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  1. The Forbidden Journeys only gonna get up to about 1850 Guests per hour. The park has a capacity of 35,000. So a little more then half the guests will get to ride. Which isn't bad, but I feel a ride like this should be pumping out a higher amount of people. --Jay
  2. 1800 Students, 300 schools, 1st place! at the STN national competition. Amistadstills! --Jay
  3. Really! I mean Advertising hair gel on a coaster. Thats how you know Six Flags is doing bad. --Jay
  4. Those are some really neat T.V. spots! I like the opening to them. --Jay
  5. Stop.Think.Rewind. Jonathan Dayton Director of Little Miss Sunshine said - "Smart and to the point". Walter Parkes A producer at DreamWorks Pictures said - "A near-perfect execution of its concept, and successful in telling a complete story". --Jay
  6. Harvard Westlake Film Festival was a blast at Achlight! Jason Reitman and Kathryn Bigelow were there! --Jay
  7. ^ yeah it seemed more alive to me. Little more action, I really liked all the mist, but the t-rex needs fog or something covering it until the last moment. --Jay
  8. New Jurassic park ride! Overall to me it looks like a much better ride. Except for the Finale and t-rex look a little weak, and anti-climatic. --Jay
  9. Oh YEAHHHH!!! BIG BROTHER Oficial Selection Newport Beach Film Festival This is the Biggest film festival we have ever played at! --Jay
  10. Big Brother OFFICIAL SELECTION 2010 Yorba Linda film festival - Winner Best directing, cinematography, film effects, editing - Winner Best acting, stunts, action, script Stop.Think.Rewind OFFICIAL SELECTION 2010 Yorba Linda film festival - Winner Best Advertisement Thanks, Jay
  11. Geez man, when you put it like that the odds don't sound THAT great. It's like, you might as well gather together all the Orca trainers from all the Sea Worlds, have a staff meeting and tell them "If all of you stay working at this park for the next four years...one of you will die. And one of you will have serious injuries." I mean, I've had better odds driving on the Los Angeles freeways for the past 20 years! Who would've thought! --Robb Well what i was saying is that every time the trainers are in the water they know what there doing and know the animals power. They know how dangerous it can be. But this was Seaworlds first Death in 42 years i believe they said. Thats good odds. I also get exactly where you're coming from though. --Jay
  12. See I feel there making a bigger deal out of this. I mean now the waters less safe? Just in the past 4 years theres been 2 "incidents" 1 being fatal. But with 3 parks 3 shows a day at least well say thats like 12,000 shows. So in 12,000 shows you have 1 death, and one other incident. The trainers know the risks,they are no different now then before. Hopefully after a few months they will return to the water ,cause I believe its the best part of the show and the biggest wow factor probably. Also though my heart goes out to her family and friends. --Jay
  13. 100% yes. Think about it... 1 out of nine plants in our solar system. BIllions of Solar Systems in our Galaxy. Not only that, but then theres billions of other Galaxies in which they have billions of solar systems. Thats just our universe. There could be one more! so 1:9 here so the odds are its not like. 1:100000000000000000000000000000000000000000. Theres bound to be at least one more. --Jay
  14. OFFICIAL SELECTION 2010 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION 2010 Harvard Westlake film festival OFFICIAL SELECTION 2010 Orange County film festival -Winner Best PSA OFFICIAL SELECTION 2009 Saddleback film festival -Winner Best PSA thanks, Jay
  15. Big Brother and Stop.Think.Rewind. OFFICIAL SELECTION 2010 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival this is a HUGE festival. Im very excited! www.slofilmfest.org Also Stop.Think.Rewind. Official Selection 2010 Harvard Westlake film festival. At the famous ArcLight dome theater in LA --Jay
  16. Jurassic park is my favorite movie of all time and always will be. I was able to see it on the largest screen in California 2 years ago and it changed my life. I would do or give up anything to go. Hopefully there is one in the next 80 years!
  17. Big Brother Music video!!! note: You cant here most the sound effects on the youtube version. Please tell me what you think! Thanks. --Jay
  18. Just got back from the film festival and we won... Best PSA for Stop.Think.Rewind. also Best Cinematography for Big Brother. --Jay
  19. I went last year in the rain, and the only ride closed i remember was Alice in Wonderland. --Jay
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