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  1. I have yet to use Q-Pass and have not waited more than 70 minutes for T-Express and never waited more than 20 min for Lost Valley. Granted I havent been back since peak season started this week, but cant be that much more extreme can it? Question though, have you been to Caribbean Bay this time of year while ita raining? How busy is it? We went to Lotte Gimhae this past Sunday and it wasnt that crowded, longest wait was 45 min for one of boomerang, aqua loops were walk on, and water coaster was only 25 min. Is Caribbean Bay extremely crowded or can we expect about the same on a rainy weekend day in July/Aug?
  2. For being the 'Great' Korean Beer Fest, it was tiny...lol. It was still a good time at the park, but coming just for the beer def. wouldn't have been worth it. 5,000 Won/beer, only about 10ish stands. There were some unique flavors, but overall nothing spectacular.
  3. Heading to the park on Monday w/ some work colleagues and the family. First time visiting the park, and I'm eager to see the new panda exhibit. The beer fest sounds amazing. I can't make it to the park on the Friday, but I should be there for the Saturday or Sunday to enjoy some of those tasty adult beverages...even it it'll probably be crowded, oh well...lol
  4. The 320+ is simply the model of Euro-Fighter it will be. For Canobie Lake, probably be a clone of Rage. Gerstlauer has info on their various models here: http://www.gerstlauer-rides.de/PDF/Euro-Fighter_Web.pdf
  5. Hey man, great PTR. It was nice to meet all of you at the park and hang out with yall. We had some good laughs...can we say splash zone? woot! As was already mentioned, the trims on Silver Star were noticable and that did slow the trains on the hills quite a bit. I would have to say the trims are the worst part of the ride and the ride experience would improve drasticly if the two trims were turned off. Although, on Sunday the first trim wasn't very strong so it was nice. The new train 'hood' and wheel covers are shiny-er and have a streak of red to them now. Looks much better than the original silver/grey/black. Euro Sat was running rough both Saturday and Sunday however was running a little 'off' on Sunday. The MCBR was extremely forceful by the end of the day on Sunday which I had never experienced before so it was obvious something wasn't quite right. Oh and the legendary braking 'feature' leading into the station was as fantasticly excrutiating as always...lol. Euro Mir was running great both days, nothing too notable to mention except that as always, the lift hill with the theme song playing is still the best part of the ride! Now onto the main feature, Blue Fire. As he said, the ride is absolutely phenominal and deserves the 10/10 that he gave it. It is by far the smoothest, quietest, and yet still thrilling attraction I have ever been on. Although the launch as as fast or as forcefull as others out there, it gets the job done nicely and allows it to be more 'family friendly' I guess you could say. But with the mixture of elements that the ride possesses, it is sure to please every thrill ride fanatic. All of the element transitions were perfect and at some points, including the barrel-roll, provided some great negative-g's. Front row is by far the best seat in the house and allows great views of the interaction between the track and the rock formations. The trains themselves I found to be very comfortable and don't feel restricting at all. One unique feature is also the added 'Pulse Monitor' that they built into the handles of the restrains. I'm not quite sure if they're real/accurate, but apparently when my hands are in the air it still says I have a pulse of 50-80 and then flatlining...lol. So, Blue Fire is intense enough to kill you...lol. A few random note on Blue Fire...The video/photo system is not yet operational, however I was told by staff that it would be up within the next week. All the equipment is on site, they just need to install it into the photo building. Now the part that intrigued me was the Blue Fire store. Visitors that go into to grab the latest t-shirts, hat's, and other Blue Fire gear will be dissapointed. At this time there are about 4 types of hats (granted they look great), but only one type of t-shirt with a plain design featuring only the logo. Now the reason for this is the interesting part, according to staff members as well as one of the park managers, the reason for this is because the name 'Blue Fire' was not actually selected as the official name until about a week and a half ago. We all knew Blue Fire as the project name, but the fact that it wasn't set to be the final name has me thinking what other options they were concidering. Although Saturday was great, I have to say Sunday was the best day, save for the weather. About 30 members of TowersTimes came to the park for the weekend and they managed to scrounge up some ERT on Silver Star before the park opened...we got about 4 rides in due to all three trains being on the track and having to cycle. At the end of the day we were on our way to Blue Fire for the last ride, when we happened to run into Roland Mack (minus the mustache). Had a nice little conversation with him, got a group photo, and were invited for a quick ERT session on Blue Fire after the park closed. We ended up with only 3 rides of ERT, but still it was amazing and I'd like to thank Roland for hooking us up. All in all, Europa Park is set for an amazing season and Mack has hit a home run when it comes to Blue Fire. I would not be surprised if we start season more of these coasters from Mack popping up around the world as an alternative to Intamin launchers. Good job Roland and all of the Mack/Europa Park staff!
  6. I never get tired of that pic...lol. I wonder if she's single...hmmm
  7. Looking good Z! Glad to see an update again. I'm really loving the Demon! Kudos!
  8. You can always try AAA. They're usually pretty accurate from my past experiences.
  9. Well, I guess I should introduce myself... My name is Steve Kalkofen, I'm 20 years old, and the Site Manager for RollerCoasterPro.com and a former moderator for SixFlagsNews.com before that. I've been around coasters all my life with my first real theme park being Europa Park in Germany (which to this day is one of my favorite parks!). I traveled around Europe, a few parks in Asia, as well as most of the United States to go to different parks throughout my life, however I haven't had the luxury of assimilating the ride count that our buddy Robb has achieved...lol. I decided to register on here a few weeks ago and I occasionally stop by TPR to see whats crackin' and see if I can learn some things from my fellow enthusiasts. I hope to become a little more active around TPR as well as a few other websites that I have, up until this point, not visited regularly and I hope to talk to you all around the boards.
  10. Well I can't say that this suprises me at all. I think this is a smart move on Cedar Fairs' part, however I would rather have had a small investment group take over Paramount Parks. It'll be interesting what Cedar Fairs will do with the the theming without the rights to some of the themes.
  11. Most people use various different trainers. The main trainer that I've always used is the 8 cars per trainer which can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/jmanderson_2000/trainers/trainers.htm
  12. It appears as if Zamperla's entire site is down...
  13. ^This shot has to be my favorite. The way it towers above Georgia Scorcher gives you a sense of how tall the ride really is. I'm loving it!
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