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  1. At park in line waiting for TC. Maybe can kick it with some TRP peeps. Wearing neon yellow Nike's
  2. We'll it wasn't a big thrill ride it was the planes at Bugs Bunny World. The ride ops was great and I didn't force her. I can't wait till she is big enough to ride her first major coaster. Maybe kid tums can give her some pointers..... She is going to be a thrill junkie like me and not like her other dad.
  3. Mark me impressed! I don't think, even in some of my greatest years of roller coaster riding, that I could handle 12 consecutive rides on Batman. To me it is one of the jerkyer, more intense rides in the park (Not to mention one of the best inverted B&M's ever). I think Batman would be one of the few SFMM coasters that I could ride over 10 times in a row and not be injured and / or bored to death. Tatsu might be close but hanging there gets uncomfortable. BTW: Has anyone been this week? I wanted to go Tue or Wed and was wondering what waits for Tatsu, X2 and Yolo were like. I went on a somewhat dead Friday last October and those were the only rides with lines and they were all over 30 min. I think Tatsu was over a hour wait because of one train operation. We went on Thursday and a few hours today and line was about 25 for Tatsu and FT was about 20. FT was only loading one train and sending the second train empty, till about 1ish. BTW, put my 10 month old in her first ride and my family is having a SH&$ fit. What do you TPR members think?
  4. Yes it did but only the outside. The inside is still yellow and blue.
  5. My partner and I were at the park today and this thing is a beauty. I love how this classic beast is becoming a new thrill. I will be there opening day for this ride. Bring on TC!
  6. Dude fuckin chill! If you don't like what's being posted. Don't come on these chat rooms. Have some respect!
  7. i think it was the nylon wheels having problems but don't qoute me on that.
  8. Wow time flies by. I remember being their with my then ex-wife on media morning. Funny thing we broke up the next day. She couldn't deal with my coaster obsession and told me to grow up. HAHAHAHA, all I can say that was the best day for me, be gone B*&^%! Back to Goliath, I love this coaster and 15 years later. It is still the smoothest ride as it was opening day!
  9. You probably shouldn't be posting here then. I'm just being very honest with you. I seriously have run out of patience for this kind of bullshit. If you don't like what we post here... LEAVE!!!! No one is pointing a gun at your head to be here.[attachment=0]dogransom.jpg[/attachment] AH HAHAHAHA! That is a good one Robb! Serious people, stop being so dramatic. Sh@% it's a new year so loosen up bit. If you find something so offensive then this site is not for you.
  10. Boooo........ My hopes and dreams are shot down for a Wicked Twisted Reserves Colossus!
  11. Yeah............but if it did that would be great. Can you imagine how long the line would be for that?
  12. So here something I was thinking about on my flight home. I wonder if TC will run backwards for Fright Fest? Does anydoby think it would? Also the cold weather here is nothing from what I had to deal with in Spokane WA. The daytime high was 19 degrees and at night -5.....
  13. Went to the Mountain yesterday and it was nice, besides all of the screaming coming from the little cheerleaders it was a good day. I took my 6 month old just to see how she would do and she loved looking at the different things moving. Plus got a beautiful pic with her and Santa! Only got on 2 rides while I was their with family, Viper and Goliath! I can say Viper was runnig well and honestly had an OH SH*& monent. Sitting in the back, I forgot how it whips you around at the top. Goliath as always running smooth and kicking A$$. Wish I could have gotten on more rides but being a daddy I wanted to be with my little girl! Speaking of the condition of the rides, yes they are indeed of some new paint. I took some pictures of TC and the track that was installed but I dropped my phone and I fell flat on the screen, so there! That small airtime hill after the drop is going to be killer, can't wait for Twisted C! Rob and Elisa are you going to having an over nighter event for this?
  14. DANG........................ I remember that video. Yup the biggest thing for me, was to pick up a book at each park we visited with pictures of the rides and other attractions.
  15. WOW, takes me back. I remember riding Shockwave on opening day, it was great. My mom dragged me on it and I was so scared. The long walk to the station and watching the trains scream bye made the wait even more nerve racking. I love the whole black color scheme and the black & red trains. I know YouTube has a video showing the old commercial and some ride footage. La Ronde has a replica of this ride, check it out
  16. Spears & David Thank you for the Knott's Review, great pic's! Every year I try to plan a trip with my family to make it a better experience but this year maybe a little hard to attend. Having a 3 month old would be a little young to take. So I may need a baby sitter so daddy can go to this yearly tradition....
  17. I honestly think MM has gotten lazy. Such a big difference now, then when I worked there. Traveling to other parks I see the care they have for their investments and it makes me sad to think that MM will debut a Muliti-million dollar ride and then a year or two later, it has gone to hell in a handbag! Magic Mountain needs to take a year off for anything new and spend some of the budget on paint, tree care, landscaping, new coaster trains and theming. Those little things can make a big difference. So listen up MM management!
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