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  1. Does anyone else use the Untapped app to track their beer drinking? You can see what your friends are drinking and where. Interacts with Foursquare, Twitter and FB,
  2. I wound it bearable opening weekend. But in August, absolutely terrible.
  3. YES! It looks like more padding and it's shaped like the lap bar padding. Your shins weren't alone, ouch, but worth it. Hope SDC adds this new padding as well.
  4. I don't really care if they call it a coaster or not, they do call the larger U shaped ride in this area that shuttles people forward and backwards a coaster. I like what they are doing to this area of the park. It will make it feel a lot less like a parking lot.
  5. The New Mini Hotness tour ties in pretty well with what I wanted to do next year: KD, BGW, Carowinds, and Dollywood. So it's either the Mini plus the above or the West Coast summer. Leaning toward the Mini plus.
  6. I am thrilled that this new RMC is only 6 hours from me, looks amazing.
  7. Here is a picture of Shawn, Ross, Nick, and Matt enjoying a ride in the Cyclops' back car. I didn't even realize you guys were on it when I took it.
  8. ^ You beat me to it. I'd much rather look at Jack Links advertisement than all the hair gel ads.
  9. My first ride on Outlaw Run was in the dark and it was amazing. "What the hell just happened?" was the thought running through my brain when we hit the brakes.
  10. I'll try and answer a few of these. Woodies - Renegade will toss you around but I do not think it is rough. High Roller has a couple spots, but nothing bad. Bins - Yes, most rides have bins where you can put your bags, souvenir cups, etc. Tickets - The Valleyfair website has tickets for $29.99 July 29 - August 18 as part of Pink Days.
  11. Didn't take Markey long. http://houston.cbslocal.com/2013/07/22/dem-senator-roller-coasters-need-more-federal-regulations/
  12. Glad you enjoyed Poor Richard's. I'm craving one of their flatbread pizzas.
  13. Very slow today. Please note that the GG guys were around checking things as well as the ride-ops. One of my rides they had everyone in and the person behind me complained that he stapled himself. They released everyone and started over. They were also committed to a full train today which is good and bad. They spent way too much time looking for singles, pairing up singles after seated, then trying to fill the empty seat with a pair that wasn't riding with another pair. My last ride today, I was only a third of the way up the steps, when they called down for a single, I took it and ran up the steps to a second to last car seat, that worked out good for me.
  14. The ride is a lot of fun. I loved the going hands up through the corkscrew. Here is a picture of the wider steel track used for the corkscrew section plus a couple other random pictures I took. Upside down Yup, still aggressive. Standing under it. Timberliners
  15. The two off-ride videos on their FB page, wow. This thing is flying.
  16. I have no concerns about the structure(Gravity Group), my concerns lie with the park and their maintenance/upkeep of the ride. Since they have done major re-tracking, it should be good this summer, but how will it be in a few years?
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