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  1. Big Brother and Stop.Think.Rewind... now OFFICAL SELECTION 2010 Orange County film festival --Jay
  2. Thanks alot for the support. It means more then you think. --Jay
  3. Big Brother and Stop. Think. Rewind OFFICAL SElECTION 2009 Saddleback film festival --Jay
  4. Here are the 2 stills from Stop.Think.Rewind. and the official Big Brother Poster! Thanks --Jay
  5. Well I haven't posted anything in a while. We finished our music video "Big Brother" and finished a PSA on stealing "Stop. Think. Rewind.". Now I have some photos from the Production of Big Brother. Yep so thats it. i'll upload a couple stills from the PSA soon. Thanks --Jay
  6. Batman. SLC i've only been on Kong... worst pain/ride ever. --Jay
  7. Wont happen. Already have 4 in the works. They have all made about the same in america. But overseas its a beast! the first made about 200m overseas. 2nd about 460. 3rd will make about 700m! Its the 3rd biggest movie of all time! behind Titanic and the final Lord of the Rings movie.
  8. Rooftop!!! OFFICIAL WINNER 2009 Yosemite Film Festival El Capitan Film Award --Jay
  9. Wow! Fireball looks insane! Amazing speed through the whole ride it looks like. --Jay
  10. ^ he didnt direct it though hes the producer.
  11. Inception trailer. Christopher Nolans $200 million follow up to the Dark Knight. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/5806716/15196822 --Jay
  12. I just think the park would have faired better in California or florida. Bad park placement I think is the main problem. --Jay
  13. Wow, is this the first incident on Jurassic park ride at both parks. I cant remeber any others? --Jay
  14. Avatars trailer is here! http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/avatar/
  15. Yeah they were way better to begin with, but i belive disney has improved them since its opening. --Jay
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