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  1. Neat. I actually made a scenario type of park called BronzeWood Thrill Park, The park is a finished park but its kinda small, Its next to an air strip, like Silverwood park, and the aim is to make money to purchase the air strip land to expand your park, and I think i threw in a number of guest in park target as well http://www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=3490
  2. Absolutely not wasting your time, when i saw the pics right now i was like AHHH but then I scrolled down and i was like phew. Great work as always
  3. Hey thanks The Green Lantern is A wild mouse coaster and I Used the 'Track Edit' Mod to manipulate the track to how i wanted it, It works similar to what you can do in Planet Coaster. Heres a link to the Mod - https://parkitectnexus.com/assets/7a759f2105/track-edit
  4. Hello, I wanted to create a park themed to The DC comics and now that its finished I would like to share it with you all. I tried to theme the restaurants and cafe's as well as the rides. I took inspirations for ride names and style themes from Six Flags Parks and as well as Warner Brother Parks, and Various Movie World Theme Parks. I hope you all like it and let me know what you think. You can watched me browse around the park here and also a download link is in the description. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] zoomed in picture of half the entrance gates The Flash Cafe The Lex Corp gift shop The Super Midway The Dark Knight Towers Wonder Womans Lasso Of Truth The end of the midway Slight overview and a glimpse of Death Stroke The Green Lantern Coaster Aqua man's Adventure Dive The back view Crime Wave Harleys Twist Of Doom Coaster The back view Catwomans Whip The Station to Death Stroke Layout over view The parks left back corner Superman Battle For Metropolis Car Park Entrance The Joker, An RMC construction site Pudding Cafe
  5. I'm praying for a new coaster in this new spot, I think a dive machine would fit in the park well, or a small compact woody both utilising the trenches in the ground like all the other coasters do there. Im looking forward to see what actually happens
  6. I can imagine people used to use and abuse the lists, I need to renew my membership anyway so il do that and purchase my park tickets, as it will probably work out cheaper anyways. Thanks
  7. Hello, i'm heading over to Orlando in June/July, for 1 week before heading over to Cedar Point. Im trying to figure out the best ticket option in Orlando. for example the Multipark ticket. My question is, Does being a TPR member give discount to the multi tickets for Orlando parks, or only for each separate park? and of course any other tips for tickets is mutely appreciated, thanks CoasterB
  8. It rolls!! Amazing work, Im always checking for more updates keep up the good work
  9. Hey all, I started a new park in parkitect, its fairly small, and I wanted to give it a Liseberg feel. The park will have free entry and pay as you go rides. Il post some screen shots here but you can also watch me construct the park on my youtube channel. Enjoy Part 1 Part 2
  10. So chuffed you reached your goal! so excited for the rest of the project, i'v watch a few videos on youtube from the model looking forward to seeing more. And if you get a train to run on the track then my mind will be blown!
  11. Hey all, i'v been playing parkitect now since one of the early pre alpha's, the game is great and worth every penny! After my resent trip to Phantasialand I felt the need to build my own version, so here are some screens of my park Phantasmicland. Currently the Mainstreet & Africa are complete, I have half of Mexico left to do and i'v just started a Klughaim area. Let me know if you like what i'v done so far Entrance Berlin Plaza Talocan The current transition from Mexico to Klugheim Mexico Chiapas More Chiapas My on version of Black Mamba Overview of what i'v done so far
  12. Every ride was open, Apart from river quest. The park apparently open the rides if it snows, They only don't if the snow settles thick on the tracks. The park is 100% worth a visit, it was good before Taron and now its even better.
  13. Hey all, I went to Phantasialand on Wednesday, This was my first theme park trip of the year since I fractured my spine at the beginning of the year, never the less I had a great time and was able to ride coasters again!!!! The park was empty, every ride was a walk on, River quest was down but it was too cold for that anyway. I was super hyped to ride Taron, I got 9 rides on it in totally, 4 times in the dark which was epic. Raik was also a great family ride, but going backwards on coasters just ruins me, I blame Namtab last year at great adventure for this lol. I managed to catch a few shows, the ice skating show was great, the rest of them were a bit ...meh but great fireworks at the end of the day which finished off the end to a perfect day. On with the photo's...
  14. from the video, it looks like the MCBR is off. is this still the case??
  15. I mean, isn't this only the second installation of a Mondial Inferno at all? The only other example of this ride I've ever known of is the traveling Airwolf. I've heard it's one of the craziest flat rides ever designed. EDIT: On-ride video: I think theres another one here in Germany too called nightfly, and theres also a really cool inverted version called intoxx which looks really amazing, I loved CW only been once and it was before the b&m days, so I hoped to visit again in the future
  16. WOW!!! it look incredible, and you can't put a price on something like this, There isn't enough money that could pay for your work and passion you put into this project. The last photo was insanely real. Congrats on your work
  17. you are nailing this! the concept is awesome, and from what I see of the layout it looks sweet! haven't been this interested in a design in a while.
  18. Oh the German fairs. I live here and I have honestly never seen fairs/carnivals like it. The rides they build are insane, and every year they get bigger and taller. Haven't had a chance to see the infinity on the circuit yet, but the XXL's from KMG come around a lot and they are also massive!
  19. Hey guys, I finally finished the model. I had accident where I slipped and punched it causing a lot of the lights to disconnect and I can't fix them. So sadly a few no longer work. But I'm really happy with the model, It may swing a little fast but the fact it even works makes me proud. I put together a little video of it finished. Enjoy [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  20. I highly recommend buying this game! Its great and especially with the mods you can download, what you can do is limitless. It took me a while to find a flow and a style because I was so used to RCT but now I'd play this over RCT any day. You can check out some time lapse videos of me playing the game if you wish at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTXnpmY32LyA_-pya44yoSg
  21. Hate is a strong word, but Nitro, I just didn't get it, sat in the back in the middle and the front, It wasn't bad just wasn't what everyone made it out to be. Having ridden Shambhala a few months prior I was kind of expecting something like that. But i felt like i got the opposite, the lay out was a little boring but I must say the helix is great. Again I liked it but wasn't raving about it so I was a little disappointed with that one.
  22. Hey, you can check out part 2 and part 3 the final part here. I think I did an okay job with the recreation. Love this game reminds of RCT2 but more advanced. Part 2 Part 3
  23. Hello everyone, I remember the nemesis in the alton towers park in RCT2 and I always tried to make it my self, it was possible but never really that good with roller coaster tycoons limits. Now with the brilliant coaster track editor in Parkitect I wanted to give it a go. I made this without using any mods or custom scenery. Here are some screen shots and you can also watch me build the coaster in part 1 of a timelapse on my youtube channel. Thanks
  24. I can only imagine that pain one would have to go through if arrow coasters had wave turns!
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