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  1. I skipped over every one of your blue font posts. Thanks for switching it up, makes it so much more readable! WOW, okay i guess it was bad! Just kidding! Fine i will leave on this boring yellow color........
  2. No one has had a problem with before, maybe it's the eye's going bad? I'll change it because I don't want to anyone to start a fit up in here!
  3. yup, i hate that. i rarely ride X2 though, but i always remember that's what it does to me. I love X2 but being 6’2 and having a jock frame. It does get uncomfortable once in awhile. You have to know how to ride it and were to hold legs in. The second raven turn I always hold my legs against the seat for that reason. Ok another note, Saturday my partner and I took a trip to the park. We had a great day till we rode Batman. I’m a coaster freak, always have been always will be. I can ride anything, nothing makes me sick. OH HOW THAT CHANGED! Walked to Batman and of course no line. I thought hell yeah front row, sandals off wind breezing through my feet, loved it! Till the train came back in the station, I could not get off fast enough. A ride was finally going to made me PUKE! I was so upset, Batman made me so nauseous I ran head first into a trash can. My partner was laughing so hard and even took a pic, I wanted to kick his ass!
  4. Just drove by it and was in shock. A good friend of mine is working on the new build, so i texted him to find out what happened.
  5. I thought some people were talking about a dual loading station like Kingda Ka or Manta? And that could be the trick question. Yes it might have a station like Tatsu or KK! It would make loading and dispatching for this beast better. Most people here are talking about waiting in line for 2 different rides like the old Colossus. For now the speculation will continue, till we see the station and track work.
  6. People no dual loading stations, pay attention to the video. One track painted 2 colors for the different experiences.
  7. That would be quite impossible. Robb, sorry you had to see a post like that ^. It's only gonna be one side. You can see in the video that the train will come back around and hit the second lift hill. The Blue track will change to green under the structure where the green track hits the brake run...
  8. It's fair to say that you can't truly judge a coaster before you ride it. Animations and POV's never do a ride justice. But complaints about how it will look are totally legitimate. Especially regarding Twisted Colossus. We all know how the ride looks as it currently stands. This makes it very simple to get an idea of how it will look with lower turnarounds and whatnot. Will it still dominate? Sure, the lift hill and first turnaround will. But the last half wont quite as much as it used to. With all that said, the excitement factor is going to be off the charts with those twists right next to the parking lot. We all know what coaster people will be bolting for. Hope this takes some load off X2. Nicely Put, Thank You!
  9. I think we should just wait till the day we ride it and then comment on it.
  10. It's also looks to be a single-oval, instead of the double-oval layout, so each side is cut almost in half. Yup, really wish they kept the double oval but hey, I'm happy with this. I wonder what the station is going to look like!
  11. So before any more is leaked or announced, I want to post my final hopes and predictions, and I'm still pushing for everything I've said. Although beating the record for length seems a bit crazy for Six Flags (especially after seeing how they built only half of YOLOcoaster), do you guys think any of this is a possibility? Could California finally be getting an airtime machine?? Could we finally be getting a World-Class, top ten coaster in California?? I'm getting excited! It's possible, one can only hope!
  12. HAHA, shoot i'll keep it old school with rct2! Would love to try no limits but don't know where to start. How to start no limits.. Step one: Start a building a coaster. Step two: Realize It will kill people. Step three: Give up and throw hat down in frustration. Step four: Repeat. LOL! That sounds about right! Or it could be step four, take my Synergy Bat to the monitor.
  13. HAHA, shoot i'll keep it old school with rct2! Would love to try no limits but don't know where to start.
  14. Thanks Robb......! Gonna wake up, grab a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and wait for the Twisted Colossus Revenge announcement !
  15. I say rip that B*&^% OUT! Went on it opening day and never ever ever got on it again after that! My jewels were killing me when I got off! Big man parts and GL do not mix! I would love to see them put in a coaster like Smiler, now that would be AWESOME!!!!!
  16. I come from a family of arbor’s and they can make trees look much much better with a little trim work. They shape big trees into umbrellas and do other funky stuff to them. I’m not say remove trees, what I am saying is start trimming trees. I know they provide shade and landscape beauty and are environmentally good but it is SFMM responsibility to keep up the maintenance on the tree’s and shrubbery to avoid something like this and unfortunately. This accident and the Revolution tree accident is going to be the one to start this process.[/color]
  17. Well hopefully SFMM will now clear some of the tree's around these rides. In my opinion, i think they should closed the park January and February and take care of the arbor and other needed fixing up! Revolution would be next ride for a tree to fall on the track and cause some damage. I love this park and it was my first employment, so it hits hard when something goes wrong regardless if it was nature or mechanical.
  18. Oh Good God! I can see it now, beer brawl on the local Kcal 9 news. Something about this just isn't sitting well with me, but you bet i will be ready on 3/22/2014 for naMtaB The Revenage!
  19. Nice................ i'll be ready for NAMTAB! Just dealing with the spring breakers is not going to be fun!
  20. Has anybody noticed the backwards train on Batman yet? I was wondering if the maintance crew is making that change or is it the train from back east?
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