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  1. Rock'n Roller Coaster at Disney Hollywood Studios in FL. I didn't know it went upside down, I was suprised but I loved it.
  2. Last one I was on was Kraken at Sea World Orlando. Such a great ride, definitely my favorite floorless B&M.
  3. I drew Bizarro, my favorite coaster. I will be adding color soon.
  4. Haha, we already have one. __________________________________________________ The park released this photo today. I guess we are getting a flume! I can't wait to ride it, it will be a great addition to the park.
  5. Looks awesome! I agree It is kinda funny right next to flashback. Hopefully New England will be able to keep it running reliably.
  6. Never enough cowbell Great trip report. I'll be going there for the first time this summer, can't wait to ride Xcelerator!
  7. Thanks, I'll have a map soon, I'm just trying to figure out how to use gimp to make it. ______________________________________________________________ I spent a couple of hours in the park today. I spent a while in the Midway today as the lines for Burnt Rubber and Wildcat were outrageous. The skywheel. The old and the new. Both coasters in one shot. I heard the park is making an announcement on next years attraction soon. I hope we get a water ride, the park is so hot in the summer.
  8. You guys are lucky. I'm going to: Cedar Point I (first time ) Disneyland Knott's Probably Six Flags New England (home park) Six Flags Great Adventure
  9. Wow guys! Thanks for all the replies, it has really made me feel welcome on the site. Thanks, I like being able to look at realife parks and coasters and incorporating designs to make my park as realistic as possible. Thanks, I am in no way shape or form going for a recreation on this one, I am more building off the ideas and history of Rocky Point. Thanks! Thanks Sam, good to see I'm not the only one over here. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!. _____________________________________________________________________ I spent all day at the park today. Most rides were still testing when I got there. This little flat is great for kids. But there is a ton of room behind it for expansions. I never go into the gift shop, only to visit my friend whos office is on the second floor. Intensity is just an awesome ride to photograph. I stayed in the park until nighttime. Wildcat is lit up beautifully at night. So is Burnt Rubber.
  10. You sound suprised to be getting so many good replies. I don't see why, your park is fantastic. It has so much charm and history with it. It's been a lot of fun watching this park develop and hopefully it will continue to grow for a while longer.
  11. That map looks awesome! Does anyone have any idea if Cars Land will be opened by early July? My family is going to southern California for the first time and we plan on going to Disneyland. I honestly hope it isnt opened yet because I can imagine huge park attendance when the land opens.
  12. Hi guys, Like many, I've lurked here for quite awhile. I became aquainted with TPR through youtube videos and the RCT3 communities. I live in the Northeast, so I have Bizarro pretty much in my back yard. I'm only 16 so I don't get to really plan family vacations to go to amusement parks, but I have been throughout the Northeast and all of Florida. Although this year I'm vsiting Cedar Point, Knott's, Disneyland, and possibly Six Flags Great Adventure all for the first time. I look forward to seeing you all around the forums, Tom
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to TPR but have been a member of other RCT3 sites before. I've lurked around on this site for a while as I love real life parks as well and I try to make my projects as realistic as possible. I started this park on a few other websites and I'll try to catch you up. Welcome to Warwick, RI In 1847, Rocky Point opened to the public for the first time. Famed for its beautiful location on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean this was Rhode Islands premier attraction. As the park developed, it built numerous roller coasters with the help of the Phillidelphia Tobbaggon Company, including the Wildcat and the Flying Turns. The Shore Dinner Hall was esteemed to have the best seafood in the state. All of this changed in 1938, when Hurricane Bob destroyed the entire park, including its world class woodies. The park remained closed for 9 years. Finally the park reopened, with a new shore dinner hall. The park grew and grew and world class rides like the log flume in 1970, The Zyclon Coaster in the early 70s, the Corckscrew, an Arrow corkscrew in 1984, and the freefall in 1988. The park seemed to be on the high road. But financial troubles ravaged the park through the 1990s. Finally, in 1996 the park filed for bankruptcy. The park was closed and the rides were auctioned off in 97. All that was left of over a 100 years of history were some decaying buildings, an old gondola ride, and the beachfront. Certain for destruction and repurposing, the park was saved in 2007 by a rich young entrepeneur who grew up during the parks final days. SEASON 1: The park opened with two roller coasters, Burnt Rubber, an Intamin Accelerator very similar to Xcelerator, and Wildcat which pays homage to the original Wildcat from the original Rocky Point. Burnt Rubber. Wildcat looming over the Northern Midway. The Original Rocky Point Sign. As seen from the ocean. SEASON 2: Season 2 welcomed the addition of Drving School, a small, family-oriented attraction. Bonus nightime shot. I hope you all enjoy this park, I will continue to update every couple of days. Be nice, I'm new haha.
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