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  1. ^ If Excalibur had been built 11 years earlier, yes, you could have had Gemini for $400k more.
  2. That's too bad, I always liked sitting in the middle of the seat, less knee bruises that way. Glad to hear Renegade is running good, I didn't think it was bad last year, but I only rode it on CFKs day in June.
  3. Because the population within a 2-3 hour drive of KI is far greater than that of Valleyfair. Ohio has 6 million more people than MN. Indy, Columbus, Louisville, Lexington all within a 2 hour drive of KI. Route 76 is looking great. Can't wait to spend an evening out there with all of the new LEDs around the park.
  4. Right now, anything that FX puts on the air I will watch. Fargo has started off great and I'm looking forward to the second season of The Bridge this summer.
  5. Creating new revenue sources and areas for development is dumb? OK, that's your opinion, but you know what they says about opinions.
  6. Maybe I didn't explain it well enough. The area outlined in Red is what I am referring to. In my grand design this would be the new parking lot, the current parking lot would be developed and the new entrance would be near SV's eastern spike. This is a just a thought I had after a few beers one night. No, it will never happen.
  7. OK, this is just an idea since everyone is talking about removing Excalibur. If they remove it and as expected next year is a water park expansion, make it a large enough expansion to justify making it separate admission. Use Excalibur's and maybe Thunder Canyon's area for parking and a gate. I've been going to the park for over 20 years and probably have been in the water park twice, it doesn't interest me. However, I know people that would love to just go to the water park and skip the ride side. Since they don't have that option, they will skip the whole place. I've heard different stories about the land between the parking lot and the dorms. Does anyone know who owns that, can it be developed or turned into parking lot if they were to expand the park by moving the gate to the east? Probably have to build/extend the flood barrier. In an ideal situation, that is where the water park should have been built.
  8. A few from the last couple weeks: Unchained Batch #15 Fest Bier Brewery: Summit Brewing Company Style: Oktoberfest/Märzen ABV: 5.5% Amber Brewery: Alaskan Brewing Co. Style: Altbier ABV: 5.3% Bender Brewery: Surly Brewing Company Style: American Brown Ale ABV: 5.1% Hopped Up 'N Horny Brewery: Horny Goat Brewing Co. Style: American IPA ABV: 6.3% https://untappd.com/user/timothy31zz/beers
  9. Are you thinking Thunderation? Cause Powder Keg's cars don't have sides.
  10. At the 5:20 mark of that flyover, wow! That drop is going to be crazy.
  11. As always, great detail and photos in this update Andy. Makes me really miss SDC.
  12. All set up for Worlds of Fun. The improvements that have been made to TeamRaiser this week are looking good.
  13. Mt. Olympus must think they have RMC no-maintenance track. The bottom of "The Drop" on Cyclops.
  14. Out of the four that I have been to: 1. Great America - Good collection of rides, good staff and clean. 2. Fiesta Texas - Awesome location for a park. 3. St. Louis - Nice little park with a pretty good GCII. 4. Over Texas - What can I say that hasn't been said by most people on the TX/MW Trip already? This could be a really good park.
  15. I went on a little local brewery tour on Saturday. Here are my favorites: Expat Rye Saison from Fulton Beer. Chocolate Milk Stout from Dangerous Man Brewing Zero Hour Black Ale from 612Brew
  16. I'm trying to decide between ValleyFair and Wof. Leaning towards Wof since I did VF last year.
  17. After participating at Valleyfair last year, I'm thinking WoF this year.
  18. Great trip report and photos Andy. It was the combination of the heat, no NTAG or Shockwave and terrible park service that day. Having a Flash Pass is great, but when we entered Batman, it took them 5-7 minutes before they even looked at us. After that it was what seemed like 5 minute dispatches. Now that I think about it, the guy in the booth was singing complete songs between dispatches.
  19. I replied to their ferris wheel tweet yesterday. My guess was a light package similar to Cedar Point's.
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