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  1. Looks like Yerba Buena Island just above the tower. *EDIT* Scratch that. The Bay Bridge opened before the Golden Gate.
  2. I've actually seen that at SFDK (and had to do the pushing a few times). On several different coasters actually. It's actually quite common even on coasters that maintain decent speed when moving parts are cold as well as outside air temperature. I'm sure it's happened on Grizzly, just not seen/recorded by anyone on here yet. I've seen footage of it happening on GhostRider. Not what you want to have happen, but it's better than valleying.
  3. I thought they passes some new ting saying that they are only allowed to blow the horn at crossings that don't have signals? That is not the case. Horns are required at all crossings, signaled and unsignaled. If a crossing is upgraded with certain features the Federal Railroad Administration can designate it as a "Quiet Zone", but the upgrades are expensive and the city is responsible for paying for them. Even then it doesn't mean engineers aren't allowed to blow their horns, it means engineers aren't required to blow their horns. They still can if they want to and nobody can stop them. Getting off topic here, back to CGA. You have to wonder how this is going to effect future additions to the park. Isn't this pretty much exactly why Cedar Fair wanted to dump the place to begin with?
  4. As others have said, it's the airport syndrome at its finest. And yes people do complain about these things without rhyme or reason, and go to great lengths to get what they want. I work for a railroad (part of my territory happens to pass less than a mile from CGA actually. The tracks are right behind the 49ers stadium), and we constantly have to deal with new homes being built right up to the tracks, and the new residents complaining about the noise from trains on a line that has been in use continuously since the 1860's. We actually have homeowners who camp outside and write down locomotive numbers of trains making excessive horn noise, noise that we are required to make due to federal regulations. Fortunately, railroads are exempt from local and state law. CGA unfortunately, does not enjoy such privileges. There are many political and legal opinions and things I could say about the whole legal aspect of a noisy business in a secluded area later being surrounded by the city and its occupants, but this really isn't the forum for it. All I'm going to say is that it needs to stop. People are just too damn self righteous these days.
  5. Wow, I spent way too much time working today. I totally read that as "busy butt fun day".
  6. ^True dat. In addition, having worked both the media days for Superman and Big Spin/Pandemonium, most of the time is spent waiting while camera crews fiddle with equipment, helicopters move into position, etc. We probably spent more time standing around than running the ride on both occasions. Media day is NOT an ERT session.
  7. Another excellent product from GCI. It was nice to finally put some faces to names as well. I'd also like to echo what others said and thank park management. Not a single cent was made by the park in the last three days, but they still put on a great show. It's good to see that kind of thing still exists in today's hostile business world. Also, SAWDUST!!! *Points*
  8. Thanks, that is great to hear. Who else is going? When are you getting there? Is there a dress code? Who stole my wallet?
  9. No sign up? Free? Food? Wood? The? So, let me get this straight, one can just show up unannounced, get in for free, ride to one's content, and get free food? I shall arrive tomorrow if that is indeed the case. I'm taking Amtrak, and I just want to make sure that is still the case before going through all the hassle. Yes, I saw the question answered a few pages ago, but with these reports of people getting in for free and running amok I just want to make sure the park didn't swing the ban hammer, so to speak.
  10. Oh, believe me we used those switchbacks A LOT. The problem is that SFDK likes to run its rides with as little manpower as possible, so there isn't always someone available to open up the switchbacks. That, and the fact that Medusa isn't very popular with the better, more experienced ride ops, so it's usually run with new people who often lack experience, or just don't care. I think the reason people here are able to point out so many rides that never use their full queues is that enthusiasts tend to go to parks on days that they know it's going to be dead, and consequently have this warped "I've never seen it, so it must not exist" perspective. I used to think a lot of rides had unnecessarily long lines, but after working at a park and being there on the busy days enthusiasts like to avoid, I've seen pretty much every ride with full queues. Hell, I've seen Road Runner Express with a forty minute wait.
  11. Well, time to string up that banner! In addition, I believe it would be 80 times better if they had all the employees wear Ravens jerseys for opening weekend, and not just the GM on a day the park probably won't even be open. If you're reading this Charles, I suggest passing the Idea along as I'm sure my former co-workers would be most enthusiastic about this once in a lifetime opportunity Also, they'd have to pay ME seventy bucks for a dining pass.
  12. Baltimore should have been given a penalty for pass interference on Crabtree. Crabtree was two feet in the end zone and Baltimore was still blatantly interfering yet the referees did nothing. The referees were unusually easy on Baltimore the entire game.
  13. Looks like Eric Gilbert is back at The Great Escape, this time as President. I too, was employed at SFDK during his tenure there and can honestly say those were indeed dark times at the park. Dale Kaetzel on the other hand was a class act. He was well liked and respected and could be seen regularly walking around the park interacting with guests and employees. I saw him almost every day while working at Superman. SFOG will be in good hands under this man. This McCoy guy coming to SFDK sounds good too but with the constant Park President musical chairs, I feel it won't be long before the park sees yet another new face in the captain's chair.
  14. If the guido's aren't all dead by the end of the movie, I want a refund.
  15. Speaking as someone who has operated Pandemonium for the past few years, I can confirm that it is not bolted to the concrete.
  16. My life is now complete, and I have this fine film to thank.
  17. This just in from Screamscape: Looking at the way the World Series is going, I cant wait to ride the San Francisco Giant!
  18. Did CF get a new lease when they purchased the Paramount Parks, or did they pick up an existing lease from Paramount and Marriott? If it's the latter, then the 50? years might actually be much shorter.
  19. The thing is, I've never heard of a ride being dismantled just for an inspection, without it being removed altogether. Now, the article didn't specify if it was just parts of the lift or more of the ride being dismantled, but seeing what happened to Two Face, I'm kinda doubtful that Invertigo will operate again, at least at CGA, that is. I dunno, sounds like a cover up to "quietly" remove the ride, kinda like what GL did with Steel Venom/Possessed. I'll go ahead and edit my original post to clear things up though.
  20. When I went, the park closed to the public at 7, opened to seniors at 9, closed at 6am, and reopened to the public at 8am
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