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  1. I noticed that as well. There were several things still there that they closed down and never took down. Sawyer's Treehouse, a building and a clear path behind Geyser Gulch, and then the one that got me was a very tall loading platform that's probably like a 100 or 200 feet tall and you look up at it and it doesn't connect to anyplace, just standing there next to the path as you're walking down. I forget where its located but its on one of the downhill wooded paths, think its the one that brings you out by the whitewater rapids ride but could be mistaken.
  2. Really kind of sad that people would use this kind of thing just and make stuff up like this just so they can get on tv and brag to their friends that they got interviewed. I completely agree, I saw on IAAPA's website that the statistic of dying at an amusement park is 1 in 450 million people and the GP they see something like this they all get scared of going to one.
  3. what a tragic accident and prayers for the family. I know when I ride a roller coaster I always push down 2 or 3 times to make sure the lap bar is down all the way. I trust the ride ops but it never hurts to double check them before leaving the station and going up the hill. I agree with most everybody, with the bar still being down on the return into the station it wasn't a mechanical failure but just a body type vs lap bar. I couldn't imagine seeing something happen like this towards the beginning of the ride and having to sit there during the rest of the course after seeing that. My prayers for everyone on that train. One thing that the GP needs to keep in mind is that there's no perfectly safe roller coaster and that when you sit down on one, you have to be aware of "yes I realize there's an implied risk of inury" that comes from being hauled around so fast and twisting at such angles.
  4. I'm so happy to have my city's park opening next year. My only concern is if they start making a profit and becomes very popular will Ed screw up again and sell it to another big park corporation that will run it into the ground. I sure hope not, and I know its a really slim chance of happening but I wouldn't mind seeing the in-door coaster brought back once more.
  5. I'm sorry but the more and more I read the more and more it paints Lori in a bad light. Dan has said he is more than willing to have Will's children be involved in working at and helping to manage the park. Dan offered a fair price from everything I read to Lori but it just wasn't enough for her and she wanted a higher amount. I don't see how it could be considered a breach of the agreement when Dan did make an offer and Lori is the one that said no. I really hope that Dan does get control. Lori hardly talked to anyone of the visitors at Hollywood nights and it just didn't have the same excitement that Dan and Pat always manged to put into Hollywood Nights.
  6. Any chance of me getting behind the wheel of that sexy machine? I'm a safe driver and promise I won't scratch it and I'll go whoo whoo as I'm driving?
  7. I can't wait, 2 more weeks and my family and I will be there for our first ever visit!
  8. I love the kid in the 4th row in the first pic. He's the one resting his head on his hands like its a mild ride or something.
  9. I thought I saw fresh grease on Ravens track when they let us out after park closing. I was on the first train to leave the station and especially from the loading platform through the transfer house I thought I saw fresh globs but I figured it was just my imagination or I just never noticed before. Really sucked that they had to take Raven back down to one train for ERT but for some reason there was a problem with the lap bars on the first car of the 2nd train so they had to pull it off which was cool because I never seen a track transfer before.
  10. Raven, Legend, and the Voyage this past weekend at Holiwood Nights!
  11. To me it seemed like Raven was smooth no matter what part of the train you sat in. I did notice they've done some track work on Raven and between the smoothness and the rain it is really flying. The Voyage to me it seemed like the first two train cars were smooth and then when you started to get more into the middle it got a little rougher and then in the back it started to smooth out again. All good rides though.
  12. What a great fun weekend that was, I think I'm still drying out in parts that don't get sunlight but omg what fun. I think I rode Voyage 10 times straight while the walk back was going on. I was having more fun waving at the people on the walk back instead of being on it. The best part of the rides was when I was posing for the camera and covered my mouth. The poor girl next too me was turned facing me with her hands up and we hit the brake run and she told me that she thought I was getting sick. I totally lost it and had tears in my eyes from laughing so much. I should have bought the on-ride photo it was an all-time classic! Her Dad even came up and complimented me on how funny the picture turned out!
  13. Paula, I'm watching the Hyena Falls cam and I see they're working on it, does this mean they'll have Chuckles all ready for its 1st Holiwood Nights Appearance?
  14. Everyone going to Holiwood Nights, please wear your Club TPR Shirt on Friday and we'll meet at the Picnic Shelters at 6:30pm CST for a group photo. I've also posted to the Holiwoods Night FB Page. Please spread the word and lets have a good pic of all the sexy TPRs sporting their colors.
  15. I'm really really hoping that Dan wins his appeal because I don't trust Lori's ability to run a theme park. If I remember right the guy she hired to take Dan's spot was working at the monastery just up the highway when he got hired. I think Dan would know best how to keep his Dad's park going into the future and knows how to grow it just right. It still surprises me the judge didn't order some kind of arbitration or some kind of ruling that the stock agreement is valid and that some kind of agreed upon price should have been decided. Dan is hilarious and I'm definitely going to miss him and Pat at Holiwood Nights this year. I never got a chance to meet Will but I would have love to been able to meet him at least once.
  16. My family will be at SDC next month for 2 days and I was curious if they have a child swap program like some of the other parks do for the rides our 2 boys won't want to ride?
  17. I had asked about that too, and this is what Paula said about it: That was the original plan - to have two types of boats. The concern was the size of the seats on the round boats. We worried about being able to accommodate "fluffy" guests (Dan's term). Turns out the round boats worked out fine and since the"forward" boats needed more design work, we decided to stick with just the round ones.
  18. Legend is a really good coaster even though it can be a little brutal and throw you around a little. It just needs a little TLC to make it smooth and it'll be even better. I love all 3 coasters. My kids have told me they would like to see something in between the Holidog and the Raven size wise but I'd honestly would rather not go to a different theme par. Its not too big and not too small and the crowds on weekends are tolerable and the wait times aren't bad.
  19. I know Big Mike can... if he says it you can cash that check all day long at the bank.
  20. What an amazing video, all the chopper effects are cool. It looks like no matter which side or where you are on the track has some kind of chopper around you with the in and out tracks so close together and then the gates too.
  21. The reason for the delay this time is Paula is saying that they built a new train but it was shipped to them too late to do full time testing with it so they are going to wait until after the daily operating schedule to be able to test them.
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