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  1. I love the park this time of year. It's nice to be able to do a few things but not have to waste a whole day. And I like your style with the Apple & Funnel Cake. Shoot, they are a must when I go!
  2. Just got back from the Mountain and rode The New Revolution. I loved it! It was like old times before they put the OTSR on. I did not ride with the VR system because I didn't want too. When I got in line around 11:20, they had both trains running. But at 11:30 the took the white train off and plugged it in the a power outlet and left the red one to handle the review crowd. The new station looks great and the landscaping is well done. The only propblem I see is the loading times with the headgear. Once on the train, several VR goggles were not syncing and cause the train to sit and have them trouble shoot. Revy is smooth, quiet and overall looks good. Thank you SFMM for restoring this classic coaster! The park was dead which made everything better for me. I think this is the best time to go since the kids are in school. I did get 2 rides on TC! Dispatch was GREAT! We dueled both times thanks to the awesome dispatching. 1 ride on Goliath, which was walk on. Then waited 20 minutes for full throttle. After that I grabbed a Caramel Apple & Funnel Cake and drove back to Ventura. SFMM was lookig good with all of the new paint, tree trimming and cleaniness. I was happy to see my beloved park look good.
  3. Will be heading to the Mountain on Thursday to ride The New Revy with & without the head set.
  4. I believe in the power of practicality. While I get that for some people, "praying" is their way to deal with a situation, but in a practical world, it does nothing for someone. If you don't have money to donate, that's fine...sharing the GoFundMe on your socials and helping us spread the word is 100% free of charge and will do a lot more to actually help the family than "praying." Thanks. http://www.gofundme.com/jackcrouse WOW! I am sorry if I offended anybody with my prayer comment (I guess Robb put me in my place)! I should know better to mix Religion & Politics! I will continue to pray and hope they get enough $$$ to help out! I did share the link to a few a my friends. Jack get better soon!
  5. I am sadden to read this! I have never met him but love the photos he posted. I wish I had money to donate to his family but with no work for 1 year and savings running out, i am in a jam. I did post for prayer at my church for Jack and his family. I believe in the power of prayer and I encourage everyone to just say a little prayer. What ever god you pray too, ask him for a speedy recovery and strenght for his family. Stay strong!
  6. For me it would be Tatsu's pretzel loop. The head dive into loop and g-force at the bottom always gets to me.
  7. Holy Crap, Ghostrider is going to be kick arsh again! The ejector air time in the back with no MCRB is gonna be relentless. I can't wait opening day.
  8. DAMN IT! That would kick A$$ if they ran it for a month. Hey if they can run NAMTAB backwards. Then Revo but be a cake walk. Hey SFMM, I would be the test dummy for it.
  9. Shoot, I'll try it out if its true. Heading out tomorrow 10/30 and will try to snap a pic of backwards Revo...
  10. Also, if you guys don't mind? Next Friday night sept 18th, it's Out On The Mountain night. It's the LGBT private party! Best night to go since it is not busy. So if you want TC credits and don't mind be looked at and possibly picked up on, then come on down.
  11. I really love this. I'm glad Revo is getting a upgrade. Lots a childhood memories......
  12. Hahahahaha........ That's Good! No in all seriousness! You shouldn't have to pop a pill just to ride coasters, that is just plain wrong. Your health is not worth it, so don't! You want excitement, pop the little blue pill.
  13. Damn I wanted to go today but with crazy work schedule over time was manditory. Hoping I can make hurricane harbor, then MM for TC!
  14. I hope its a updated area. I think they should keep the colossus fair theme and remove some of the games, johnny rockets and add fair style flat rides. Finally get rid of the monorail station and trim the hell out of the trees. That would make a great addition to that area.
  15. So my partner and I headed out to Hurricane Harbor yesterday, it was my first and his third. Since I'm a gold member I had a free pass for him. We were only there for 3 hours and from where we were sitting , TC only dueled twice. From the looks of it, it was only running 2 trains and sounded rough going into the hi-five element. Now back to my visit, it was nice but HH needs a face lift. The park looked dirty and in dire need of some paint. After that we shiwered, changed and went into MM for Police and Fire Fighter night. It was nice and not too crowed. Can't wait for Freight Fest. Love the teaser at the front gates.
  16. Great coverage! My favorite time of the year. Halloween is Like Christmas for my brother and I. Its gonna be a very busy month, can't wait!
  17. Finally I got to ride TC today for my bday. Park was really busy with Coke Promo and with the Honda blue crew giving free parking to any Honda event. Arrived at 845 for friend ticket and the line for purchase horrible. Their needs to be a better system. If you are running these promo's you better have the crew to run it properly. Got to Twisted entrance and had 45 min with the early Coke promo. TC is awesome my partner who is not much of a coaster guy was amazed how awesome it was. We didn't duel do to fatties trying to fit in and holding the trains up, we seen 4 walk of shames. Sad but should be wake up call to them. SFMM needs to lay the law down on loose articles because the general public is dumb. If it says NO CAMERAS, PHONES ETC ETC, THEN DAMIT DON'T DO IT! I give props to the 2 girls working the line from 930 on, they took no shit from anybody and checked a bunch of people. Sad that Goliath is still down and Ninja was one train op. Come on MM get your shit together. Here is a pic of the pile up trying to park..... Car entry pile up.....
  18. . That is what I mean, give gold passes members a different card so when we ever a new ride opens. Regular season pass holder don't get in. Come on MM get it together.
  19. Yeah they had bad attitudes and started power tripping after 12 came and still nothing. I was close to them and majority of the question asked were dumb. They needed a sign saying (Gold Pass Season Preview Only) the is would have limit the unnecessary stupidness. I drove back home to Ventura PISSED thinking damn, I'm not gonna get a chance to ride TC. Hope Bonnie R gets a earful from us die hard fans.
  20. Didnt get ti ride TC, had to leave due to schedule and only having my sitter for a few hours. Its sad to have heard that they ran the holy hell out of this ride last night for grad nite. Its hard for me to get time to go to this park and I was truly happy that they were giving gold pass members early ride time but for this to happen. It is very disappointing. I will not touch the park in the summer time. I guess I have to wait till holiday time.
  21. Update, some lady had a bitch fit and now they are telling everyone to back away from entrance. Don't know if TC will open..... NICE!
  22. They had to get more employee to talk to the crowd here at Screampunk entrance. Not happy gold pass holders...
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