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  1. Green Lantern SUCKS! Waste of space for this ride. I think they should have transferred FlashBack to this area and give it a cool DC Comics name. The roar from the 3 coaster (RR Batman & FlashBack) would have been awesome.
  2. Thanks Arkhamar, yes it is! The launch track is short and i am sure will be forceful.........!
  3. Hey crew, i was at the Mountain yesterday 4/10/2013 and took a few shots of Full Yolo Throttle. It is almost complete and when i was there i was hearing a July opening rumor. Not i don't know how true that is. The park was perfect, got on most of the rides multiple times and even decided to ride Green Lantern. I was so happy to get off that ride and so were my nutts as they were being smash in my boardshorts. Being 6'2 and 225 pounds is not a good combo for that ride but we got 4 spins out of the it since the 2 people in back of me where 2 twinks. Walking the park by myself was great. I got to see a lot and i my mind thinking of stuff i could paint, remove and add if i owned the park. Here are the pictures i snapped with my phone. Enjoy! Vertical dive into the brakes..... Brake Run Some serious g's going into that right bank turn Lifting launch track Ball Crusher GL Almost empty RR train Finally...... Full Throttle's Sexy Curves
  4. Ooh Yeah, Flashback! I really liked this coaster. Personally I think they could have done without the OTSR. Six Flags should have moved it the other side of the park and made modifications to it. It would have fit nice where GL is at right now! Too have heard the roar of FB, Batman and RR would have sounded nice. Dang……. Such a waste!
  5. Being 6’2, GL was not fun for me. I rode it 2 days after it open, both my partner and I had bruises on our shoulders the following day. I honestly think MM could have put something better in that area.
  6. They look like the same broke down version that walks in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles
  7. Damn......... That pyramid is a killer to climb. Robb that would make a nice Christmas card.
  8. WOW, really can't wait to ride this coaster. It's going to have some killer g's going into that right turn after the loop....
  9. OKAY NOW, the YOLO name needs to be retired in this thread. Until opening day when we ride and scream YOLO at launch.
  10. HOLY CRAP, that looks amazing! I really hope Colossus at Magic Mountain get's some Rocky Mountain Love!
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