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  1. Interesting, they are adding local bands on the weekends. I will definitely be at the park to see a few of them. https://www.valleyfair.com/what-s-new/valleyfair-live
  2. That is the same policy Cedarfair put into effect for Coasting for Kids 2014. During the marathon you may ride 2 consecutive times, but then you had to take one off.
  3. Or it could be that part of VF's new season pass benefits that includes discount tickets to MN Wild hockey games.
  4. Of course it can be done, you can only try and predict mother nature. I remember in an interview on a different site when Renegade was announced, the GCI guys said flood levels were taken into account when designing Renegade. Face it, last year's flooding was above what is to be expected, it also came later in the year than normal.
  5. Unlike other Morgan's, Steel Dragon train have guide wheels on the outside similar to B&M trains, so not extremely different. I would assume with some measurements it wasn't that hard for B&M to draw something up. I'm sure they cost a pretty penny though. As far as updating the trains on Wild Thing, no thank you, there are much better ways to spend that money.
  6. It was wedged in between Enterprise, the amphitheater and the go cart track. http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=57&linkid=7731
  7. I don't really care who makes it or if the train is above or below the track. The park needs a QUALITY looper.
  8. Yeah, I thought of that too. Was hoping they would announce today or wait until Friday.
  9. OK, I get what they are doing. There are two ways to look at it. One way(CF and their 9 million number) is the areas where you may draw visits from. This is a very large area and includes people that only visit when there is a new attraction or once every few years. Then there is local area, the area where you draw most of your visits from. These people make yearly visits, a lot of them make multiple visits per year. This is the foundation that maintains attendance numbers. The second way is how I look at it. If CF believes that VF can support a B&M Invert and it's a good investment, they will do it. Will there be an attendance spike the year they install a new coaster, probably. Will it maintain that attendance level the following years? That's the question.
  10. ^^I didn't find what you said rude at all, sometimes the truth hurts. I have no idea where the 9 million people number comes from. I do know from actual population stats that the Toronto Metro area has as many people as the entire State of Minnesota(5.5 million). I don't know how anyone can consider these two areas similar. To me it's more like comparing a baseball to a basketball.
  11. If you count Rollercoaster as two words, "Banshee roller coaster Kings Island" works.
  12. Gary - I wish I had known you booked rooms at Mt. Olympus. I would have advised against it. I remember Elissa telling us that it was the most expensive hotel on the trip last year, and we stayed in some nice hotels. Our room was part dorm room, part prison cell. The mural painted on the wall was what nightmares are made of. Note the headboards aren't real, they are painted on the wall.
  13. I rode it the weekend it opened(Memorial Day weekend 2013) and again on the TPR TX/MW trip in August. I thought it was OK in May, but my rides in August were BRUTAL. I have never been on anything that rearranged my internal organs like that. They did more re-tracking over the winter but no amount of re-tracking can overcome their lack of maintenance and upkeep on their rides. I have not ridden it this year and have no plans to ever go back to that park.
  14. If said source is legitimate, we will know in a little over a year from now. If Gary spills the beans, source will probably be fired from whatever position they are in by violating some sort of confidentiality agreement. And if we are going to start guessing names, I will say Pterodactyl for a new Invert. It fits with other Cedar Fair "Birds of Prey". The station will be located near Dinosaurs Alive and will interact with a new entrance plaza at the front of the park. Great, now I have Jurassic Park music stuck in my head, ugh.
  15. Cedar Point tweeted this shortly after the announcement. "Welcome home, @KingJames! What happens next at Cedar Point? Stay tuned! "
  16. It's pretty common during the spring thaw for some flooding. This one has been caused by one of the wettest Junes on record.
  17. I was under the impression that it was just the North end of the parking lot. Guess not. More photos - http://www.startribune.com/local/south/264577091.html#vGF5gvQmubmlJxoC.97 Photo - StarTribune
  18. The problem with moving the maintenance building to that location -
  19. It's a Ski hill that is located about 15-20 minutes East of Valleyfair.
  20. Last year the weather had a lot to do with it. We started off with cold and sprinkles on Renegade. After lunch it was rain for the first hour on Wild Thing. People were wearing their jackets backwards with the hood over their faces, ouch. I will admit that I took about an hour break in the middle of Wild Thing ERT and still got 40+ rides on it. Amazing work everyone. Looking forward to Sunday.
  21. I'm disappointed that I can't get there soon enough. Anyone know what fell off during the test run?
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