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  1. And there it is. You can't make this up. What a disappointment.
  2. I would assume the light package is similar to this video, multiple colors and patterns available to program. I have only seen them run red and white horizontal and vertical stripes so far though.
  3. I could see it from 169 about 10:30 last night, looked like a giant candy cane. Very bright.
  4. I guess the argument over if the amphitheater will be demolished or renovated has been settled. From the GM's tweet.
  5. ^Plus reworked the entire wasteland that was the path to Steel Venom. They've dropped a lot of money doing these things. All of the other little improvements like replacing concrete and blacktop with pavers to make things look more appealing. I have no idea, but I think dumping even more money into the waterpark is a better investment for the park than a mediocre B&M invert.
  6. "Must get kiddie coaster credit" in a zombie-like voice.
  7. If you really want a laugh, go over to Facebook and read the comments of people saying "Adventureland here we come". You can't make this stuff up.
  8. I never heard or read an official time, just what @ValleyfairMN tweeted at someone saying it would be on Friday, no time was mentioned.
  9. At the park now. I just want some fans added in the Renegade queue, dead air.
  10. ^ I just try to hit Badger Hill Brewing before or after the park.
  11. Self Service Beer coming to Cedar Point. www.prweb.com/releases/2015/08/prweb12911309.htm
  12. I got a reply on Twitter saying it is being removed for a water entrance and parking. Are they just running with the rumor, or is what I suggested April 14 gonna come true. I'm going to buy a lottery ticket.
  13. I'll probably be out there this evening, probably won't ride it anyway.
  14. A different coaster club(initials CPK) just tweeted a picture of Excalibur, "today we are saying goodbye to Excalibur". Did I miss an announcement somewhere?
  15. Why not? Valleyfair received the first Morgan and GCII in the chain. Do I think it will happen, no, but I wouldn't rule anything out.
  16. Have fun, I'm slightly jealous as I love Silver Dollar City. I would definitely consider a Flash Pass at SFGAm if your going to be there on a Saturday.
  17. Here are the standard colors used for survey marking. WHITE - Proposed Excavation PINK - Temporary Survey Markings RED - Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit and Lighting Cables YELLOW - Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum or Gaseous Materials ORANGE - Communication, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables or Conduit BLUE - Potable Water PURPLE - Reclaimed Water, Irrigation and Slurry Lines GREEN - Sewers and Drain Lines
  18. Removing High Roller and adding a Boomerang, you're joking I hope?
  19. ^^ If you plan on visiting the park regularly, I would definitely get a souvenir bottle. Pretty simple math to me, $10.99 with free refills day you buy it, then after that, $1 refills for the rest of the season.
  20. I would love to have it, but it the stats they posted on Facebook are correct, where to put it? "The 13’ x 26’ sign was considered state of the art when it was installed in 1989. It features more than one mile of fully animated neon, more than five miles of wiring and weighs in at about three tons."
  21. I prefer Mamba over Wild Thing but I will take Steel Eel over both. While it's under 200 feet, it provides tons of air.
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