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  1. I always hear about the B&M Rattle, Intamin problems or what ever company has a coaster out their. Someone will always pick a ride apart! It's funny to hear people talk about X & X2 and how it's a Piece of SH...! That's fine in all and we are entitle to our opinions. With X2 being close to 20 years old it was and still is a revolutionary ride! Having a family member help with the construction and to finally see the outcome of it has been awesome for him and me. Everytime i driver up and see it, i think back to when I first rode it. This ride was the first ride to give me that OH SH.... feeling! Being my home park, I'm a little bias! Like I said before, I take the good, the bad and ugly of this ride. This could be an issue but who knows. When I am in line for X or any coaster I see a large person trying to squeeze in the seat and have the restraint barely come down. When that train comes back to the station I hear, that was horrible ride and it was uncomfortable. These rides were build when people weren't as large and I am sure that has portion to do with it.
  2. Oh yeah my calves were bruised when I first rode X before the public. I learned that after the drop I tuck my legs in so when the flip happens they are secured up against the seat. Once the train is out of the big raven turn, its hands up and legs out. Then back in tuck position through the front flip and second raven turn. That seems to be the spot were the body suffer the most pain. Raven to a flip then brakes...... OUCH! X2 is a tricky beast and you need to know how to ride it!
  3. Having ridden X2 many, many times, it is just one of those rides you have to defensively ride. There really is no secret to have a perfectly smooth ride. It throws you around a lot; some like that, and some don't. The only tips I can recommend is to seat near the back of the train (which is really the front--the first row to leave the station), on an inside seat (preferably with someone heavier than you on the end), and keep your restraint tight and low on your shoulders, your head forward, and your legs firmly against the seat. Some rides are simply smoother/rougher than others for reasons you can't control. The ride really is a hit or miss. I've had both excellent and awful experiences over the years. Hope that helps. Unfortunately X2 is just a violent ride that isn't meant for everybody. Good luck! I think the ride experience is different for a lot of people, I know it is for me. I am 6'2 220 built guy and my partner is 6'0 190 and I always put him on the outside seat in the 1st or 2nd row of the train. We get minimal jerking through out the ride. It is only at the end coming out of the Raven turn into the brake run that we get the most roughness. Over all X2 is my ride (hence the screan name) and I take the good, bad and ugly of it.
  4. My brother and I always do KSF for Halloween and this year seemed a little lack luster. We did MM Fright Fest and for once I can say they were better than Knott's WeHO for Halloween, now that is a must do! Got the costume ready and hitting the gym even harder to show so skin that night (LOL)! HA HA! I am not showing skin in WeHo, but maybe we can meet up for a drink. Have a mini Tpr meet up Sounds good!
  5. My brother and I always do KSF for Halloween and this year seemed a little lack luster. We did MM Fright Fest and for once I can say they were better than Knott's WeHO for Halloween, now that is a must do! Got the costume ready and hitting the gym even harder to show so skin that night (LOL)!
  6. If they play it right, Magic can succeed! They just need to learn how to operate the park and the rides. I think they should raise the Season Pass price. It is priced to low and hurting them. Mimic Disney, have different passes (certain days, unlimited and super unlimited with special perks)!
  7. I'll meet you there! Who needs a flash pass on random Wednesdays!? Sounds good!
  8. Again? They just closed it for like 8 months for some retracking... any idea what they're doing now? They need to blow that ride up! Replace it with a new Big Dive Coaster to take up old Deja Vu and Apocalypse land.
  9. looks like I am going to have to call out sick during the week. Enjoy the park by myself
  10. Shoot.......... I'm with you on that one! Would love to see a polercoaster here in the West. Or with a little reinforcement, the sky tower can become a new thrill! ! Can you imagine a super star flyer using the tower? Holy crap my pants Batman! That would be AWESOME! SF is always finding a way to revamp the old to a new thrill. Well here you go.... SKY TOWER FLYER! Superman sways when you are on Lex going up. I think that is crazy feeling! This would be crazy scary!
  11. I would really hope they close it and really check it out thoroughly! Just to play it safe!
  12. It's made by another manufacturer (Chance Morgan) so probably not. The chance models are made by KMG I found this link from the Ohio Accident forum..... http://www.chancerides.com/rides/revolution32.html look at the picture on Chance Website, it is identical to La Revolucion.
  13. Can anyone tell me if the La Revolucion ride is open since the tragic accident in Ohio?
  14. I didn't see a date on it, but the trolls were the park's mascots from 1972-1985. When I get a chance, I'll take a closer look to see when it was made. WOW!I remember that character from Magic Mountain. Geeesh, I even have pictures with him from back in the early 80's. How did the Jaw surgery go? Well, I've been pretty miserable the past few days, but I'm starting to feel better today. The surgery was a success, though, as my teeth now fit together. Thanks for asking! Nice! I am glad all went well and the teeth fit nicely. I need to have that surgery done too but I keep putting it off. Kind of scared.
  15. WOW!I remember that character from Magic Mountain. Geeesh, I even have pictures with him from back in the early 80's. How did the Jaw surgery go?
  16. Personally it’s the public who make their ride experience bad. I've waiting in line for RR and seen how they bounce on the seats and then it locks or they sit down and it locks. Making it an awkward ride! I am 6’2 and I never had a bad ride experience. Yes I have felt the famous B&M rattle but I don't let that bother me.
  17. LOL! I haven't heard that in a long time. I working when they had that massive riot form the TLC concert. I was working Revolution and remember lights going out and people screaming, glass breaking and seeing my poor park get looted. Was not a good night! Six Flags in the 90's and early 2000's was HORRIBLE! Security has come a long way. Plus it is nice to see the Sheriff station when you walk up to the gates!
  18. Magic Mountain Sucks. Cedar Point Rules! *runs away* Oh don't get me started on CP. I had several bad experience too. Every park is F'd up in their own way! No such thing as perfect!
  19. This is awesome and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who speaks up! If I was there and heard you speak up I definitely would have spoken up with you and had stood there alongside you. I also seem to be the only one to say something to people that litter (typically I pick it up and give it back to them, while saying this place isn't your trashcan) and I also say something to people that cut in line. Typically if you stop them there and ask where they think they're going, you can get them to turn around, but saying you're going to immediately report them to security before they get on the ride they stop and turn around as well. I'm in my early 30's and quite fit, I work out and so I'm pretty intimidating and most people once I say something it kinda scares them or catches them off guard and they cut it out or apologize. Also I don't do it just to be a tough guy, I do it because it seems to bother the people around me and nobody else has the balls to say anything, and personally, I just don't think it's right. Just out of curiosity how did security show up so fast? That seems like something where you'd have to wait 10 or more minutes for one to even walk by? And you know what? That gives me an idea. At the MLB Ballpark I attended in the past, there was a sign that said something along the lines of "To report drunk/unruly fans using profanity or ruining your park experience text this number and give us your section number" so people could anonymously report people that were out of line. I think that would be a great thing to have at a park like Magic Mountain that is so big and always seems to have these kinds of issues. Send a text, give a location, and that way security could get to situations in a timely manner. Usually they seem to just happen to be walking by, so it's hit or miss. They were walking by and seen the 2 in my face. I have been to places where signs are posted saying stuff like that. I wish more people said something but they are too scared! They can be bada$$ over social media but in person, chicken sh&^!
  20. I went through the same thing at 39/40. Brother had kids and I didn't. Something was missing and she was it. I love her....... I had the dinning pass and it was a PAIN! like you said, packed park with limited windows open for food. I actually did the PB&J Tuesday for her and snacks. I only paid for a souvenir cup that had free refills that day.
  21. EXACTLY! I wouldn't mind paying a higher season pass fee! Its true that it is a big baby sitter! Maybe if they would raise their season pass and general admission price. It would weed out some of the bad apples, plus they will have extra money for the park! I shouldn't have quit working for them but had to follow family tradition! Chicago Skate; roller skating and dancing combine! Yeah! Now that I have a child it feels good to teach her how be polite and show respect. For a while I didn't think I would have kids considering my situation. Thanks to a friends help that was able too.
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