. It's a beautiful ride! Go tell Guest Relations (in a polite and constructive way, please)! Spread the word Believe me, I have complained about this! I had family visiting from Florida, New York and Hawaii and we waited so long to ride this. We didn't want the VR experience because it's lame. We wanted our new classic Revy but no................! I am going again this Tuesday and I will see how the line is.
  7. I wish the VR system would just go away! Too much of a problem for the Op's crew and Dispatch times!
  8. Why is that the majority of people that come visit SFMM from other states or countries enjoy SFMM and have nice things to say about the park yet judgemental superficial hateful waxed eyebrow coaster jerks like cj1990 have nothing but negative things to say about this park it's just so very old tired and annoying really if the park is that bad stop going it's that simple trust they will not miss your little season pass purchase or your entitled spoiled ungrateful attitude at all. Go live in your supposedly golden memories of the park since it's current day form is just noty good enough and never will be it seems. This is just my opinion I apologize if this offends anyone Well Put! Thank You
  9. Oh they will milk it or they will build it and it will be unfinished when it opens. Just to meet the deadline!
  10. Just seen the newsletter, The New Revolution we be back to it's regular self for a limited time. So glad those damn VR goggles are going away for a few months.
  11. I wish they could do a dual loading track station like Mr Freeze and slide back and forth with the trains ready for launch. That would help out with the ride capacity.
  12. I really hope they do not remove Monty! Cedar Fair please do not remove this classic coaster. Just retrofit it with some magnetic brakes and maybe a lighter coaster train. Maybe turn the trains around, repaint it a different color and re brand it as, The Revenge of Montezuma!
  13. Robb, how do you really feel about In & Out? I'll take In & Out's Animal Fries any day. Now back to the post.
  14. Hello my fellow TPR's. If you are interested, this Friday 9/16/2016 is Out On The Mountain. Magic Mountains gay nite party. Took some of my cousin's last year and they were scared because they were stepping into my world and didn't know know expect.They ended up having a great time, shoot they had a better time then I did. Tickets are $45.00 and VIP tickets are $150.00. Come and enjoy music, rides, beer, wine and make some new friends.
  15. Looks like the old Psyclone from Six Flags Magic Mountain, minus the beating the crap out of you. Miss that ride before the 1994 quake.
  16. From the West Coast Bash page: If I hear one person complain that a ride isn't open and try to use the excuse of "Well TPR advertised it" not only will you not be allowed to attend another one of our events ever again but you'll be banned from TPR for life. Look, I get it that everyone is looking forward to riding stuff, but if one ride being down is going to make or break the day for you, do us all a favor and don't go. --Robb "So sick of all the complaining." Alvey HAHAHAHA! Robb just laid a smack down on us! It's true though, if a ride is down then don't let it ruin the day. Just have a Churro, a lemon slushy and all will be well!
  17. 6'1 here, and I thought Green Lantern was a lot of fun. Love the intensity. I have ridden this thing multiple times and tried to get the proper position and regardless how hard I try,it beats my calves & shoulders up. I have conquered X2 and how to ride it without getting beat up, so I though I would try the same on GL. Nope......... it is horrible and needs to go! I must admit though. Last year at the TC early season pass event. TC wasn't ready so I went to GL and the op's asked us if we wanted the ultimate spin experience. So he put me on one side and 2 kids on the other. HOLY CRAP! We were spinning so hard that I thought I was going to get sick. When we came back into the station we were in such a tilt that they had to come and maneuver us back in.
  18. Hate GL:FF! Being 6'2 it is not a great ride for my height or any height actually. It sucks! I wish they would rip it out and put a clone of Smiler in that area! Call it, Joker and theme it with that type of stuff.
  19. Interesting news! Yesterday (5/22/16) we went to MM! My family was in from Maui and wanted to go and experience the new Revy. Drove to the park and noticed buses with Cheerleaders and was like holy S*&^ this place was going to be packed. To our surprise it was very comfortable. Once the gates opened up all of us heading to FT. It was working well but once we sat in the train it broke. We waited 20 minutes and it was up running. The family had a blast and was cracking up with the ride picture. So we walked over to Revy and noticed the line it was the bottom by the Carousel. Sign said 90 minute from this point, so they wanted too wait. After the long grueling wait we enter the station. An employee was passing a clip board around asking for our email address. When I asked him what this was for he said (the park wanted to know if the wait in line is worth it and are deciding to ax the VR System) I was shocked. They just opened this up and now talks of getting rid of it. I can see it though; dispatch times were horrible, VR not working well and device running hot! I rode Revy for season pass preview but with out the VR and loved it. This time is rode with them and hated it! The VR went out after the second drop. So I had to pull it off and just held on to it. Made the Op’s aware and they wanted me to go on again with a different pair, I passed! My beloved X2 beat the crap out of me and my partner. I guess two 6’2 230 pound men wasn’t a good mix. This was the worst ride from X & X2. Seen a Superman launch and it was about 2 feet away from the brakes on top, I have never seen it go that high. After that we noticed it was barley hitting the red. It was having problems through the day. Overall the day was great! We got on a lot of rides, we got verbally abused by a lady who said my & partner and I were going to hell. I guess her gaydar went off and she was saying 2 masculine men with our build couldn’t be gay. I felt like saying, sorry we are not all twinks. My stepson wanted to mouth off but we said no….. It’s her opinion! It was the cherry on the top of a beautiful day! Disney here we come………..
  20. Looks like "bring a friend for half price" throughout May and June and "bring a friend for free" on mother's and father's day. Thank You Arthur
  21. Question for my fellow coaster peeps. I am trying to activate my gold season pass to view my benefits and it is saying incorrect information. Can someone tell me what the discounts are for bringing a quest this month? My family will be here from Maui and they want to go.
  22. You make it sound so sort of nice. 4:30 all heck broke loose with massive wind and lighting strikes in the area and hail like a mo-fo. It lasted about 40 minutes then skis cleared and winds drop but by 5:40 winds were back up and it was interesting. Park closed at 6pm so non issue being so late in the day. I was there for a few hours today as well. The weather certainly started out weird with momentary gusts and some light drizzle but then it all landed at once — hailstones and high winds. The air seemed electrified. It was quite beautiful soon after, though. I got there around 2pm and stayed until around 5pm. It was dead and pretty much everything was a walk-on for the time I was there except for Revolution. When I arrived, the line was down through the switchback to the cement arch and the phone app clocked that to be around 70 mins. I watched for a little while and it didn't seem to be moving, nor were there any trains going around the circuit, so I figured I'd try back later. I had no interest in doing the VR thing as I tried that in Texas and wasn't impressed by it, but I did want to try out the new trains. I returned later and the line was about the same, but the VR had been shut down due to the weather, and that supposed 70-minute line took all of 10-minutes without headsets involved. I doubt the line was ever 70 minutes to begin with, but I couldn't help but wonder just how much the VR will be slowing down operations during the busy times. I like the rubbery seats in the cars and the way they grip you. This is actually kind of helpful for the VR rides as, when I tried the headset on Shockwave, I was using one hand to support the phone-mask thing and the other to control it so I had no way to brace myself against laterals. The seats really grip you quite well here, so there's no sliding around at all. Although the ride is 100 times more pleasant without the OTS restraints, there are a couple of parts of the track that still give you a jolt, and I couldn't help but wonder if the left turn after the loop and the drop into the right turn before the tunnel would benefit from a little re-profiling. Schwarzkopf is the master, in my opinion, but I still find the ride to be a bit shaky in those spots. Also, I swear the ride felt slower. In fact, it seemed that the first hill after the initial drop was braked quite a bit more than I recall in the past, to the point where the train barely even slowed down before entering the descent into the loop — it was already crawling at that point. Furthermore, I thought it was going to roll back before entering the final helix as it crested the hill incredibly slow. So, I must say that I was surprised by how tame the ride felt in the new form, yet I can't imagine it's changed that much. The area around the back of the station looks fantastic, FWIW. SFMM1.jpg[/attachment] Scream was rattling away, but not as bad as I've noticed in the past. Riddler, however, was as rough as the last time I rode it (and it was bad then). Really rough in a number of spots now, calling for some major defensive riding to avoid both brain damage and sterility. I've never been a fan of that ride and usually skip it (I dislike gimmicky standing / flying arrangements), but the past two times I've been, I've ridden it and have been surprised how crunchy it's become. Apocalypse was as jacked up as ever, but not quite as bad as it has been (the hail didn't help though). I was the only one on the train at one point — that's how dead the place was. This was also my first time riding Goliath after riding the Texas version, and I do indeed prefer ours. It's definitely more smooth at the bottom of the drop, and the fewer black-outy helixes the better. Also rode FT, Ninja, Superman, Tatsu a few times. Due to walk-ons and re-rides, I managed to get a good 15 or so rides in overall in about 2.5 hours before the weather turned insane. [attachment=2]SFMM3.jpg[/attachment] Perhaps because it was because the place was so empty, and many of the staff were preoccupied with staying warm, but there was more shenanigans going on than normal with the GP. Lots of line jumping (on Revolution, at least), lots of cell phones out on rides, people smoking while walking around (actual cigarettes as opposed to those vapey thing), and a decent amount of couples dry-humping each other. People are still determined to drag all kinds of luggage onto TC with them, and at one point, a dispatch was held up because a young couple couldn't get their in-car selfie right and wanted to retake from different angles. It's hard to keep from getting all judgy about people's behavior at a place like SFMM Thats the kind of S#$@ I hate. Oh and belive me, I do say something when I hear it or see it! Coming from someone who grew up going and ended up working at this park. I take major offense when the kids try to act grown up, or when someone is acting a fool messing up the park! When I was at the park on 4/14/16 for the Revy Preview and seen some teenagers smoking, I told them to take the smoking to a proper area. One kid jumped bad at me to F off! I charged him, got in his face and bitched him out! The guy put the cigarette out on the floor and left. I picked it up and told him (you forgot something) in which I put the cig butt in his tank top pocket. He got pissed becuase I F'd up his stupid looking shirt! I didn't care! Mess with stuff I love and it's on. I guess being in law enforcement and my passion is what gets me fired up when I see the wrong.
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