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  1. Welcome back Big Mike we missed you! Don't worry about the lost of the dirty girl, I've seen pictures of your new girl and she is by far much much prettier, classier, and you too make an awesome couple. I can't wait to see you two together in trip reports. I'm glad you were able to get to Florida and blow off some steam!
  2. I do have to say, one thing that impressed me about HWon my very first trip and every one since, is how every morning around opening time Pat and Will then later on Dan would be standing out front watching the crowds roll in, or how during the day you'd be walking through the park and out of the blue there would be Pat with a broom and dustpan sweeping up. This is the only park I know of where someone equal to her position would be doing that.... I bet the CEOs of the big chain amusement parks would throw a hissy fit like a little school girl if someone handed them a broom and dustpan and told them to go sweep in the park for a few hours. Holiwood NIghts will definetly not be as much fun without Dan and Pat there! I'm thinking we should chain ourselves to the voyage and start chanting "Bring Pat Back!"
  3. I love the old school woodies. They're rough but nothing beats the rumble, shudder, and smell of an old wooden coaster.
  4. The pregnant woman walk-through has got to be the weirdest walk-through I've ever seen. The spinning coaster looks like fun and I can't wait to ride one one of these days. I've never tried one of the SLC's but have always wondered do they swing like Iron Dragon at Cedar Point or Top Gun at Kings Island?
  5. I think that is a cool idea about scannable wrist bracelets. Whenever I wear one of those elastic key bands I'm always afraid its going to come off and I'll lose the key somewhere, on a differently related topic even though its still a bit off, who is going to Holiwood Nights this year? I was thinking maybe either Friday or Saturday we all meet at the Santa Clause at some point and get a group picture so the people who are going to do a trip report can include it? Heck, maybe I'll even try my hand at doing my first one.
  6. the black, yellow, and red definitely looks much better than just green and black. We want our coaster back dang nab it! We miss our Chang.
  7. I'm pretty much at this point have the mindset, Kentucky Kingdom? bah, no, my home park is Holiday World and would much rather go there honestly.
  8. as long as they are funny, if its not funny, you'd have to call it Da' Bomb rollercoaster.
  9. a Valentine's Day area would be sweet, you just don't see anymore tunnels of love. I vote that Holiday World resurrect that ride. New for 2014, Tunnel of Love in Holiday World and a new looping water slide and tube launched speed slide right next to Hyena Falls!
  10. Actually looking at it, the layout makes a lot of sense, the path crossing under Voyage seems to be the dividing line for future expansion on both parks. Holiday world owns the big open field behind the new water slides and Giraffica so I can see half of it being used for the water-park and the other for the amusement park. Plenty of room for a new full sized coaster.
  11. It was. And it was a dumb comment. Take responsibility for what your write. Don't try to blame other people for you sounding like an idiot. My, aren't we quite the self-righteous A$$ hat.... oh wow did he really just say that?! ballsy. beer and popcorn time.
  12. the head chopper affects through the rolls are going to be amazing... the structure looks like its way close to the rails.
  13. Falken in the rain reminds me of my best ever ride on Voyage... I had just sat down in my seat in the station and before we rolled out of the station the sky broke open. I was drenched as soon as we hit the bottom of the dip right in front of the lift hill of the Voyage at HDW. It was the most intense, slipperiest, fastest ride ever on the Voyage and who knew rain drops could hurt so much!
  14. I love TPR!!!!!!! The Alveys and the rest of the peeps that run TPR are da bomb!!!! I love how TPR takes care of all its members and the membership fee is cheap for all the special gifts and perks that we get. I'm proud to be a member of the best Coaster and Park Enthusiasts in the whole world... just had to get that off my chest.
  15. I have an idea for an unique coaster but not sure how feasible it is or if its already been done. I think a totally underground rollercoaster would be awesome. It would take a lot of earth moving and concrete to make a hole that is 200 or 300 feet deep but that would be totally awesome. You could give it a runaway subway theme.
  16. One bad thing about the parks location is how close to the airport it is. It would be cool to maybe have a top draw coaster but unfortunately there's a height limit
  17. awesome, thank you guys, I'm wishing it was June already. We were planning on 2 day passes since wife found a deal on them. I've always wanted to visit SDC because of the food, the setting, and it looks like an amazing good family park so we are all stoked and ready for June.
  18. the point that really got me on how bad of a deal this is and it put it into a tangible meaning is out of one ticket sold for $8 Ed Hart's company will only get $1 and maybe some change. Who really would want to invest and manage on something with such a low return (around 1.25% roughly) and any invested money on rides and improvements would immediately become the states. On top of the low return after so many years your rents going up which is going to take a large chunk of that dollar per ticket. I don't see a happy ending in the future. Its no wonder when they opened the park to potential companies pretty much only Hart's group showed up.
  19. I feel the same way... let's not forget the Koch family members had a lease agreement but before they signed at the x they backed out of it before it was too late. I won't be excited until opening day 2014. They have a lot of work to do and might be best to bulldoze and start from scratch as long as the slides and rides have been sitting.
  20. I won't be able to make the Mid-West Trip due to work schedule so my wife and I will be taking our kids here in June and it will be our first time visiting this park and I can't wait to get my butt on this coaster because it looks like its going to be a wild ride. On another note, does anyone have any tips for first time visitors to SDC?
  21. I hate teasing but super excited to raise money and hear the results for this brain-storming luncheon!
  22. I'll be there again this here... not sure if it'll be Cedar Point or Kings Island, 8 hrs on the Racer with hitting the bottom of the 2nd drop hill hard really builds up on your spine after a few hours but I still had a lot of fun.
  23. I like the drop into the sharks mouth but it needs to be a dive machine drop so that way you can contemplate being eaten by a shark for a few seconds.
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