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  1. Inception Imax midnight was amazing. 535 other people just as excited! I loved it, finally a smart original blockbuster. It got a Standing Ovation! --Jay
  2. I would say Cat in the Hat fits the description of a small [family] dark ride. I agree with you but they need another. Disney has like 6. --Jay
  3. A side note there really missing the basic rides! everything there is like a E or D ticket. They need Swings and more flats maybe a a large family kind of coaster(in between hulk and Unicorn size) or a small dark ride. just the basic rides that make up a park. --Jay
  4. Yeah it is, another plus to me. You get a very similar ride yet always a little different. --Jay
  5. I would cry in sadness. --Jay Why would you cry? Ghost Rider used to be a top 10 woodie, and was an amazing ride. Now its just painful...on a good day. Redoing Ghost Rider with this track or some other track would put it back to the way it was when the ride opened. It would be amazing! And I'm really excited for this ride to open, if it works well, so many other bad rides could be rejuvenated! I dont want a smoother ride. I think its perfect, its my number 1 coaster it throws you around just enough, i love it! --Jay
  6. Rode it last week back car 4 times. Its still my number one coaster. I love it perfect amount of airtime, and perfect amount of roughness to me(Pyclone was painful this is perfect). It throws you around, its wild, reckless! It my favorite coaster. My dad agrees too. Call me crazy. --Jay
  7. I don't think so Viper will stay for awhile I think. I cant see them talking it out. --Jay
  8. Amistad just got accepted to the Sacramento International Music and Film Festival! --Jay
  9. No I believe it is spider-man/Indy style And is it just me or does that show building not look big at all... --Jay
  10. Fantastic Review! micechat.com/forums/universal-studios/138068-harry-potter-forbidden-journey-review-contains-spoilers.html --Jay
  11. I think people who don know about Harry Potter and visiting are still gonna wanna ride it! They know its a major attraction.. A guest will be like wow a huge castle, big line, there gonna know most likely its a MUST ride. I hate and i mean HATE Lord of The Rings yet If i went to a theme park and the had a 200million dollar castle/ride LOTR's thing I would want to ride. I have many friends that hate star wars but love star tours and think its cool. My Dad and Step mom have never seen any potter movies or books.... I showed them the Castle and they were like "wow I wish they had that when we were there"! Another friend of mine has seen like 2 movies and doesn't like them. they bore him, yet i showed him the land and walking through of Hogsmed(sp) and he wanted to go there. He thought it looked amazing, even watched like 3 more videos about it! Im just saying maybe you don't like it. Sure some people wont. But i think this land has a much wider appeal then some of you think. --Jay
  12. Wow that looks like one of or the nicest SF parks! --Jay
  13. I think that is because Six Flags didn't want to drop the extra money for Batman theming. --Jay
  14. Lets build a hyper when you have a giga, and talking bad about intamin. I was very entertained. --Jay
  15. Anyone think Intimidator 305 gonna get first next year? --Jay
  16. last time i was at the park Riddlers had a 2 hour wait, But that was 2 summers ago. --Jay
  17. Yeah I know Spider-Man was well more then 100... closer to 200. And there is no way Darkastle was that cheep. Thats the price of a new b&m coaster or something. This is a huge show building, sets, 3-D, and so on. --jay
  18. 1) Montu - Just great size, speed, inversions. 2) DD Ice - While not as fast as Fire I liked its layout just a tad bit more. 3) DD Fire - Basically tied with Ice. 4) Batman - Amazing pacing, strong G's 5) Silver Bullet - I hate this ride with a passion for ruining knotts by removing the lake, laser show, boat ride. But it has grown on me over the years. Also the over banked turn is sweet. --Jay
  19. Thanks a lot everyone! I still think its great that a non Disney/Universal park would drop that much money on an attraction. --Jay
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